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never again

January 19th, 2005, 11:52 AM
over the past 2 days i have been trying to find a soultion to a 12 hour car ride with a cat that, hates traveling , on recomendation of my vet i tryed gravol , the first time i gave him 1/2 a children grvol it had no effect, so on recomedation of my vet again 2 days later i gave him a whole gravol . :sorry:

my poor cat got so messed up he was for lack of a better word high, his pupils were huge no irs, and he was acting so bizzar, i got realy worried, when hi s breathing got shallow, and he stated kinda dry heaving,

the poor guy made it through and seems to be ok today but it was a long scary night last night,

i am not sure what to do about the drive but gravol is no tthe awnser,

January 19th, 2005, 01:22 PM
Are you the same person who posted last night about this? If you see my post there re other ideas and NOT to give a cat gravol until you know how it affects them, It often has the exact opposite effect - is a stimulant rather than a relaxant. And a kitty on that medication should be monitored all the time. They can endanger themselves because they are sort of freaked out.

January 19th, 2005, 01:23 PM
Here is what I posted last night:

Actually, I am a little surprised your vet recommended gravol for your cat.Gravol is a very strong medication - even the pediatric type - and can react differently in different animals. (including we humans).

You would be better off administering one tablet of something like Rescue Remedy or cocculine, a motion sixkness remedy that is like Rescue Remedy, a flower essence. My bet recommends the latter and it works like a charm. Mind you, it is also good to get your kitty adjusted to travel a little at a time. I give my cat cocculine and she never has problems travelling but she does not mind being in her carrier either, even after visits to the vet. She is by nature very laid back for a cat though. (She does have her moments tho!!)

Either of these products be found at a health food store. I usually find cocculine at Jean Coutu Pharmacie or a grocery store health food section where it is slightly cheaper than what it costs at a health food store.

I would not give my kitty gravol since it can have the opposite effect and I do not want a hyer cat on my hands, epsecially during travel!! You might test the cat first - see how s/he does with a little bit of gravol BEFORE you travel!! That way, you will know how it works. The problem with pets in carriers being on anything sedating like gravol or even valium is that if it makes them sleepy, they need to be monitored and that's hard to do if you are at the wheel of car.
Good luck!!

January 19th, 2005, 01:27 PM
Perhaps you can contact a vet in the area that you travelled to to see if they can suggest another type of "tranquillizer" for the cat. I'm sure there are other safe meds out there. There are some herbal remedies, (Rescue Remedy comes to mind), but I don't know if this can be administered safely to a cat, and that one is not as long lasting as a gravol would be, but it is safe and gentle on my dog. I use it when she is upset by thunderstorms or fireworks and give it 1/2 hour before the storm or fireworks begin. You can see her calm right down.

I was also thinking that you may want to brave going back to 1/2 dose gravol as first suggested by your vet and then placing her in her travel cage with a blanket over it to give it the feeling of a quiet safe haven. Leave room for air to get into it and check on cat periodically.

January 19th, 2005, 01:34 PM
I doubt even 1/2 gravol would be wise after the reaction the cat had to it. There is an entire school of thought that really discourages gravol use among children and other small creatures. I just know about the pediatric part but cannot see it as being a good thing for small beings either. There are much much safer alternatives. Cocculine works wonders for many people I know. (And it is like Rescue Remedy, not an herb but a naturapathic product so there are no adverse side effects). (Just do not tell my medical confreres I a recommding herbs, lol - tho recently I presecribed triptophan to someone who could not sleep - it is actually listed in the CPS directory)

January 19th, 2005, 04:02 PM
what a great idea resuce remedy, that stuff works miracles for me , thanks

no more gravol though ever,