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Neovast and Baytril, Uses & Side

December 26th, 2004, 07:11 AM
Could someone tell me what the drugs Baytril and Neovast are used for? I also was wondering about possible side effects?

Thank you and Merry Christmas.

December 26th, 2004, 07:39 PM
Baytril is the brand name for the medication enrofloxacin which is the veternary version of what people know as cipro, the antibitoic. It is from the fluoroquinolone class of antibiotics which are touted by drug firms as better than penicllin and the moxins but really, penicillin is a wonderful drug and enough for most infections unless someone is allergic to it. Baytril (and its human form cipro) are expensive and unless one has tried cheaper meds first without sicess, then I would try cipro.

If anyone recalls the anthrax scare a few yrs ago, most people could have had as much prevention from pencillcin or doxecycline (tho doxy also has more side effects than pen.)

Although the ads claim it has fewer side effects, it seems to cause more nausea among the patients I have prescribed it for. (and they are human mind you). It jas a very bitter taste (I've had kids try to munch it - you know kids, lol - so the vet version would likley be hard to administer to a cat or dog crushed. There are other more serious side effects when used on a long term basis.

Neovast is just one of the sulfa drugs - also anti-bacterial meds. They have been pretty much replaced in medicine (they too have mega side effects mostly nausea and vomiting tho bactrim is still heavily prescribed expecially in urinary tract infections where it is quite useful.

I hope this helps.

Sounds like your pet has an becterial infection. Ask your vet if s/he can prescribe something less severe than the cipro like drug (unless you have already tried them or the animal is allergic). Not sure why anyone would use the two together unless it is severe.


Cymba's friend
February 24th, 2006, 07:38 AM
I read with interest that neovast has various side effects (including nausea and vomiting). For most drugs (medical or naturopathy) I have always been able to find sites that talk about secondary effects (whether small or significant), and that includes the sites of the companies that produce the products. For some reason I have so far been unable to find any information on neovast, and since you mention them, could you let me know what you know about it, or a site where I can find information on it. My dog is on neovast (only for 1 week) to treat coccidia. Although he first threw up, my Vet and I have found a manner to get him to "keep it down" (with easy-to digest vet. can food, one Zantac, stomach coating, and blending into a powder into the food). For the sake of the coccidia which must be treated, we will get through his treatment (hopefully successfully). But for my information (should this re-occur one day) I would be interested in finding out more about the secondary effects. My vet was no aware of any secondary effects based on her experience. Thanks!