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Speaking of cold...

December 24th, 2004, 12:41 AM
Is it just me, or does anyone else here have problems trying to get thier dog to go to the washroom outside, now that the snow is here? Maggie, my 1 year old pup, refuses to go to the washroom outside. Mind you, she's not going inside either. It took me quite a while this morning to get her to go outside.. I even shoveled a patch off the lawn for her to go on. She juse doesnt seem to like the snow. And despite multiple trips outside, she hasn't gone to the washroom since about 3pm (about 10 hours ago). She seems healthy.. nothing seems wrong with her except she refuses to go. I think her feet are very sensitive, and we wont be getting her booties till Christmas morning (they are at my parents house, a new pair that my mother picked up for her as her old ones are too small). So what can I do to get her to go - any suggestions? She cant hold it for that long (and at this point I couldnt care less if she went in the house, jsut to know nothing is wrong with her). maybe newspaper ontop of the snow?

Secondly, I was wondering how you all give your dogs enough exercise in the cold weather. Maggie is carrying a few extra pounds now (not too many but I want to get it under control), and while I dont mind being outside in this weather (well, mostly), she seems to. She wont run and walks are difficult (not enough exercise for her anyways). I thought about taking a soccor ball out in the snow to play with her, but the snow is frozen and icy on top (things would be easier for her with softer snow and booties, but hey, what can you do sometimes, right?)

It's a little frustrating not being able to get her out to exercise - especially knowing that she needs to lose a few pounds and is misbehaved if she doesnt burn that energy shes got.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

P.S - anyone know if they make those doggie snowsuits for larger dogs? (the ones that cover both the front and back legs). Normally I wouldnt think of putting a coat on her considering she is large and has alot of fur, but with the time she needs to be outside playing, I think it might be a good idea.