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March 5th, 2005, 03:25 PM
As if Pits don't already have a bad rap... This was in the paper here the other day...
A mother went to the shelter and picked out a dog.. pit.. took him home and chained him until the fence could be built this weekend.. well the mother let the son go outside and play, the next time she looked out the window the pit was attacking him, she quickly ran outside and covered her baby while the dog decided to attack her. She lay there fighting him off for over an hour before a man in a truck saw them as he was headed home. He thought they were playing with the dog and kept driving, something didn't feel right. He turned around and went back, asking the woman was she ok.. she screamed help, he's going to kill me. (The man didn't know the child was under her at the time) He asked to use a phone to call 911, fearing the dog would attack him if he tried to pull him off the lady.. Well She didn't have a phone, so he jumped in his truck drove 1/2 mile down the road to his house, called 911 and told the operator he was going to shoot the dog. He grabbed his gub and a friend and went back to the house. The lady was still lying down blood pouring everywhere. He said be still don't move, and he shot. He hit the pit between the eyes and watched him fall to the ground. The man helped the woman up, only then did he see her 3 yr old son underneath her... over 1/2 of his scalp was missing.. he was bleeding from every limb. The man couldn't take it, having a 3 yr old girl of his own. He took off his shirt and wrapped it around the little boys head.. The ambulance came, and mother is in fair condition, the little boy is in stable as of today. The police credit the man to saving her life and the mother to saving the little boys life. Now the ironic thing here is that when she went to the shelter the card said "Safe with children". The woman asked again, having had pits before while growing up she knew they were good with kids, but some were trained otherwise, the lady said "yes, he's excellent with kids of all ages". Come to find out someone had either switched the cards or the dogs.. because the card should have read NO CHILDREN, and another pit was suppose to have the "good with children". He was abused by kids and apparently didn't like them anymore, understandable no doubt. But the point here is, had they paid more attention to the freaking dogs in there this would not have happened and the dog would not be dead, the mother and child would not be in the hospital. That little baby would not have had his head ripped open. But at the same time WHY IN THE WORLD IS A MOTHER LETTING A 3 YR OLD OUTSIDE ALONE TO PLAY BY THE HIGHWAY?!!?!? It could have been a car instead of a pit, and he wouldn't be here to tell the story... Everyone in this story is at fault except the 3 yr old, he's too young to understand that his mother is an idiot!

March 5th, 2005, 03:36 PM
IDIOTS! And that's all I have to say about that!

March 5th, 2005, 04:00 PM
but of course its not the dogs fault, strictly human but i bet they kill the dog for good measure.

rescues cna make mistakes, we all can, and when government refuses to offere more funding and every one is over staffed and the dogs just keep comin in, mistakes happen.human error is very common.

and hey, what sort of parent would let their small child hang outside with a dog they dont know yet, an irrisponsible one that is who. blame the mother for most of it, the law here clearly states that letting any child under 12yo alone with a dog is illeagle even without that law its common sense, dont bother fining her, looking at her sons injuries is worse than any fine. but then common sense is not that common is it. you wonder if welfare agencies check these sort of parents out, if she lets her child play in such situations i wonder what else the mother would allow to happen, welfare should investigate this one for sure.

that poor dog :(

March 5th, 2005, 04:58 PM
1. The dog should never have been put up for adoption
2. The dog should be euthanised

This has nothing to do with the breed but the specific dog. No matter what happened in the dogs past, a line needs to be drawn on adoptability. How can anyone guarantee a dog would never be around a child? IMO they can't. It's a shame that a dog's life must be gauged this way however, there are now two people seriously injured. A clerical error may have caused this accident but IMO the dog was a ticking time bomb. This mother has learnt the most awful lesson about leaving a child unattended.

There are so many great dogs waiting for homes, why keep a questionable one available for adoption when so many die each day because they are a number?

March 5th, 2005, 05:37 PM
BMD, your opinion might not be popular but I share it completely. Wonderful dogs are being euthanized every day... And this is not about pit bulls. The rescue group I belong to has had Golden Retrievers euthanized because they showed agression. It's very sad (these dogs usually got to be like that because of their circumstances - like spending their lives chained outside - and the humans were responsible, not the dogs). Everyone hates to have to make that decision, but in the long term, we strongly believe this is the right decision for everyone.

And of course that woman was wrong to leave a 3 year old outside unattended with a chained dog that she did not know...


March 5th, 2005, 07:28 PM
I agree with all of you
the unpolpular opinion as well

Our dog was not recommended to a home with young children because she is a very rambunctious child herself, with other care issues – but by no means because of her temperament. She would lick a kid pruney if she were allowed, she loves ‘em all – but she would be too much for a child home. She hasn't a lick of agression in her.

Yes, the mother will have her new grief to deal with, but that was just plain s-t-u-p-i-d of her, on all levels, right from not being prepared to even welcome a dog, not getting to know the dog, letting a child out unattended let alone so close to the road.

I feel for the child big time.

... I feel for the dog big time too. She didn't want to be 'made mean', but then what do you do? You just have to be as humane as possible.

I will shed a tear for the pup-made-sad, the child and the man who had to step in ... but Mom, you owe a few apologies to a few souls.

March 5th, 2005, 07:45 PM
Errors all around. EDUCATION - EDUCATION -EDUCATION and a little common sense. God it's sounds so bad blaming a 'victim' but somebody screwed up and the dog is a dog is a dog.

BMD - I 'somewhat' agree. A lot of the rescues indicate not good with children. That could be for something as simple as because they jump up which could hurt a child. In that case I would consider them adoptable but in need of further training. If you CAN gaurantee that they won't be around kids I don't see the problem. If a dog is agressive to kids then under no circumstances should they be adopted out. I too love dogs and would love to save them all but sometimes a line has to be drawn in the sand.

Bandit is not a dog I would foster out if I ran a pound or even a shelter. The THS could of helped so many more deserving dogs with the money they have spent trying to rehabilitate and defend Bandit. Why? There is a reason for the saying "Once bitten twice shy".

March 5th, 2005, 09:01 PM
I agree too but I disagree in that I think it IS partly about the breed. Simply because of the pit bull's inherent ability to do so much damage - a pitbull with any show of aggression in my opinion should not be adopted out!

If the error had been made between two bichons - the child would have had a small dog bite. BUT THEY COULD HAVE DIED!!! Gads - people can be so dumb huh! Why would you let your child play alone with a strange dog of any sort but especially a strange dog that COULD inflict mortal wounds! :mad:

March 6th, 2005, 01:10 PM
The dog will not be put to sleep, because he was shot between the eyes and killed by the man that stopped to help. I don't think it was the dog's fault at all, sadly there is no law in Alabama that says a child under the age of 12 can not play outside alone. I blame the people at the shelter and the mother. I agree, why would you let a child play with a dog you've only had a day and do not know anything about, the only comment by the shelter was, well humans do make mistakes and we apologize.... $%^*(*^%$$!!!!

March 6th, 2005, 02:46 PM
i dont agree with putting the dog down before he or she has committed a crime. what if for instance someone used the excuse of the dog being agressive just to get rid of it? how many lovely creatures could potentially die because of such reasons??

and perhaps these sort of dogs should be labled 'not good with small children', im sure a teen would be different. and perhaps ppl can do a bit more research into breeds and dog care before hand, perhaps have to pass a dog care test?

can you imagine how that dog felt, scared, intimidated, new places and smells, a kid coming near you that you dont know, no dog should be judged under such conditions. these dogs are made to feed their humans ego, how about shooting the mongrel that made the dog like that in the first place, i sure would, there is no excuses for the original owner.

and perhaps these countires can develop better laws to protect dogs and kids, here in New South Wales, Australia, it is totally illeagle to leave a child under 12yo with a dog unatended and the laws work for most responsible people, and all dog owners are informed of this.. but then it is sad when common sense has to be made into laws because of all the simple stupid people out there.

March 6th, 2005, 05:24 PM
BMD, I also agree with you on this one...Not fair for the dog, but on the other hand not fair for a child who may have come in contact with this dog. I have nothing against pit bulls, in fact some of the nicest dogs I have ever met have been pits. The difference is that they are able to inflict MAJOR damage to any person:child or adult. I am a new mother of 2 children 18 months and 7 months. Before they were born, I would take our husky, Kain to the park every day jogging with absolutely no fear of the many loose dogs that I saw. NOW that I have 2 babies to protect and plan on going to the park alot...I will worry about loose dogs...And keep the kids in the stoller at all times. It's just not worth the risk. Any one with children can understand that and UNTIL you have children of your own, you won't understand. I LOVE all breeds of is a shame that some turn out the way they do because of the way WE mistreat them..

March 6th, 2005, 11:43 PM
Don't forget that statistically, a chained dog is 3 times more likely to attack than an unchained dog too. Add that to the stress of being in an unfamiliar place with your past abuser runnung around in front of you? :eek: Not a surprising outcome but a devastating one. Dogs have to be completely desensitized before meeting children of any age. And no children should be left alone with a dog-- did you all hear the story of the pomeranian who killed tha baby in Toronto a while back? They were left alone together for less than 5 minutes.

March 7th, 2005, 06:58 AM
PBT's are now, and have always been bred to be NOT human aggressive. It is IMO totally environmental issues that created the fear aggressive/defensive actions this dog felt he needed to take. I, for one, am glad the man shot him between his eyes! He no longer needs to worry about when the next boot is gonna hit his a** or the next stick will poke his eye! He is over the Rainbow bridge in a place where he will be loved and treated with respect.

The size of the dog does have something to do with the ability to do damage, it would be easier to stand your ground against a bichon then a solid/sturdy PBT. Simple physics here :)

The shelter who adopted the dog out should be held responsible as they hold a position in society that the general public defers to in matters dealing with dogs temperment. If the shelter says he's nice, then he must be nice! By reputation alone they have an authority. Would you go to the doctor and demand a different proffessional opinion when he said you had a cold?? No, you would trust he knows because he's a DOCTOR.
Same goes with shelters (i know, i know not all are equal and all are underfunded..blah blah blah) Who cares?? They have a responsiblity to ensure the dog is going to a home that is educated! And when a person goes to a shelter for a dog, they are willing to accept the shelters expertise regarding what dog would be suitable for their situation. There are a few people at fault here, and I do beleive the first in line is the shelter. They had a responsiblity to the dog to re-home him in a safe environment...THEY FAILED THIS DOG! And now the little child will carry the scars of their failure for the rest of his life. So very sad :sad:

March 7th, 2005, 07:02 AM
did you all hear the story of the pomeranian who killed tha baby in Toronto a while back? They were left alone together for less than 5 minutes.

The story is true but the location was LOS ANGELES.
Sorry just trying to keep facts on dog releated deaths in Canada straight for an upcoming court case.