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Mail Carrier Rescues 9-Pound Pooch From Canal

January 25th, 2005, 11:15 AM
AKRON, Ohio -- You've likely heard the adage, "The mailman comes in rain, sleet or snow."

SLIDESHOW: Carrier Rescues Pooch

NewsChannel5's Leon Bibb reported a dog owner was happy to see her mail carrier in frigid temperatures on Monday because her dog, Lindsay, was clawing for her life.

Lindsay was reportedly floundering in a nearby the thin-iced Ohio Erie Canal, and her owner, Charlotte Provchy, yelled for help. Provchy said she was scared to death for her dog.

Mail Carrier Rescues Dog

"She could have had hypothermia," she said. "She could have died."

Provchy, who is housebound, was heard by her mail carrier Daryl Cormany, who was bringing her mail.

Bibb said Cormany dashed to the frozen canal and rescued the 9-pound pooch.

"I kind of just leaned out a little bit," Cormany said. "I almost fell through and when I got the dog, he was all dripping."

Bibb reported the old phrase neither rain nor snow will stop a mail carrier can now have "neither dog" added to it.

Cormany's clothing was soiled and wet after he rescued the dog, but he continued on his route.

Lindsay was also covered with ice and mud, but was OK after a bath.

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