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Unmanageable dog

March 18th, 2003, 09:34 PM
Unmanageable dog

A few months ago, we have acquired a four month old Pomeranian puppy that had had practically no contacts with humans; it is only interested in our other two dogs.

I have enlisted this puppy in obedience school but it refuses to walk during class or when it is alone with me. When I walk it with my other dog, it willingly walks on a leash provided it is on the same side as the other dog.

I have read somewhere that a dog that is adopted too old may be afraid of humans.

Up to now, I have first given this puppy a mix of Bach Flowers (mimulus and rock rose) for treating fear. I then mixed mimulus, rock rose, vine and chicory to work on its obedience problem. The results have been disappointing.

What do you suggest for this puppy to obey commands and walk on a leash without another dog present?

Thank you for your help in this matter.