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Dog Shot in Essex....

March 9th, 2005, 10:20 AM
Boy's dog shot, dies
10-year-old devastated by losing his 'best friend,' mom says

Doug Schmidt
Windsor Star

March 9, 2005

CREDIT: Nick Brancaccio, Star photo
UPSET: Travis Dugdale, 10, is heartbroken after his pet dog was shot and killed near their Essex farm on Concession 14. A neighbour discovered Jasmine bloodied but still alive but she died later after emergency surgery.

ESSEX - The mother of a young Essex boy said she wants the killer of his pet dog to know he or she shot the child's best friend.

"I think it's rotten. I want that person to read that a 10-year-old boy is devastated by this," said Diane Dugdale, whose family owns a hobby farm east of Paquette Corners.

A neighbour found six-year-old Jasmine bloodied by the side of the road Monday afternoon, and the dog was rushed to the overnight Walker Road Animal Hospital for emergency surgery.

Dugdale said she received a phone call at about 4 a.m. Tuesday with news that her boy's best friend "just couldn't make it."

As Travis's schoolmates were attending their first classes of the morning, his mother was letting him sleep in, dreading having to relate the news.

"He just doesn't understand how people can do this," said Dugdale, adding Travis got Jasmine for his fifth birthday and would spend summers daydreaming in the grass with her.

The surgery, X-rays and other emergency medical bills, she said, will cost her about $2,500.

A friend who called the family later in the morning said a sobbing Travis answered the phone.

"It wasn't even my dog, and I'm heartbroken ... this poor little kid -- this is wrong," said Jayne Janisse.

Dugdale said Jasmine -- a "Heinz 57" mix of predominantly chow, collie and shepherd -- was an outdoor dog from the time the family first rescued her off death row when she was half a year old.


Dugdale said there'd never been a complaint about the "big, hairy" dog, who loved to bark at people but would just as eagerly offer a wagging tail to anyone holding out a hand.

While Essex has a bylaw stating "no owner shall allow a dog to run at large," humane society general manager John Roushorne said it's a criminal offence to cause injury or death to an animal "without lawful excuse." Roushorne said that includes after-the-fact "retaliation" against anyone's pet.

A bullet was recovered from Jasmine during surgery. Dugdale insists Jasmine never caused trouble for anyone.

"In my opinion that's not acceptable," Roushorne said of the shooting.

The first thing someone should do, he said, is try to contact a dog's owner and complain to them directly. Second, they can contact the municipal office or animal control officer. Third, an owner can be sued for damages.

"There are all sorts of civilized ways to deal with these types of things ... without resorting to such an extreme measure," said Roushorne.

Essex animal control officer Don Bridgen said dogs are shot "very, very seldom" in the town, generally when they're caught pursuing chickens or rabbits -- and the shooting can be justified.

Most times when a dog is spotted wandering, Bridgen said he'll get called "and we usually work things out ... I talk to the owner." The complaints are mainly over dogs being a nuisance, either "messing" someone's yard or nosing through someone's trash.

Essex town clerk Jerry Marion said local dogs have to be on the owners' property, otherwise on a leash -- or face a $105 ticket.

Dugdale said she's filed a report with Essex police, and Roushorne said the humane society may investigate. or 255-5586

March 9th, 2005, 10:46 AM
Gawd, that's just horrible, I live in McGregor and to know there are Aholes out there that would do something so callous!
My neighbour across the street lets his dog loose also, i've already told him that he'd better be careful..

My heart goes out to the little boy and his family. Dogs are like kids.

:sorry: to hear of the loss!

March 9th, 2005, 11:36 AM
Poor dog.Maybe people will learn to not have outside dogs,and not let dogs wander into harm's way.Wonder where the dog was rescued from,no rescue would allow their dog to be an outside dog,this is just one of the many reasons why.

March 9th, 2005, 11:38 AM
I feel so sad for Jasmine, as she had to pay the price of both the sicko who shot her and an irresponsible owner who allowed her to roam free!!

The mother is acting like she's the victim here, when she is partially to blame,
the dog could have just as easily been killed by a car. Then who's fault would it have been?

Jasmine is in a better place now, where she is allowed "inside" :angel: