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He still cries when we leave....

March 12th, 2005, 09:30 AM
I had posted on here a while ago when Spencer was younger about him crying when we leave home (he is now 16 weeks old). I got a lot of great advice but nothing seems to be working.

I have Spencer set up in our main bathroom (a pretty big room) with a baby gate on the door and a radio on. In the room, we have the puppy pads at one end, his bed, food & water, and toys at the other side (probably about 15 feet apart). When we leave, I put either treats or peanut butter in his kong and I give him a couple of biscuit treats as well. I don't even think that he looks at them the whole day.

When we get home, the treats and food have not even been touched all day, they are exactly where I left them. He refuses to eat anything while we are away. Once he gets over his excitement that we are home, he will go around and eat every treat that is in the room. You can tell that he knows where every treat is.

We don't make a big fuss when we leave or when we come back, I just put him in there then get out of site. When we get home, we take him outside to go to the washroom then we go and clean up the bathroom. We want to make sure that ther eis that little period after we get hiome for him to relax.

He doesn't just cry when we leave, he goes absolutely crazy. You can even hear him from outside. I have waited a couple of times to see how long it takes for him to calm down and it usually takes between 10 & 15 minutes.

I have considered getting another dog to keep him company while we are away but I don't want to have two dogs crying when we leave. It isn't like he is the first dog to ever be left alone, a lot of people do it. Why is it that he is not getting any better. Should he not have realised by now that we are going to come back for him?

Any suggestions on how to make things better for both of us?

March 12th, 2005, 11:54 AM
Do you go back in sometimes after hearing him cry? Did you ever? Just because if you did go back in and see what was going on, the dog may take a while to realize screaming when you leave is not working anymore. Do you have neighbors that can hear him? If not, I would just let him scream. Eventually he'll scream less and less.

My neighbors claimed my dogs barked all day, and I didn't believe him... My doggies know when I am on the other side of the door or not or even downstairs and modify their behavior as a result, so of course there was no barking. I don't know how they know, but they know I am not gone. So I took a tape recorder that turns on when there is noise and sure enough there was barking... (Only when the neighbor's doorbell rang, but that's beside the point...)

For you it may be the opposite. When you're standing there, he may know you're there and scream bleddy murder to get you to come back in. Maybe, it's just a thought.