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Rescued Alaskan Husky - We love our dog!

February 27th, 2005, 11:18 AM
Hi Dog-Loving-People

My husband and I were told of this adorable dog who had been mistreated since leaving her mom. The gal who resuced her was told she was coming to see a Border Collie ... she saw right away that the sweet thing was not a BC, but looked more like an Alaskan Husky ... but she would not leave the dog there. It had been confined to a very small crate, being banged on by a toddler, and it took some time for her to be able to unclurl herself out.
She took her to the vet right away, who told her that she had grade 3 hip displasia, most likely caused by the small crate, growth plates had closed prematurely ... she had her spayed, worked hard to put some muscle mass on her, and started looking for guaradians for her.
Luckily, she picked us!

Our Cookie is the most loving, adorable creature I have ever met. She is devoted to her dad (I am still kind of like the "other puppy").
She was 10 months old when we got her (13 months now) and just full of energy. She has absoltely no aggression toward food or toys or other dogs and really only acts a bit wonky when a "new man" approaches.

She is submissive to all other dogs and would be to cats if she could get near one :)

Her care goes against her very nature - because of her hip issues, we must keep her at a low-impact-level of play. We give her Purina One with Natural Glucosomine (topped with some fresh cooked meat or foul), 1500 mgs of glucosomine a day, 1000 mgs of primrose oil if she is limping ... and have our eye on a wheelchair if her muscles can't keep up.
We also have her tied as she will runnnnnnn and only come when she feels like it ... we live near a busy road, so although we would love her to run free, cannot. She has a 50 foot lead to roam the backyard, and goes on short walks daily. Her activity level is high, but her endurance is low.

She loves to hang out in the backyard chewing on logs and 'pruning' the weed bushes at the back of the yard. In the house we make sure she has a box full of toys ... everything from hard chewables to soft & snuggly babies - and she loves and knows them all by name. She also loves to chew on ice, so cubes are a good treat (along with dehydrated lung, cheeze and peanut butter in her kong)

She loves the outdoors, in any weather but especially snow, and we near have to beg her to come inside (sometimes it is absolutely necessary because I worry about her hips)
She has a "manger" outside, sheltered and filled with hay.
She does live inside and sleeps in our room in the closet, on a very neat foam matress to help her little bum. She gets multiple massages a day to sooth her little butt if she has overworked it. The end of many days finds her in a state of great effort to move from spot to spot, but she wakes up every morning with renewal.

She has some training issues right now, and after reading in here for a bit, I decided to join your board.

I am hoping that with some advice, we will be able to make sure every day of her life is happy and fulfilling and full of life and good health.

Right now we have some training issues to work on, and for these I will post ... barking (we don't mind, but the neighbours do), coming when called, licking, jumping.

Can't wait to meet you all!

February 27th, 2005, 11:33 AM
glad to see you have a new family friend, sounds amazing, good story! I would love to see some pictures if you can post them, welcome!

February 27th, 2005, 11:46 AM
:thumbs up Congrats to you for giving this loveable pup a forever home. Glad you could join us. Looking forward to pics soon. :D We just love furbaby pics.

February 27th, 2005, 11:53 AM
Thank you for the welcome!

Our Cookie is the light of our life ... our mission: to help her be as happy and fulfilled as she makes us feel

Her is a pic of her

February 27th, 2005, 12:09 PM
She is so beautiful and loving ... just melts into you as she melts your heart

Lucky Rescue
February 27th, 2005, 12:09 PM
Welcome! What a PRETTY girl. How lucky that she found her way to you.:)

February 27th, 2005, 12:16 PM
and Cookie is adorable, she does look like she has BC in her. I am so happy that you have given her a wonderful home !!

February 27th, 2005, 05:42 PM
Wee-Zee - Hi and Welcome to you and Cookie. She certainly is beautiful. If you should decide that she isnt the puppy for you please let me know and I'll take her off your hands. He He He Ha ha ha . I'm only kidding you know, I can hear the love you have for her in your post.

Take Care - Cal.... :thumbs up :thumbs up

February 28th, 2005, 09:48 AM
I am so glad that you decided to join. We look forward to more pictures and reading your post. Just post your questions and I am sure everyone will jump in to help out! :)

February 28th, 2005, 09:55 AM
How beautiful and welcome to the board I am so glad Cookie found a loving home with you. You can add Ester Vitamin c to your daily cocktail it is highly recommend by friend that have dogs with H/D I think it acts as an anti inflamatory I will check out the actual reason and let you know and also shark cartilige is suppose to be great as well.

March 1st, 2005, 05:30 PM
What a wonderful welcome from all!

Thank you all so much!

Aside from our need to be trained to train our sweet pooch, we have health issues to deal with ... and I am so happy that I found this site!

I saw Cookie's xray's for the first time today ... no matter how much I "know" that she has this human-inflicted HP, I just burst into tears when I saw them.

Imagine a grape compared to an egg ... that is what her right hip ball is like - looks like it is not even touchng the socket :(. Her left is almost as bad.
The growth plates definately closed too early from her long confinement in that dinky crate.

Oh how can people be so cruel ????? :( :( ... get a 'cute puppy' and, gulp, sigh, oh my

It is so nice to be in here ... with people who love their beasts. :grouphug:

Thanks for being there - all of you - thanks!

(the vet told me 'no' to the vitamin c because dogs produce it themselves and it could cause crystals ... she told us to keep going with the glucosomine and primrose ... and we have a 'script for anit-imflamatories (sp?) for when it gets really sore. Even though your kind words are not for our dog I am touched and, well, thank you so much for caring to share :))