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Dogwalking Behaviour Question

January 17th, 2005, 05:15 PM
I wondered if anyone here could offer any ideas on a puzzling behaviour that my dog is exhibiting.

He is a toy poodle, five pounds.. approx. eight years old , energetic and healthy. (a shelter stray.. he might be a year or two older).
Like most dogs, he adores his daily walks as a highlight of his day.
But on some outings,we are happily going along, when he suddenly throws on the brakes, refusing to go further. He doesnt appear to be in any discomfort, just wont proceed.
He's actually always done this in the four years I've had him.. but it was a rare event. In the past six or eight months, though it doesn alway occur.. its become much prevalent.. maybe half the time. Its not related to the weather or the distance - rain or shine, short or long.

Sometimes this is corrected by carrying him for a bit, and trying again.
Other times - simply changing directions will do the trick.
Its like he has his own ideas on where will we walk?
I dont want my dog "walking me", but he is stubborn and just wont budge. I can pick him up, go where he wants to go.. or take him home.
Once he gets "out" of this mode, and he resumes, he is happy and active again. He seldom repeats the same behaviour twice in one walk.
On some walks, nothing works .. he simply wont go, and the walk is scrapped.

I am seeing my vet for vacs this Wed..and intend to ask him about this. .
I just wondered if any of you had ever heard of this behaviour, what might be causing it?I will let you know what the vet say, and what he reccomends.

January 17th, 2005, 05:34 PM
Is it possible he is seeing, smelling, or hearing something that freaks him out?

Or, does he have an issue with peeing or defecating on walks? A previous Rottweiler I had thought thatr the only place he was "allowed" to poop was in his back yard. So on a few occasions, he'd have to go while on a walk...and he would do that same thing. Just. Stop. He'd be very determined about returning home, so he could do his business in the correct place!

Or maybe he's a cat in a poodle suit, and is just playing little mind control games with you so you'll pick him up. :)

January 18th, 2005, 09:41 PM
Thanks for the suggestions, they are good ideas.
He doesnt have any potty location issues, and though I also thought at first there was something " in the air" that frightened him, I've now come to believe that this isnt it.
It most frequently happens when we appear at a "junction" of some type - a crossroads. If I want to go west - he inexpicably wants to go east. If we go his way, he is happy. If I insist that no,.we are going west, he wont budge, and to get him on a westerly course, he has to be carried for quite a ways. That could be the mission:)Maybe he IS learning little tricks from the cats.

We are seeing the vet tomorrow for a routine visit, maybe he can shed some light on this baffling behaviour.

January 19th, 2005, 06:44 AM
Well at least you can pick him up & carry him! I can't do that with a Rottweiler. Not for far, at least.
Does he have favourite treats, or toys? Maybe some extra inducement when he's feeling obstinate?
Or, just not carrying him, but insisting he walk on all four of his own good little legs, because you are the boss and you say so. :)