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Maybe I should just get her a litter box!

March 11th, 2005, 04:33 PM
LOL! Sophie (9 wk old beagle) is doing well with potty training, but she does have her occasional "accident". When she poops, it's behind the couch, which is pulled out from the wall far enough that I can get back there easily to clean and we keep the baby's toy box back there, too. When she pees, it's on the other side of that wall, in the dining room. So I know if I see her approaching either of those places, I get her outside. I usually catch her in time, but of course, not always.

I finally blocked it off so she couldn't get back there by putting a large wicker basket back there on one side and a laundry basket on the other. As I posted on another thread she has diarrhea right now because of coccidiosis, so I can't say a whole lot when she does have an accident. Anyway, today I saw her trying to squeeze past the laundry basket so I called her to come to me, and I started putting my shoes on. I guess I was too late because I walked over to pick her up and she had pooped on the floor and was trying to cover it up with ds' diaper bag! :yuck:

It was almost funny. I just said, NO, Sophie, Outside. And took her out. Then I had to clean up the mess. Luckily she hadn't quite gotten the diaper bag on it yet.

Also, is this normal? - When she has an accident I clean it up with Nature's Miracle as soon as I find it but sometimes there may be a little speck of poop that I missed. If she finds it later she tries to pick it out of the carpet with her teeth. She otherwise doesn't try to eat poop so why is she doing this? Is she just trying to help me clean?

March 15th, 2005, 10:24 AM
We recently got a puppy too, a australian shephard-blue tick hound cross, and she was doing the same thing. She would poo in the basement and then try to eat it or hide it. We figure it is that she is trying to hide it because she knows it is wrong. We blocked her off from the basement and she hasn't had an accident since, but we were thinking it was that she just wanted it to look like she didn't do anything bad. hehe, that is funny though:)

Lucky Rescue
March 15th, 2005, 10:37 AM
She probably wont' be really housetrained until she is at least 6 months old or older. Hounds are also sometimes rather difficult to housetrain.

If she is able to pee and poop in the house, it's because you aren't watching/confining her properly. At 9 weeks old, she feels the "urge" to go, and cannot hold it any more than a 1 yr old human baby could. And of course, since she has diarrhea, she cannot hold it for even a minute.

Here is the proper way to housetrain a very young puppy. Prevention is the key and a puppy that age should NEVER be scolded for accidents which are not their fault. IF you scold it may make the puppy afraid to go in front of you and they start hiding to do it.
Housetraining very young puppies (

March 15th, 2005, 10:50 AM
Thanks, lr. I do watch her very closely, that's why I was getting my shoes on when I saw her trying to get behind the couch. I should've picked her up first, then put my shoes on, which is what I usually do. I always take her out as soon as she wakes up, after she eats, after naps, after playing, drinking, or any other time I realize it's been a while since she's been out.

I thought you were supposed to scold them if you caught them in the act, just not if you find it on the floor later. It couldn't have been more that 2 seconds after she did it because I didn't look away from her that long. And I always praise her like crazy when she goes potty outside, which is most of the time. She has one accident per day in the house, at the most.

Lucky Rescue
March 15th, 2005, 11:12 AM
I thought you were supposed to scold them if you caught them in the act,

Not at 9 weeks old. She is a little baby. Scolding her for something she cannot help doing,and that is not her fault, is not going to teach her anything, except to hide from you when she does go.

You know what "they" say: If your little puppy has an accident, roll up a newspaper and hit YOURSELF over the head with it, cause it's your fault! :p

March 15th, 2005, 11:30 AM
You know what "they" say: If your little puppy has an accident, roll up a newspaper and hit YOURSELF over the head with it, cause it's your fault!

Haha! You're right. Thanks for the link. It had some very good points that I hadn't read before in other potty training guides. I ordered an X pen online so I will try putting her crate in that at night so she can come out and reliever herself on papers, since she's not letting me know during the night when she needs to go potty til after the fact. Also I didn't know that you shouldn't have bedding inside the crate at first. I always put an old towel in there but sometimes if she poops on it she rearranges the towel so that she doesn't have to lay in the poop.