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desperatly seeking help with aggression

March 3rd, 2005, 03:58 PM
i have and eight month old puppy chow/shepard mix. she has been an extrememly good dog untill a week ago when someone tried to break into our house a 1 in the morning. now she HATES people. i cannot walk her without her aggresively going at other people ...she even loses it when someone is looking out a window. when she is in the house she is growling at evey noise and if people walk by the house she attacks the window. i am totally at a loss because she is still well behaved with the people she knows (adults and children) and she is still well behaved around other dogs and cats. any solutions? :confused:

Lucky Rescue
March 3rd, 2005, 04:32 PM
What do you do when she shows aggression, for example with people just passing the house?

How much socialization has she had in the past with all kinds of people?

Human aggression is not really something that can, or should be, addressed over the internet. I really suggest you consult a behaviorist for this problem.

March 3rd, 2005, 04:56 PM
in reply to your response the dog has been very well socialized since she was 6 weeks old. she has been around babies , small children, adults and many animals and has never even growled. she has been in 3 obedience classes starting with kindergarten puppy and up. i have consulted a trainer/behaviorist in my area and she insisted that i use a pinch collar on my dog at all times. i do not agree with this kind of restraint and either does my vet. when she does act out i put her in a sit /stay and i check out what is the problem and show her that i am not afraid and that everything is cool. when we are walking and she acts out i stop tell her no make her sit and then will not move if she continues then the walk is cut short and she goes home and in her crate.

March 3rd, 2005, 05:35 PM
I would suggest anyone who calls themself a trainer/behaviorist and tells you to keep a prong collar on your dog at all times needs their head read! That does not mean that prongs dont' have a place in training, but only in the hands of experience.
With that being said.. You can try this when you're walking... keep her on a short leash, use a gentle leader if you need it for control, do NOT stop and put her in a sit/stay... recognize the source of her agitation (stranger or whatever) tell her "okay, thank you for the heads up....carry on" and keep on walking, if she lunges give her leash a good snap/release accompanied with a loud, firm "NO" and keep on walking. When the situation has passed and she is walking with you (not rubbernecking around to see the intruder) give her treats as you walk along and tell her 'good girl'.
The first few times will not be very pretty, but, she will learn 2 things doing this... 1. when you tell her calmly things are okay, then things are okay and 2. not all things coming in her direction warrant "intruder alert!"
When you put her in the sit/stay you are essentially telling her to 'hold her ground' whilst the unsuspecting 'intruder' is entering your space. This could actually be enforcing her aggression.
Be her leader and you'll find she becomes more respondent to your verbal commands as time goes on.
Best of Luck with this have a mix of 2 guarding breeds, so expect SOME of those traits. (that doesn't mean not control it, strong obedience training is needed)

Lucky Rescue
March 3rd, 2005, 05:57 PM
have consulted a trainer/behaviorist in my area and she insisted that i use a pinch collar on my dog at all times. i do not agree with this kind of restraint and either does my vet

I'm glad you ignored this very bad advice. Prong collars, leash-popping, or any kind of negative reinforcement or punishment, should NEVER be used to treat aggression. It could make it worse since your dog will connect the pinches/corrections with people - "When strangers are near, I get corrections therefore strangers are bad!"

Your dog needs to be desensitized now, since she feels all strangers are scary.

You can take her absolute favorite treat or toy and go to a place where there are lots of people walking around. Stop approaching before your dog begins to react. Have her sit and just stand there. Praise or treat her for not having any reaction. You can practice obedience or whatever - just to show her that having strangers around is a good thing - "When strangers are around, I get treats, toys and praise. Strangers are good!"

As has been said, her mix is not one that is particularly fond of strangers (especially the chow part), and she may never be that way. She is only a puppy and at adulthood she may always be suspicious or aloof with strangers, but should NOT be overtly aggressive for no reason.

March 3rd, 2005, 06:30 PM
Thanks guys, good advice. My dog has also become slightly dog agressive since being nipped (not attacked) three times by a Shepherd. The trainers advice: everything you mentioned.

I didn't agree and am currently looking for a new trainer. I agree that a harsh correction only would cause more harm. For now he sits quietly on my left while my other dog takes the point on my right side. He doesn't seem to mind to much and knows he is safe.

March 4th, 2005, 08:18 AM
just an update on my problem...........and i am very angry and sad about it. i was speaking with my neighbour this morning and she informed me that last week there was kids cutting through my backyard ( there is a huge field behind my property) and apparently one of the kids kicked my dog!!!!!!!!!!!!! this helps me with why she is suddenly aggressive and i have alot of work ahead of me to correct the problem but i am so angry that she had to experience this in HER OWN BACKYARD :mad: what is wrong with some people?

Lucky Rescue
March 4th, 2005, 10:00 AM
what is wrong with some people?
When you find out, let me know. :yuck:

Is your backyard fenced?

March 4th, 2005, 11:57 AM
what is wrong with some people?

Stupidity, that's what's wrong!!

Thank god your dog didn't bite that kid...or you'd have even more problems, because, OF COURSE, the DOG would get blamed!!