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Warnig sings

January 17th, 2005, 04:30 PM
hi i have a question,
on my vets advice i have given, my 10 month, old very large unfixed male, cat about 1/2 of a children gravol.

we have to drive quite a long way, and i feel bad about drugging my kitty but, last time we traveled, he was not too pleasant.

so i was wondering what , if any warning sings there are to watch for, i love my kitty a lot, and really want him to be ok he seems fine now, i gave him a small amount today just to see how he responded to the gravol,

if anyone has any good or bad experiences please let me know

January 17th, 2005, 04:34 PM
One of my co-workers gives his cat kids Gravol when he travels, because his cat goes crazy in the carrier in the car, and he doesn't seem to have any problems, but he only does it once a year.
Also I would reccomend getting him fixed ASAP, As in my experience they will start marking thier surroundings (spraying) if they remain unaltered!!!!!!
Not very pleasant at all :yuck: :yuck: :yuck:

January 17th, 2005, 04:37 PM
I have given gravol to a dog but not sure about cats and my dogs have all been fairly large at least 100 pounds. I just worry about the dosage for a cat being a lot smaller. I thought that there was actually gravol for pets I may be wrong but you might want to check it out. I actually prefer to stay away from drugs maybe there is something holistic that would not have the after effects of gravol. I find them to be a little dazed the next day until it is out of their systems.

Lucky Rescue
January 17th, 2005, 07:57 PM
Also I would reccomend getting him fixed ASAP, As in my experience they will start marking thier surroundings (spraying) if they remain unaltered!!!!!!

Definitely! I don't know about the Gravol, but if you aren't planning to get your cat neutered he will very soon start spraying in your house, yowling to get out to mate and fight, and could be somewhat aggressive if kept in.

I suggest you have him neutered quickly.

January 18th, 2005, 03:51 PM
thanks for the advice but as for nuetering he is a havana brown, we found him a a stray, however we are not sure of his true origin, we put up flyers ect but got no response.
at first we did not know his breed , our vet told us to get him checked out, so we did. The breeder we spoke to asked us if we would be intrested in breeding, he has sired one litter so far and we hope a few more.

other wise yes he would be nutered he is strictly and indoor cat, and we have yet had no problems with spraying, he seems so far to be good about that. we will keep our fingers crossed.

the 1st attempet at gravol semed to have no effect at all so i spoke with my vet and she suggested, giveing him a whole childen grovol dissolved in chicken broth so i am gonna give that a try and see what happens,
i too do not like the idea of cats and drugs but the last car trip was unbearable i thought the guy was gonna hava a heart attack it was realy bad , i have to other cats who we have traveled with as well one is fine the other is ok but poncho is just a nightmare, he not olny howls but screams the whole way it seriously effects my driving abilty. if it were not for theat i would never ever never give my pets drugs, it not disenged for them, god know what it does to there little brains i get woozy for a adult gravol so it worries me to give it to the cats,.

i did however yesterday speak with my a freind of mine who work at the spca and she told me that she has one cat in her care that she has to shave once a month. he hates it so much it a health risk to her to shave him the first time she tryed she had to get stiches :confused: :yuck: so now every time she shaves him she gives him a full adult gravol capsual . i would never give my guy that much but she has had no problem with the cat so , i guess it 's moderatly safe. i just wish i neve what to watch for incase somthign is wrong :confused:

we have another week to find a solution so after today i am giving the guy a break , hopfuly this works and we all can have a safe pleasent 12 hour car ride ;)

January 18th, 2005, 04:10 PM
are pure bred cats tatoo'd like pure bred dogs are??
Because if so doesn't this cat have one, and if it does you may be able to find the owner, or breeder, as this cat may have been sold as pet quality, with a no breeding contract! You may want to check it out as you may be held liable by the breeder if you are breeding him without permission.

January 18th, 2005, 04:32 PM
yes vet saw the tattoo that is why we got him checked out, i thougth it was id tag and that we could find it owners,
the breeder told us that, she found an orgin breeder of the cat but the info listed was incorrceted, i tryed to contact orginal breeder myself and the number was disconnected, so it did raise some concern, we have had him since he was about 16 weeks old and he is almost 11 now he has breed once that is why i want to fix the dam cat but my husband dosent ( source of constant argument :) ) however he is a great cat, and regadless i love him i would not care if he turned out to be half rat. our breeder is a well knowen breeder and has been breeding for 25 years so i am sure she, know what she is doing ,

but you do bring up a good point, i would like to have pappers on the cat if we are using him to breed, that is my main argument for fixing him, then it is not a issue at all , honestly i don't care if he breeds or not, it my husband that is the one who wnats him to breed. maybe it some displaced anger at me not wanting to have kids of our own yet lol ,

January 18th, 2005, 07:51 PM
Actually, I am a little surprised your vet recommended gravol for your cat.Gravol is a very strong medication - even the pediatric type - and can react differently in different animals. (including we humans).

You would be better off administering one tablet of something like Rescue Remedy or cocculine, a motion sixkness remedy that is like Rescue Remedy, a flower essence. My bet recommends the latter and it works like a charm. Mind you, it is also good to get your kitty adjusted to travel a little at a time. I give my cat cocculine and she never has problems travelling but she does not mind being in her carrier either, even after visits to the vet. She is by nature very laid back for a cat though. (She does have her moments tho!!)

Either of these products be found at a health food store. I usually find cocculine at Jean Coutu Pharmacie or a grocery store health food section where it is slightly cheaper than what it costs at a health food store.

I would not give my kitty gravol since it can have the opposite effect and I do not want a hyer cat on my hands, epsecially during travel!! You might test the cat first - see how s/he does with a little bit of gravol BEFORE you travel!! That way, you will know how it works. The problem with pets in carriers being on anything sedating like gravol or even valium is that if it makes them sleepy, they need to be monitored and that's hard to do if you are at the wheel of car.
Good luck!!

I am surprised you were allowed to breed him if he has no certification. I have a Siamese show cat quality - who I do not plan to show - and only because I do know her entire geneology have I been asked by other reputable breeders what my plans were - and they would only accept her of course if she indeed won any championships. If I merely wantedto her - and even if she had participated in shows but not won anything - she would not be acceptable to either breeders or to discernabke cat people. That said, I have absolutely NO intention of that and she is being neutered very soon!! (She is 4 months old). To breed, you need the vet certificate plus a champion cat! Mine is a champion in my mind but she will have no progeny. :)

I just hope you do not become exploited by less than scruplulous breeders who do not care about the health or the certification of the cat. And anyone who breeds a cat who is not won a championship is considered disreputable by breeders and the various associations that provide cats with their "letters".

Lucky Rescue
January 18th, 2005, 08:34 PM
You are breeding an unpapered, untitled stray? You say he is "very large" - the standard calls for males to be between 8 and 10 lbs. If your cat is bigger than that, he is not breeding quality,even if he had papers. Without papers, he is no different from the stray tabby in the alley.

The breeder we spoke to asked us if we would be intrested in breeding, he has sired one litter so far and we hope a few more.
Why is this breeder interesting in producing kittens who cannot even be registered, from an untitled/unpapered stud? Not very ethical.

and we have yet had no problems with spraying,
That's because he's only 10 months old. Have you ever lived with an adult intact tomcat?

This cat is not even mature and I guarantee you when he is you'll have a very hard time living with him. I know no one who can keep a stud cat loose in their homes because of the spraying and the yowling.

The shelters are overflowing with unregistered beautiful cats of all sorts - purebreds included. It's hard to understand why anyone would want to breed more.