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Lost In Brampton - 9 Month Black Cat Named Pee Wee

December 24th, 2004, 02:50 PM
Went missing afternoon of December 23rd.
Pee Wee is a short hair domestic with a red collar and a gold tag with his name and our home number on it.
He's an indoor cat that sneaked out
Home 905-793-3524
Neutered, Micro-Chipped,Yellow Eyes....solid black.
Near Trinity Commons Mall (Bouvaird & 410)

December 24th, 2004, 03:08 PM
:sorry: I'm not in your area but hope your beautiful kitty is home for Christmas! Others on this board will be able to offer suggestions about good places to post in your area. Sorry your family is going through this.

December 24th, 2004, 03:28 PM
I am so sorry to hear about your lost cat! Everything I read about finding a cat quickly says much the same thing. Print as many posters as possible and place them (and you already have him microchipped which is great!) Cats usually stay in a certain area and so even though he is an indoor cat, think of areas he MIFGHT go or has been. Might be go somewhere where he has lost the scent so cannot find his way home? Good luck!!!!

Here is an article about lost indoor cats:

The Lost Indoor Cat
As you might surmise from the above, the indoor-only cat is less well equipped to dealing with being lost than the outdoor cat. Its territorial instincts are alive and well -- but is has no outdoor territory of its own and no actual experience with outdoor territories. When an indoor cat "escapes" -- perhaps through an open window in pursuit of a chipmunk -- perhaps through an opening door accompanied by your attempt to stop it -- it will run some distance without thinking. But suddenly it will realize that it's in unknown territory -- fear sets in -- and it will dash for the nearest hiding place it can see. This despite the fact that you or your house may be clearly visible -- may even be closer than the hiding place. The cat is terrified -- and its instincts are telling it to hide!
Wherever it found to hide, you can be quite certain it will stay there until nightfall. Its fear is greater than the outdoor cat's because the experience is totally new to it. After dark it may start cautiously exploring its immediate surrounds -- just as the outdoor cat did when it first ventured outside. But it has no sense of "home" -- all of its markings are in the house, not outside. Its instincts are telling it only to find a safer hiding place -- but that new hiding place is as likely to be farther away from home as it is to be nearer. The indoor-only cat may eventually return on its own -- traces of your scent are outside, if not the cat's -- but it's much less certain than it was for the outdoor cat.

Finding The Cat
Start looking as quickly as possible -- especially for the indoor cat that has just escaped. The cat is almost certainly very close at hand. Look in, behind and under any place the cat may be hiding, starting right from the exit point -- in dense plantings, under a porch or outbuilding, in an outbuilding or garage. (A cat can crawl through an incredibly small slot when it needs to.) And don't neglect to look up, even if the cat has been declawed.

Softly call the cat while looking. It's unlikely that the cat will respond -- it's terrified of everything, including you -- but it may give a very faint reply.

If you do locate the cat, approach it very slowly and gently -- calming the cat at the cat's pace. Its instinct in its frightened state is to bolt if found -- even from you.

Try again in the evening after dark -- the cat may be coming out of hiding or a little less fearful of being found. Use a flashlight to search all the areas you explored earlier.

Put out some food and water overnight in the vicinity of the exit point -- the more pungent the food the better. The cat may go back into hiding after eating but this will encourage it to hide nearby rather than farther away (and if the food is eaten, heighten your confidence that it is nearby.)

If you have (or have access to) a live trap, consider putting the food in it -- if you can trap the cat, it can't go back into hiding.

Place a few of the cat's indoor things (things that carry its scent -- toys, scratching post, bedding, etc.) around the yard. These may help calm the cat and keep it near.

Contact your neighbors (all within a 3-4 house radius) to alert them that your cat is missing.

Ask the children in your neighborhood to help find the cat -- they network well and know the "hiding places" in your neighborhood better than the adults do.

Offer a modest reward -- it's not the size of the reward that matters, but the fact that you're concerned enough to pay one. (This can be especially motivating to neighborhood children.)

Check with persons who routinely are outside in your neighborhood -- dog walkers, joggers, postal carriers, maintenance workers (if an apartment or condominium complex), etc.

Post "Lost Cat" flyers (with a photo if possible) in your immediate neighborhood and at the local pet supply stores, veterinary offices and animal shelters.

Place a "Lost Cat" ad in the local newspaper's classified section. (They might place it without charge if you ask them.) And watch that classified section to see if anyone who found your cat might be advertising that they have it.

Has there been any construction activity in the neighborhood -- a new basement, chimney well, tool shed, etc., where the cat may be trapped?

Don't give up. Keep looking for at least a couple of months. It can take that long for the cat to find its way home -- and even a de-clawed cat can find, hunt and scrounge enough food to survive.

This interesting site also has some useful hints:

December 25th, 2004, 11:19 PM
Little guy was found next door locked in the neighbours garage this afternoon after an lenghty search. Neighbours went away last night and we guess that's when we got in. We had checked that garage that same morning and the day before but we guess he had made it back and went in there to keep warm. We had left our garage open about 5 inches with blankets and food but I guess he choose the warmth over food. Poor little guy was very scared but his health is good and he seems to be right at home again with his littermate brother.

Thanks to everyone for there advice and support!!

Merry Christmas.

Chris And Kim :)

December 26th, 2004, 08:15 AM
Chris and Kim,great news for this cold Boxing-Day morning :thumbs up just the kind of thing we like to hear :grouphug:

December 26th, 2004, 11:44 AM
Thanks for the update! So glad he's warm and safe at home again! Best Christmas present this year! Happy for you!

June 21st, 2014, 11:30 AM
I may found your cat please contact me 416 432 9848 Natasha

June 21st, 2014, 10:05 PM
Natasa, this thread was from 2004 and I believe the cat was found long ago. Bless you for taking in the little stray, though. You might want to contact the shelters in your area to see if anyone has reported a missing kitty.