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Please help with my mad cat

December 31st, 2004, 08:05 AM

Havent been around in while have been busy with travelling back to England for a bit and finally adopting our pet, a calico female cat called Mya whom i adopted from a freind who is expecting twins and cannot give her any time, she is six months old, and at first seemed to be settling in, i put her litter tray in a place she was comfortable with and started scheduling her meals and she seemed to be likening to us, i know from what i saw when i picked her up from her old home that she was a little bullied by my freinds children and i am assuming that this is what makes her a little shy, but i assumed that with time trust would come and it seemed to be working, i have checked her in to be spayed in febuary, I am the one that does most of the leg work with her, i feed her, sift her poop and plop her in bed with me when i go, however the last couple of days she has been really pissy with me, growling and whinning whenever i pick her up and generally being a really sassy girl, Today she drove me nuts she was whinging and wouldnt let me near her, i tried to play with her with her mouse and she was really aggresive with me bit me realy hard. and then my husband gets home and shes all over him let him pick her up and gave him a huge hug, i thought maybe shes missed him and try and go near her and she starts crying again. Any ideas why she has suddenly taken a dislike to me??? i mean ive been really gentle with her paying her lots of attention and making sure she plays with her toys and gets some interaction. weve also had a freind staying with us and she was the same with him? just not my husband. My freind also mentioned that she could be comming into heat soon is that right and is this related to her behaviour? I dont think i can take her mood till febuary but ive found the vet i want to use as he came recommded and i cant take time off work to be with her post surgery until febuary.

Oh and one last thing ive found that shes a "digger" but she seems to do this even when shes not pooing is this normal and is it me being paranoid or does she do it when shes tried everything else to wake up up?
Please help its like living with a three year old temper tantrum child!


December 31st, 2004, 08:31 AM
I am sorry you are having problems with your kitty,any changes in behaviour usually has a reason,either medical or emotional.So,please don't give up on her...
Coming in to heat could have to do with it,I am sure she will be better after spaying.I've only ever had one female cat,my cats are all males,so I have very little experience with a female,but common sense tells me something is wrong..
I am happy you took her away from"playful"kids,it can be very hard on cats..
Someone more experienced with female cats in heat will help you out shortly,I am sure! Good Luck!
As for trying to wake you up :D yes,they'll try everything...mine will bang my bed-side table door,if licking my face does not work :evil:

Lucky Rescue
December 31st, 2004, 10:31 AM
Give her time to settle in before overwhelming her with affection. And yes she may be in heat which could add to her discomfort.

Shy and strange cats back off from anyone trying to touch or pick them up. My suggestion, and this is what I do with my totally wild feral cats, is to let HER come to YOU.

You know how people say that in a roomful of people, a cat will always go to the person who doesn't like cats? That's becuase that is the person who is not looking at them, calling them or reaching out to them.

So ignore her for now as you go about your tasks. IF she's around, talk softly to her, but do not look her in the eye or approach her. She'll decide when to make the overatures. She may have been handled roughly (or not at all) or locked in the basement in her last home.

You must be patient and kind. And please don't expect gratitude because you feed her and scoop her box etc. It sounds like she's had a rough time in her last home and has no reason to trust anyone right now. She WILL come around, I promise.:)

January 1st, 2005, 01:30 PM
Thanks for your advice guys, i did what you said and stopped trying to make her come and last night she actually came and sat on my lap and we had a cuddle for about 10 minutes before she got up and was done, then i was laying on the floor in front of the tv and she comes over plonks herself done and shows me her tummy and puts a paw gently on my nose! shes comming around thank you very much for all your help, if i could only stop her digging her way to china at 5am every morning!!!!!