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Humane Society Adventure ....

January 31st, 2005, 07:03 PM
Well I visited 2 humane societies today on my search for another dog. The first one I went to was nice excpet they didn't have very many dogs (which is good because that means they're adopted :))

The second one I went to was Welland Humane Society. I'd never been to that one before and the first thing we noticed when we went in was the smell :eek: not that I expected it to smell like flowers but it was really yucky!

So we went in and looked at the dogs - they had a full house but there was no information on the cages at all (except maybe "stray") So we went back out to the reception and I asked one of the workers if they had any information about any of the dogs and she looked at me like I was insane!! So I told her I didn't mean background information but their likes/dislikes .. for example I have a cat. And she still looked at me weird and said ... "We don't know - they're strays"

Then I asked her if they test them with the cats they have there or the resident cats and again a blank look and then ... "The cats are already stressed out"

And I understand totally that the cats and the dogs are stressed out but how am I supposed to know if any fit into my life when they don't know anything about them!!!

She didn't know if they like cats .. if they like dogs ... or if they like kids (which I don't have but good to know) .. so I left feeling very disappointed and confused.

Is that normal?

When I adopted my last dog from the Oakville Humane Society they knew she liked dogs/cats and kids and had tested her with all of the above. I thought that was the norm??

So even though I saw a couple I liked I'm not sure 100% - I can easily bring my dog to meet the new dog (and I would do that for sure) but I can't bring the cat! I'd hate to bring one home and find out it likes to eat cats! :confused:

Sorry for the long post :)
Just curious if this is normal now or this one I went to this afternoon just not on the ball??


January 31st, 2005, 07:09 PM
Sorry I should have put this the other section ... I thought I was but I didn't!

Guess that trip the humane society really messed me up! :p

January 31st, 2005, 07:23 PM
:sorry: to hear that you had such an unsettling experience. It doesn't sound like the norm to me from reading about rescues and such on this site. Maybe others will know more than I do though.

Lucky Rescue
January 31st, 2005, 11:05 PM
If a dog comes in as a stray, I don't see how the shelter could know if it likes kids, or cats either.

Using the frightened stressed out stray cats to test dogs with would be a little unkind to the cats.

If a dog is turned in by the owner, then there may be information on it.

If you have cats and want a dog, you would be better to go to a rescue. Dogs are usually in foster homes - often with other dogs, kids and cats too.

This way you could be sure.

February 1st, 2005, 06:46 AM
I don't know what the "norm" is, but I do know when you go to most OSPCA websites, they seem to always have info about whether the dog should be an only pet or not.

February 1st, 2005, 12:07 PM
If you saw a dog at the shelter that wanted to go home with you (they choose you, you know!) would they allow you to "foster" him/her for a couple of days to see the reaction with your cat? The only problem with this is having to return the dog if it really doesn't work out. :sad:

February 1st, 2005, 12:16 PM
I don't think it would be fair to take a dog home for a couple of days to "test it out" Imagine the emotional distress the dog would go through if you bring it home for a couple of days then bring it back !!! :eek:
And what if it liked to kill cats :sad: or bite kids! :eek:
It wouldn't be fair to either the cat or dog!!
It would be best to find a dog thats already in a foster home, as the foster family would be able to tell you how it is with dogs, cats, kids...etc.

February 1st, 2005, 12:24 PM
I agree it's probably best to get one that has already been fostered as it comes with a lot more information. I wonder if this shelter does temperament testing, as how many people would adopt a stray knowing nothing about it? These are the poor dogs that get returned to shelters again and again.

February 1st, 2005, 12:49 PM
Sorry about your trip but remember it is not like a rescue they really don't know much about the animals that are stray. I would suggest a rescue or try Etobicoke HS because all there dogs are in foster care they will know a lot more about them and they are great out there. Call them or email them I just emptied my mailbox I had this weeks list sorry but they email me every monday morning with all the new listings and current ones. Good luck in your hunt and as Carey said they pick you which I have found to be so true.

February 1st, 2005, 12:58 PM
They had a couple of dogs that have been there for 3 months+. I feel so bad for them sitting there but we wondered if they had a hard time to adopt them out since there is NO information at all.

I'm going to go today to another one near me (Oakville) and check it out. I might be better to go with a rescue that has been in a foster home but Oakville is where I adopted my first pound puppy from and they had gotten some more information gathered about her.

I think that one I was at was just not well organized - well ... it's that or else the one I'm used to is better then most! I just feel for these animals living in a smelly dirty shelter for so long :(

Thanks for the tip about the Etobicoke Humane Society. I'll have another look at it :)

February 1st, 2005, 01:05 PM
It's actually pretty common.When I am asked by shelters to take dogs they have never tried a cat with the dog,which would be unfair to the cat,and generally have never tried the dog with other dogs,also unfair to a poor dog who could get hurt,obviously goes without saying for a child as well.Usually they ask rescues to bring a dog to test dog/dog behaviour.They can guess by how a dog acts walking by a cage with a cat or dog,but that's not accurate.You should bring your own dog with you if you want to adopt a dog,whether from a shelter or rescue.Some rescues have foster homes with cats so that may have been tested,not always tho.If the dog has not been in foster with a cat I say not good with cats,not worth the risk.