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dog barking at people

March 4th, 2005, 12:29 PM
when my dog is outside during the day, she always barks at people that pass by, and she tries to attack people that pass by her to get to our house. she used to be very nervous, wouldn't bark at all, and cowered all the time. a little boy tried to walk into our house and she jumped up on him and barked right in his face. i've tried getting her to stop, but the only way she does is if i stand there until they passs.

March 4th, 2005, 01:02 PM
It's called fear agression. The only way to stop it is to not let your dog have access to a fenced in yard.

What a dog learns when it is in a fenced in yard, is if a person is coming and they bark at it, and then the person walks away, they have done their job. And it only escalates from there...the more it happens, the more agressive a dog can get. He is thinking he is protecting you.

I would suggest you do not let your dog out alone where this can happen. The same thing happens if you let your dog have access to view out windows.

I'm just passing on what our behavioural trainer told us about this.

March 4th, 2005, 01:16 PM
you could also try sticking your head out and yelling NO! at the exact time she is barking. make sure you don't do it after the fact or she won't know what you are yelling at her for. when she stops, praise her. there are also collar you can get that spray water or zap the dog when it barks. never used one myself but sounds like it would only punish the dog for being bad rather than reward for good. they should have one that dispenses treats every few minutes the dog is quiet and sprays when it barks!

March 4th, 2005, 02:35 PM
Kayla, I heard you should do that because all it does it teach the dog not to bark, but it doesn't stop the agression. What you get is an agressive unpreditable dog who doesn't bark before he bites.

March 4th, 2005, 03:00 PM
True. I guess I was thinking of boredom/saying hello barking more than fear/aggression barking. My dog barks but not out of aggression. She loves barking as soon as I let her out in the morning, she thinks she's a rooster and has to wake everyone in the neighborhood up. Or when she sees another dog she barks. I don't think it's aggression because she is usually wagging her tail while she does it.

March 6th, 2005, 08:02 AM
andone, my dark is a barker ... the town-crier, the gossip-monger, the biggest chatterox in the land.
she is not barking out of boredom - she is having a blast outside ... barks at birds, cats, blowing hay bales, her toys as she flips them over the log pile
She is not barking to intimidate - she invites the other (stray) dogs over to play ... there are about 3 or 4 who slip their collar and wind up here for afternoon tea
She is not barking out of aggression - she turns to an excited whine if someone approaches (even if it is just us, ya remember us from 2 minutes ago? lol)... yippee someoneelse to pat me
She barks at the snow shovel and the snow blower (and recently the vaccum cleaner)
She does try to go for the ankles if she does not like you (men who tease & hey why not)

We have tried calling her, growlng "no barking", whisling, and are now making noise ... but when we pop our head out the door to call her she complete ingnores us. She is in charge of the permimiter and she feels it is her duty to live up to town-crier status

Basically, whenever she barks, we go right outside, right up to her tell her "Cookie NO Barking" and that works for a few minutes - lol.
When we first got her, it was non-stop, and she is eventually learning control after repititve trips to see her, or bring her in if she is definant (she gets a "Cookie-good-quiet" as we walk in). After 3 months she has pretty well limited her barking to animals in the field behind, unfamiliar cars on the street, kids getting off of the bus and our next door neighbour (they have a silent hate thing going on). We try to keep her in the house when we know that the last two are certain to be there. When we had a ton of snow, she had a 'mountain' in the back yard and would sit up there and bark her head off ... talking to the other dogs (we could hear them barking back ... she is a great nfluence on the entire hamlet)

Oddest thing we realized .... She never barks at night (unless startled from sleep) and she has a different bark depending on the situation ... i.e. when she is tired, her bark is very non-stop-grouchy and we can now look at each other and say nap-time ....we are really at the point of determining which is acceptable and which needs attention.

We spend at about an hour a day playing with her in the yard (we have to keep it short cuz of her hips and endurance) and many hours of play inside, a nighly walk (make that drag) up the street - but then she absolutely needs to tell all of her friends about it - lol

tenderfoot gave me some fabulous advise - you have to read that here : ... see post #7
I re-read it often! And I am trying to put it all together to follow it. (THANK YOU AGAIN TENDERFOOT)

And then ...... there is the neighbour on the other side of us. There is Cookie barking away, me running out in my jammies to get to her with the stop command, and the neighbour is smiling and saying "oh, c'mon, she just wants to say hi, doncha Cookie? bark bark bark "see she is just saying hi"