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Lump on Cat

January 5th, 2005, 09:30 AM
Hi all, new here...

I've got a female cat around 8-9 yr old. I noticed that she was drolling on Dec 24 and thought it was simply because of the cat nip bag i gave her. On the 27th i noticed a bump under her mouth (chin i guess). Late on 27th it was noticably swollen so we went to vet emergency, she's drolling because the bump won't let her close her mouth. Vet said that it sounded like abcess, but was hard like a tumor. She tried to get a sample via needle, cat not very cooperative even under seditive. The vet recommened that the cat go under for a biopsy, which also required IV, hosiptal stay, wanted to do an xray also. Anyways, all this to the tune of about $800-900, which i hate to say i really can't afford. After she recommeded CLAVAMOX which she has been on since, lump hasn't gotten bigger (i think) but hasn't gone down, still pretty hard bump too. She can't eat hard food, so I've been giving her soft food, which she still has a problem with. Anyways, she's going to another vet tomorrow and I just am curious if anyone has seen this before. I don't have the money really, but could maybe scrouge some up, but it kind of burns me that I have to spend so much $$ just to find out what it is and not treat it.

Lucky Rescue
January 5th, 2005, 10:30 AM
Around here, the emergency vet is incrediby expensive. I'm sure your own vet will be much more reasonable. 800$ - 900$ for a biopsy? I had a cat who had many biopsies and all them together didn't come anywhere near this price.

Your cat needs to be anesthetized and the lump biopsied if it cannot be aspirated. This is the only way to find out what it is and absolutely necessary. Your cat is suffering and you must alleviate that suffering.

Yes I have seen cats with malignant tumours in the mouth before and hope this is not what your kitty has. IF it's malignant and IF it's near the front teeth, there really is nothing to be done.

Please let us know what happens!