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Happy news for the cats, for a change!!

March 7th, 2005, 04:08 PM
:) A little while ago I posted about all the cats wandering around our apartment complex and how nobody cared enough to help them. I have been working on this ever since the manager decided it wasn't her problem... Well I e mailed this sort of new shelter called "ARF", they are a no-kill shelter... After e mailing over 20 places they were the only ones who replied! It only took her less than one day to get back to me! She said she needed more info but they would send someone out to set the traps and pick the cats up every day.. they will take them to the vet, have them checked, s/n, if they are adoptable they will keep them until they are adopted, or keep them in foster homes, if they are not, they will return them here, to keep them from being afraid of new surroundings. Even if they have to return some to here, at least they will be s/n, all broken bones and dog bites will be taken care of before they return. I was pretty excited when I read her e mail, I answered the questions she had for me, and she said they would have the traps out by the end of the week, they are looking into another shelter to see if they can supply any extra traps, as there are over 100 cats here... I think some of them will be able to be adopted, they walk right up to you, rub on your legs and meow all the time... I guess that's because we feed them every day. :) I know all of them can't be, but some of these cats were not wild, I mean they were either dumped here or they have wandered off from their homes, some even have flea collars, but no tags with owner info. Anyway.. I just wanted to share some happy news !

March 7th, 2005, 04:16 PM
TWilson,that sounds great,let us know how it goes :thumbs up
Even if some have to come back,at least they wont make more babies and they will be in better shape.Thank's for caring :grouphug: