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M.E. To Determine If Dogs Bit Woman To Death

March 17th, 2005, 09:49 AM
HOUSTON -- A woman died Tuesday after being bitten several times by two dogs, officials told Local 2.


Homeowner Probably Won't Be Charged In Dog Attack Death
Officials: Woman Frequently Interacted With Dogs

Authorities said a rottweiler and a mixed-breed dog possibly bit Sandra Sanchez, 33, to death at about 5 p.m. outside a home in the 11400 block of Sagekaron near Sageplum where she rented a room.

"The female appeared to have been bitten numerous times by dogs. There were dog bites all over her body," Precinct 2 Constable's Office Capt. Gerry McFadden told Local 2.

Investigators said the homeowner, 54-year-old Kenneth Gamble, came home and found Sanchez dead on the ground with the dogs hovering over her.

"I was told that there was not a lot of blood at the scene -- not as much blood as we would have expected from a mauling," McFadden said.

The homeowner said Sanchez had been renting a room from him for about six months and that she had a lot of interaction with the dogs.

"It is my understanding that they are puppies, a year old or less, but they are large puppies," McFadden said.

An autopsy will be performed on her to determine the official cause of death.

"We don't have any idea at all at the cause of death at this time. It is going to have to be determined by the medical examiner. The female could have died from other causes and bitten after death," McFadden said.

Animal control officers took custody of the dogs.

Authorities said Gamble would most likely not be charged with a crime because it appeared he had the pets properly contained in the back yard.

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