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sick longer than usual

max's mom
January 3rd, 2005, 10:10 PM
My 10yr old lab/? mix has had little appetit and diareah for 3 days now. Max has always had an ultra sensative stommach, and does throw up when ever he eats anything but dog food so we don't give him scraps, but he finds some none the less. The night this started, we caught our 3 year old giving Max his leftovers - halibut and potatoes, though we're not sure what Max was acctually given. The next day Max was sick, but I thought it was the leftovers and didn't worry. Now I'm concerned. He's never gone this long not even wanting to eat again. Tonight he ate some flank steak (I know, I said we don't do that, but we were worried and it's all he would touch) and he still drinks. Could this be some reaction to the fish? He's gotten into halibut before with just the usual 24 hour ickys. Could he have some sort of dog flu? He's a little lethargic, but still managed to bark at the Fed Ex guy.