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Same tree,different cat!

January 19th, 2005, 04:37 PM
Here's Vinnie in Rockys tree.. :D

January 19th, 2005, 08:02 PM
Nice shot Chico... I know Buddy is jelous. He was a climber when he was outdoors. He even gave us all a scare once, he had to be about 30 feet up in the huge tree out here and was chasing a squirrell... not knowing that a squirrell is much lighter than him and can use the smaller branches like nothing. Buddy tried to follow and lost his footing :eek: ... darn good thing he had killer claws then! Hung on with his front paws and pulled himself up.

Do your guys like to climb and hunt from the trees?

January 19th, 2005, 09:52 PM
Dahmer,no not really,they used to when they were stuck a few times and we had to climb a latter to get them,we only have 2 really tall trees..The tree in the pictures is a weeping Mulberry,only about 8 feet tall,short enough for them to jump down..My very well-fed squirrells are really gutsy,sometimes i think they tease the cats,especially Vinnie,he can get within a foot of the squirrells,before they take off.I don't think he really would know what to do with a squirrell..he just likes to chase :crazy:
Here's my FiFi again,she's my little pet,she's been around now for more than 3 yrs,she comes when I call her...really cute,of course the peanuts help :D

January 19th, 2005, 10:09 PM
I just found this one of Vinnie,looking out at the big world outside :D
Boy,that entrance looks dirtier than it is..I missed that part :D

January 19th, 2005, 10:12 PM
and this one...this new pewter has made me picture-crazy,no more,I promise :thumbs up

January 20th, 2005, 08:59 AM
Well,just one more,Chico is getting jealous :D

January 20th, 2005, 09:01 AM
oh heck....the absolute last one :thumbs up

January 20th, 2005, 09:08 AM
Thier beautiful!! :thumbs up
Chico looks like my Jay.
I also have squirrel that I feed and who comes when we call, Only problem, she decided to move into our shed!! she had her babies in there in the spring, and has now decided to make it her winter residence, what a mess she is making!!! and chatters at me when I go in there to get stuff!!
I just hope she doesn't decide to jump down on me one day :eek:

January 20th, 2005, 09:26 AM
Happycats,my FiFi lives somewhere across the street from me,she walks on the wires to cross,I guess that's why I've had her for so long:-)
Here's another pic of her...she's so cute.
I am glad to hear from another squirrell-lover,I also have a couple of crows,whom I feed leftovers :D

January 20th, 2005, 09:57 AM
You may think I'm crazy,but I also feed the mourning doves, woodpeckers, bluejays, rabbits (they also help themselves to my shrubs) and any other creature who enters my yard !! :D

January 20th, 2005, 11:04 AM
No,you are not crazy...I spend a fortune on birdseeds and other stuff,even bought a birdbath-heater so the birds can have water even in the winter.
Hubby says he cannot retire because of the money spent on animals :D
Unfortunately I also have pigeons,but they need to eat too,right..
There are a couple of huge hawks who come and get the odd pigeon,so maybe they'll move out seeing they keep losing relatives :crazy:

January 20th, 2005, 11:09 PM
Oh Chico! I almost missed this thread and all these beautiful pix. Glad I didn't because they gave me a lot of smiles! Thanks for sharing!

January 21st, 2005, 12:02 AM
You guys aren't the only ones.... I feed stray cats, an assortment of birds, bunnies, skunks (not by choice of course... peeyew!) and we even had a possum this summer. I think the word is out about my house, the grackos take a break from the local dump (you should see it there has to be a few thousand of them living in the field across the road from it.) to come and snipe the cat food here. When I go out in the morning to shovel (ya I shovel for my visitors :rolleyes: ) the birds start to chatter to each other and the squirrells line up on the fence.

I have even caught sight of not one but two new strays, who funny enough look very similar to the first two. A black one and a grey tabby, although this black one has a tail. So I may be in for a very eventful spring and summer! :)

You know, I just love having all that life around me... especially with hubby gone all week, makes me feel like I have someone to take care of. :love:

And how cute are your squirrells? I tried to get a pic of one of the guys here, but it didnt turn out-bad flash. He was hanging upside down and eating out of the bird feeder (crafty little things aren't they!)

January 21st, 2005, 07:29 AM
Yes,Dahmer I feel the same way and I have a "reputation",one of my neighbors an elderly lady(more elderly than me :D )hates me for feeding the birds etc....heck,she even hates the leafs from my trees falling on her lawn :evil: The squirrell-pics are both of my FIFI,the only difference is,she has her winter-fur on in the first pic.
I have three feeders,one a finch-feeder for the little guys and one is "squirrell-safe"(that's a joke!!)and a bigger one for bigger birds.
I too love to have all these critters in my backyard,it's my own little sanctuary and gives me great pleasure.Last night the cats and I were watching a Possum eating bird-seeds on the ground..funny looking little guy :D

January 21st, 2005, 10:10 AM
I watched a show on Animal Planet once about how squirrels can get into anything and everything and all the attempts to thwart them. They are fantastic gymnasts! My Pop used to love feeding this one big grey squirrel. Everyday it would come on the patio and take an English Walnut from my Pop's fingers, then run away about 15 feet and sit and eat it. Every once in a while, Pop would give it a Black Walnut instead and then laugh watching it try to crack the shell. Those things are hard! Later, Mom kept a large feeder outside the window so he could watch the birds. Such a little thing, but so much enjoyment, and such good memories.