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Drooling Schnauzer puppy

January 9th, 2005, 12:45 AM
I have a new mini schnauzer puppy 8 weeks old and today she started drooling excessively only when she is sleeping. Is this common? I have to put a towel under her as it is like a puddle when she wakes up. She is otherwise acting normal. Could it be teething or should I be concerned?

January 9th, 2005, 09:15 AM
Check inside her mouth, could she have cut herself on something? Drooling could be caused by a numer of things, you should call your vet!

January 9th, 2005, 10:14 AM
I did check and did not see anything. She does hace swollen gums where a tooth is coming in and wondered if it was like babies who drool when they are teething. I haven't had schnauzers before and was not sure if this was a common thing with puppies or not. she is not acting like she is sick otherwise, very playful, eating and drinking fine. if it continues today I will call the vet. Thanks

January 9th, 2005, 12:31 PM
my 12 week old puppy is half schnauzer and he doesn't drool one bit. it can't hurt to ask your vet about it.