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Really Weird Dog

December 28th, 2004, 08:52 PM

I'm just tearing my hair out and I just don't know what to do anymore.

My 11 week old miniature schnauzer puppy is driving me insane. I know she is very intelligent because at 9 weeks she was able to learn "sit" in a matter of hours. She now knows paw, dance, roll over, down, stay, off, etc. and learned them extremely quickly and does them as if she's been doing it since birth. People are amazed at her learning ability.

The problem is she HATES the leash and going on walks. She also doesn't understand housetraining AT ALL.

I just don't get it. How can such an intelligent dog be so difficult with the basics like walking on a leash and housetraining?

I stood outside for an hour waiting for her to pee. I started worrying that she was going to get hypothermia so I gave up.

I tried paper training her but she just goes EVERYWHERE and ANYWHERE she feels. Even with TONS of positive reinforcement on newspaper, I mean you would think she won the liver treats lottery for life. I've tried crate training but she just goes in her crate. She checked out fine at the vet's, no infections, nothing--she's perfectly healthy.

I've tried bribing her with treats indoors to get her to walk on a leash. She just lays down and acts dead and refuses to move. Yet, if I take the leash off she walks fine and runs around the apartment like a dog on speed.

Has anyone heard of anything like this before???? I'm at my wit's end!

Why is my dog so Weird!???

December 28th, 2004, 09:56 PM
miniature schnauzer's are smart! LOL Get her on a strict schedule for potty breaks, I do suggest tying her to you so that you have her right there and you know what she's up to. That should also help with the hating the leash thing... Keep a leash on her while you are around, when you aren't home keep her confined to a smaller area, the kitchen or a crate. Smaller breeds are harder to house train, time, patients and perseverance will win the battle. She is probably more stubborn than you, so if you want something don't give in, ie leave the leash on her in the house, if she lies down, well leave here there! LOL I had a dog like this and that's all I did, I think he spent about three hours lying at the door, eventually got bored and got up.

Here's my favorite site for house training:
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December 29th, 2004, 08:08 PM
11 weeks is awfully young to expect perfection on housetraining. But you should at least be getting some success. Does she potty outside at all? I agree that keeping her on the leash in the house is a great training tool. The best reason for it is that it heightens your awareness of her actions and what ever clues she might give you before she actually tries to potty. The key is to correct her for making a mistake inside (don't be mean, just clear) and then staying with her until she succeeds outside - don't just toss her out in the yard while you clean up the mess. She needs to learn the difference between - it's not okay to potty inside and its great to potty outside. Keeping a proper schedule on feeding can also help you recognise her rythms. She has to go out after any meal or drink and when she changes her activity i.e. waking, playing etc. Paper training can just confuse her more - why is it okay to go inside on paper but not elsewhere? We think it's best to be clear that pottying inside is not permitted.
I am attaching a link that Lucky once posted.
The leash training is simple. She has learned that refusing works. Everytime she puts pressure on collar/leash the person stops and she doesn't have to do anything. You need to put the leash on her and turn and face her from about 5 paces away. Slighty tighten the leash on her as you ask her to happily come along. If she tugs back then gently increase the pressure on the leash only enough to cause her to take a step towards you. The very second she stpes towards you - relax the leash so there is no pressure on her collar at all. The point is to teach her that coming with you releases the pressure - arguing with you increases the pressure. Our goal is to teach her to give to pressure not fight it. When she moves to you praise her and then do it all over again. Do this a few times until you see her understanding what it is you want.
I know she has shown you what a bright girl she is but don't forget she is a baby and there are some limits on her attention span and consistency. And don't forget that the smart ones can out smart us more often than we would like to admit - so don't give up and just be sure that she's not outwitting you in the end.

Lucky Rescue
December 29th, 2004, 08:31 PM
I've tried crate training but she just goes in her crate.

How long is she left in her crate at one time? It's unusual for puppies to mess their beds unless forced to do so. You must take her out every time she eats, drinks, plays or wakes up and wait for her to go. You must also confine her when you cannot watch her.

11 weeks is a tiny baby and you must not expect her to be perfectly housetrained until at least 6 or 7 months and maybe not even then. Even the smartest babies are still babies - don't expect too much from her.;)

December 30th, 2004, 01:19 PM
Thank you for all your replies.

The leash training is going better now that I've become more stubborn than her. I use a harness and then I very gently pull the leash to get her up on her feet. She then walks on reflex when I walk. As she does that, I give her a piece of her puppy kibble and praise her immensely. I do this for about 5 minutes and then I stop. She is getting better but I know it's going to be a very slow process. I don't think I've ever met a dog so adamant about not being on a leash!

As for the crate training, she is getting better about that as well. The longest I keep her in the crate is 1 hour so she doesn't have an accident. The weird thing is, she's great in the car in our lap--she can hold it for 2 hours straight and not go but in her crate she lasts about 1 hour.

She hates going outside--I mean really hates it and will not budge when I open the door. It's probably because it is so cold outside. So, I've made the choice to litter box train her with newspaper in the box--or perhaps she's made the choice for me. :p

She's pretty good about going on the paper and sort of does it on command. She knows why I put her there every hour. She even barks to tell us she's made a poop so she can come out of her confined area and play. But she still has accidents on the carpet if we don't catch her in time. I think the problem is we have to somehow communicate to her that she can only go on newspaper in the one spot in the house. That's our fault of course for not being able to make her understand.

I love this pup so much. She's so smart and she's making me a better person. I know she's with me for a reason. Although she can be exhausting and exasperating it is all worth it when she shows the love that she has for us, how she trusts us and turns over on her back and acts so cute. She's amazing. Plus, she's very quiet, and well behaved around new people, doesn't jump up, and affectionate with kisses when you want her to kiss.

I didn't know it took 6 months to completely housetrain a dog. Thank you again for your replies.

December 30th, 2004, 07:13 PM
I see you have had some luck already but I will tell you about our crate experience as it might be the issue. Thinking we were doing the right thing we bought a large crate but it turns out our crate was too big. We were told that a dog won't mess where it sleeps but if there is enough room to do both they will soil in a corner and then avoid it. We were told to buy a smaller crate or make our crate smaller. I cut some corrugated pressboard to size and then slid two 2X4s thru the bars. Then I screwed down the pressboard to the 2X4s and he never messed again. As he grew I would move the 2X4s back a bar.

Also another trick you could try: You have already enforced the peeing on the paper. Put on a glove and take the pee soaked paper outside. Immediately walk her there and see if she pees. This trick was given to us to get the dog to pee in the same spot every time

Sadie's Mom
January 2nd, 2005, 12:18 AM
Awww, Viv, your puppy isn't weird! She sounds just like mine! Housetraining was SO hard and SO SO frustrating. Sadie was the exact same way, she caught on to everything except for housetraining. Your baby will figure it out eventually, just keep at it and be consistent.

I almost had a nervous breakdown when we were housetraining Sadie. It seemed like it took forever! And everyone we knew told us "Oh, our dog got it in 3 days". :rolleyes: Just hang in there!