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fur loss?

April 3rd, 2003, 07:36 PM
my 7 yr old black long-haired cat ebony has lost some fur on my stomach recently.
he is strictly an indoors cat...there have not been any diet changes or behavior changes- he seems fine.
i am just worried about the balding spot on his stomach!
please help...
he HATES going to the vet so i am trying to see other options...
thank you!!

April 3rd, 2003, 09:56 PM
Samantha, almost called you Sammi, my daughters name is Samantha and we call her sammi. *Lol*

Is your cat licking the fur off? my Dasher, Lestat who will be 7 this year, took to licking the fur off his stomach and legs. I was beside myself and took him to the vets admist the protesting howls fromt eh back seat of the car. the Vet said he was stressed and he was licking to relieve his anxiety. he also said that he was a seasonal licker. *Lol* how funny is that? he would lick his stomach almost completely bald in the summer. he's a fluffy cat but not a longhair. the vet had suggested kitty prozac but I said no! it turne dout to be a dominnance thing, we had gotten a new kitten, Louis, who is also male so there was some issues about who was king of the castle. Lestat has grown out of his licking faze, thank goodness!! the vet said it would be awhile before he went back to normal and didn't lick repeatedly out of stress and he was right, as soon as Louis got out of his kitten pounce on anything that moves stage, lestat stopped licking and his fur grew back beautiful and full.


April 3rd, 2003, 11:36 PM
thank you for replying :)
i have no idea why my poor eb would be stressed! he always seems so happy and content...
my mom was thinking it mihgt be the cat litter we are using now??
any clue if that could effect it!?
ooooh i wish cats could talk!!!
thanks again!
(ps....say hi to your samantha for me!)