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Poms and Barking

January 30th, 2005, 03:18 PM
A young male Pom is coming available for adoption at my local SPCA if not claimed by noon tomorrow. He is just under 2, healthy, sweet and friiendly, adorably gorgeous.
However, he was much smaller than I anticipated Looked like it might be four pounds under all the fur. Hard to tell by sight only- he's not allowed out of the cage as he isnt yet available. The adult Pom's I've seen all were tiny.. but seemed to be around eight or ten pounds
I have a tiny dog, a toy poodle, but he iis hearty, and not "overly" delicate..
This Pom looked so dainty, and just SO small, I wondered if they were very fragile dogs?. Certainly caution would have to be employed due to their tiny bones. I dont think they would be advisable for young children, but the staff said this was a "good family dog"

And it barked and barked at me.This certainly isnt unusal for the awful stress these animals are under. They all bark mostly, and who wouldnt? I'd bark too :crazy:
Poms strike me a quite a "barky" breed of the toy dogs, and the staff confirmed this dog was noisy, needed a person who would work with it on excessive barking.
I'm certainly aware that barking is one of the most common dog issues, but dont know how hard it is to correct? My dog barks a fair bit at the usual stimulation- protection and guarding instincts - but its not an issue I've ever tried to correct. To me, his barking isnt excessive. Its what they do. :)

I wonder if excessive barking is harder still to correct on a young adult dog whose very nature is to be a very vocal canine?
Can Poms learn to be a reasonably quiet dog - or is that an unrealistic expectation?
I would be most appreciative of any info from members, and of course am going to spend this afternoon starting my own research on this lovely toy breed.

January 30th, 2005, 03:48 PM
Well the average weight of a Pom is between 3-7 lbs.Yes they can be noisey.LOL..When my daughter was younger,I had a friend who had a daycare.She watched my daughter.She also had a Pom named Tangy.Tangy was quite the barker.But as soon as Jamie said enough,Tangy stopped.My daughter was about one at the time she started going to Jamies.There were also a couple of toddlers there.The kids were great with her,and she was great with the kids.Never once nipped at them.

Can an excessive barker be harder to correct?Not always.With time and patience it can be done.

January 31st, 2005, 02:34 PM
My best freind has a 1 year old pom, and yes he can be noisy when he wants attention, at home only barks at the door, or anyone who dares to walk on his sidewalk, But he is not overly fragile for his small size, my freind first brought the dog over to my place at 7 weeks old, and that little guy played with my pit for 3 hours none stop, untill he wore out my pit. He is still a little ball of enegy, and a good family dog that loves, people, kids and other dogs.
He was well socialized and that makes a big differance, the more dogs get to experience in life, the less they have to bark at.

January 31st, 2005, 02:36 PM
After six days in the SPCA and some unusual circumstances that brought it there, this dog was claimed by its owners yesterday afternoon.
When I called about it, the employee was a bit mysterious - said they knew who the owners were, but it was unclear if they would be claiming him. There was a "story" behind the Pom.. but she couldnt tell me, she said.
Fair enough.. none of my business. I was only trying to gage the chances of the dogs' availability. It had been listed as a stray - but it wasnt a stray.
When I went there on Sat to view the dog however, another employeed "blabbed" the background -. even though I didnt ask her. :rolleyes:

Last week, firefighters responded to a home fire, and a meth lab was found. Because of the toxic chemicals danger a haz-mat team came in, the area had to decontamimated. The residents were arrested, even their clothing had to changed before they were taken away. The SPCA was called to remove several aniimals in the residence, who themselves had to be washed down. This little Pom was one.
Because of their pending legal issues.. and I would guess losing their tenancy as renters... I thought that it was very likely they might not come for their dog.

Well, I am learning al lot about different breeds of dogs. It's very interesting! :)

January 31st, 2005, 02:43 PM
:) I missed your reply.
Yes, I am suprised to learn these little dogs are not really that fragile as they appear. They seem to be good family dogs, a lively and fun-loving breed.
The tendency to noisy behaviour is clearly a factor.. but then again, this can be the case with any dog, really... depending on its ciurcumstances.

February 1st, 2005, 12:14 PM
The SPCA was called to remove several aniimals in the residence, who themselves had to be washed down. This little Pom was one.

That is a big concern. Sounds like these poor animals were being abused, even if not intentionally. I hope you will keep in touch with the SPCA in case the animals that were seized (including the Pom) are brought in again.