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RE Dog Chips

January 7th, 2005, 03:47 PM
It has come to my attention that those chips that have been inserted in our pets are not being logged or checked by our local vetenarians.
I told my vet they never once asked if my dog was chipped. I told them yes and demanded that when any person comes in be it old clientel or not if they come in with a new pet the pet should be checked for a tattoo or chip. He brought out the machine and it wasnt for my dogs type chip he said there are 2 types, that the machine that is for my dogs chip is not working. I only say this because I had seen a post of someone who found a pup and was inquiring about its breed. I asked that person if they had notified or checked to see if the pet was lost or stolen. The response I got was amazing. Why would I do that the dog is a pedigree and obviously if the dog got out they werent caring enough!. So please! All pet owners have your dogs chipped and insist your vet have the appropriate working equipment and it be used when anyone appears with a new pet.

Thank you