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Shocking Article About Peta: Who Knew?

January 14th, 2005, 12:46 AM
I was shocked to read this article about PETA:

January 14th, 2005, 07:27 AM
Twice as shocked!! We knew they were a little nuts but WOW.

Daisy's Owner
January 14th, 2005, 08:08 AM
I agree that they are a bunch of wackos, and I really wouldn't be surprised if this were true. Unfortunately, I am skeptical. One article doesn't make it true. If this were true it would be all over the news. We might not have good enough laws for animal cruelty but we do have some. I can't in my wildest dreams imagine why law enforcement wouldn't be all over this. This article is over a year old. I would hope that if this were true, we would have heard more about it than just this one article.

But I'm all for skepticism. If this is true, I would certainly like to read more about it.

January 14th, 2005, 09:47 AM
Honestly it does not surprise me they are constantly saying one thing and doing another. They are for banning and destroying pit bulls hmmm animal rights activists killing animals what is wrong with this picture. I also think their tactics are as bad as anti abortion groups that kill doctors. Killing is not my idea of peaceful activists that want our financial support yeah right. Everybody has there right to there own beliefs but I dont think you have the right to kill animals and humans.

January 14th, 2005, 10:09 AM
Just do a google search for "truth about PETA", and you'll find plenty of stuff. Keep in mind, a lot of the groups also have thier own interests (like hunters!), but this doesn't surprise me at all. They went to a farm near my home town and let loose a few hundred animals (I believe they were minks), who all died because they did not know how to fend for themselves. Thier answer? "That's better than them being held in captivity". They don't think people should have pets, and that it would be better for thier pets to be destroyed than living in a house. They've also protested zoos, ignoring the fact that the large zoos (like the Toronto Zoo) is actually a sanctuary for many, many endangered animals, a lot of which would be extinct if not for them. The Toronto Zoo has released several animals back into the wild after successfully mating them.

February 28th, 2005, 11:25 AM
There are a couple threads here to check out too... "Disappointed in PETA" and "PETA supports BSL" just type into the seach box above, and it should take you to the thread links. The more I find out a about PETA the more I understand why I don't support them!!
There are some web pages that post PETAs tax returns.... it's shocking to see how little they actually put towards animals, and how much they give to criminal defence lawyers, and ppl charged with SERIOUS criminal offences. I also find it funny (more ironic funny, then haha funny) that they employ so many hypocrites. eg... Pam Anderson, Charlize Theron, the VP of PETA etc... (PETA is totally completely against all testing, and has gone so far as to say something to the effect of, even if an AIDS vaccine was developped they would not support it, if they used 1 animal to do it....... they are against ALL animal testing.... and yet the VP (sorry will have to check for her name later) is an insulin dependant diabetic.... when asked how she justifies taking insulin, and how hypocritical she is she replied she is taking insulin to help more animals, because if she died who would help the animals? Pam Anderson spokes person for PETA--- also spokes person for the Hepatitis Liver Research compatable???? Charlize-- a spokesperson for PETA, also a spokes person for Breast Cancer Research..... compatable???)
I am sure there are many ppl who do great work for PETA, and have huge hearts for animals...... but maybe some research is needed? There are tones of shelters, rescue groups etc.... who are actually involved in a very real way with protecting, careing for and just basically being physically present to care for animals. PETA's management is too self-involved, press-hungry, and sometimes downright loco.
Anyway..... sorry for my rant...... PETA is one of my "buttons" :evil: LOL It seems to bring out my inner "dragonlady" :crazy:

March 6th, 2005, 03:12 PM
what shocks me is the blind faith so many have had in PETA over the years, we are talking serious faith here, and many form this board are very into them. buit i am also surprised that any one is shocked by ingrid newkirk, she is a total unqualified, misinformed, idiotic fool. anyone who listens to her for a minute can figure that out.

PETA have openly admittedthat blackmail is their main tool, not educaiton, blackmail, they acheive nothing for the environment really, they just scare people, not educate them about the problem, so when peta go away the practises start again as the perp has not been informed of the problems. eg, they are currently attacking our wool industry and have caused major damage, our industry is really taken a turn for the worse, but when questioned ingrid could not give one practicle suggestion or solution for the problems she sees in our industry because she is not knowledgable about what she preaches, i imagine she reads alot of pamphlets for her inof., oh and not only trhat but she has absolutly no qualificaitons, there is definatly no DR in front of her name, which jsut destroys any good work peta does as their leader looks like an ilinformed, uneducated, extreme and nasty freak, not good for gaining my support thats for sure.

peta could do so much, but they choose not to, i truly believe they are ego feeders, it makes their egos feel good to do what they do, i dont believe they truly care for animals or the environment, if they did it would be very apparent. i think they care more for the way they look, the way they are seen to be doing 'something', they boost their own egos, not the environments.

oh that ingrid gets me going, oh give me five minutes with her, i would have her stuttering in her shoes with ilinformed and poor answers. and at any stage when anyone questions her or argues, she runs for the hills.

you should have seen her face when the aussie lawers presented her with a writ explaining that she herself is going to be held accountable and sued by the wool industry for any losses caused by her and peta, she was ghostly pale and very very quiet after that one, and swiftly left the room without saying anything, i dont thinks she realised that you cant blackmail a farmer who has nothing, ha ha ha ha., stupid woman ruins such good work and intentions. :mad:

March 7th, 2005, 10:19 AM
I'd like to tie her down and slap her silly with a raw steak...

March 19th, 2005, 08:37 PM
I got suspicious about PETA when the whole IAMS stuff surfaced. Wouldn't PETA, exhibitionist PETA, post the most disgusting, awful pics on their site to prove their point? If you look at the IAMS ones, they're heathy, not unhappy-looking dogs and cats in cages. If that's the worst.... I don't usually side with big business but in this case, the PETA woman was hired as an animal health person and she claimed the animals were in bad health... Well... Who is responsible for that? And if it was true, what good is she if she stands by and watches it? That's not animal rights, that's propaganda. That's like if the SPCA went to a puppy mill and came back with nothing but pictures. Wouldn't happen.

If animal rights is what you are about, how can you leave an animal in a situation where they get harmed?

March 20th, 2005, 05:57 PM
The first time I ever heard of PETA was when they were on 60 minutes complaining about mulesing in the Australian Sheep Industry. Now I'm the first to admit it isn't pretty, but neither is a flyblown sheep.

I think they would have more respect if they gave reasonable alternitives. For eg. They say sheep shouldn't be mulesed but their only alternitive was for the farmer to hire more workers and daily check the sheep for parasites and flies... Well I'd like to see her check 100,000 sheep on twice as many acres...


March 21st, 2005, 02:49 PM
hello fellow aussie, my above post is only on that aussie issue. yes muelsing can be done without removing the hide, i know of a few farmers doing it and they dont loose much stock, BUT they have to hire more staff, check more often, deal with pests in other ways. which is totally fine and i support any methods that will bring our wool industry into the 21st centuary. BUT that stupid woman at no stage has suggested any of these option and that infuriates me, she is ill informed and cannot even suggest a different technique, there is nothing dumber than a person running around shouting ' oh its terrible, stop the crime" yet that person is too dambed stupid and thick to actually have an educated input into other methods, stupid woman.
so you saw the 60 min thing too, did you see her face at the end, ha ha ha ha ha just so funny. ch 10 news last week said she has officially had legal action taken against her and is having her pants sued of, ha ha ha that its jsut so funny, stupid woman.

also she has no idea how to deal with ppl, esp not our farmers, sure i dont like the method of muelsing and i do believe there is room for pain killers in there (if you have seen it done live you see the pain, they showed some of it on that report) but im not an uneducated and ill informed freak running around stealing food out of the mouths of our farmers and their families, and really what a stupid move, to attack our farmers, they are a very important part of uus, not only for produce but they form an integral part of our history and most of us love and support the poor battlers, stupid woman..

i am currently looking for any PETA protests in sydney i could travel to, i want to go there and give it to peta, as i know their followers are even more thicker than their leader, i will protest peta one day of i can, bloody mongrels (they make me so angry).

yay fellow aussie, a new mate, what a gal needs (i live about an hour and half sydney outskirts and went to high school in melb, Oakleigh high when it was open and Mt Waverly high later, small world, well not really but i like to think so) :D

March 27th, 2005, 06:56 PM
I'd like to tie her down and slap her silly with a raw steak...

THIS cracked me up!