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The Wonders of Corn Cat Litter...

December 20th, 2004, 05:46 PM
Me and kitty litter are becoming like an obsession! I am so determined to find one that is good for the cats and me, and the vacuum (ie. me not vacuuming daily :yuck: ) and that doesn't smell up my hallway and office! And by george I think I've done it!!!! :cool:

Ok so in my kitty litter pole thread I said that corn was my next try. And WOW, is this stuff cool. Mind you if you don't like the smell of corn, it may not be for you. We changed all the boxes out just the other day and already I am so impressed.

As soon as we changed it, one of the cats gave it a try (urine)...and well, #1, it clumped, #2, all that you could smell when you scooped it was corn (I even made my hubby sniff the clump :eek: I was so flabbergasted! :p , no pee smell AT ALL), and #3 when I dropped it in the toilet to test the "flushable" part of its claim to fame, well it just crumbled apart in the water and flushed no problem!

The only thing left to test is how long it will last, it claims 18+ days for 4 cats. So, we shall see, so far it's great, there is no scent in my hallway at all, and even in that room all there is, is a slight scent of corn. And the kicker is, doesn't matter how much they eat, it just scoots right through their tummies and ends up right back where it came from!!! LOL

So if you were waiting for someone else to try it first, I did and it rocks! (I actually think it is the best I have tried, so far, and lives up to it's name 'World's Best') And did I mention there was like NO DUST! Ah...I'm in kitty litter heaven :angel: ...LMAO

Ok....anyone here now not believe that I am THE crazy cat lady.... :rolleyes:

December 20th, 2004, 05:59 PM
I'm sold. :D

Now I just have to find out where it's sold here in Montreal. I've never seen it at J.E. Mondou.

Does anyone in Montreal know if and where I can buy this here?

December 20th, 2004, 06:06 PM
I've seen it at PaulMac's, Pet Valu and PetSmart. Don't know if you have any of those there in Montreal....oh and here is their web site....

World's Best Cat Litter (

There is a spot to find stores by postal code. Just click on the find a retailer near you button. And I have seen it reasonably priced online too. Good luck and hope you like it as much as I do. I'm working on getting my family to switch too, especially after researching about that clay stuff! :thumbs up

December 20th, 2004, 06:16 PM
Thanks Krdahmer :thumbs up

In Montreal... the closest is @

Lemyre Pet Products 1201 Labadie
Longueuil, QC J4N 1E2 (450) 670-9339

December 20th, 2004, 06:36 PM
I haven't ever seen it here. Actually, never heard of it before your other thread! Hmmm. We grow corn in Calif., you'd think we'd have it. :confused:

December 20th, 2004, 07:42 PM
The boss just started using corn litter last week for our office cat, Foxy. He balked at first but has adjusted to it. There is no odor at all, clumps very well and for being an inhalation allergy kitty, he is doing better than ever. I know it has only been a week and as far as allergies go, more time is needed to decide..but we give it a thumbs up! The boss said it cost a little more than the almost best litter but is still cheaper than Yesterday's New's litter.

December 20th, 2004, 07:55 PM
I use Yesterday's News and the web site says there is a place in NB (a feed mill in Moncton) where you can buy it. I may check it out when I get home. I would not start it right away tho since it clumps and Yin Yin is still a kitten!

December 20th, 2004, 08:37 PM
I love Yesterday's New's can be costly and it is in a pellet form, cat's do not take to it very fast because of the pellets. Animal clinic's use it for sick cat's with oozing wounds, declaws and paw injury patients mostly.

Other than that clinics will use the cheap clay litter bought in 50 lb. bags.

Oil dry material. Gotta keep the overhead down.

Got side tracked....try the corn far so good and works great.

December 20th, 2004, 10:15 PM
Well Dahmer,congratulation you made it :thumbs up a great discovery!!!
I was looking for CatOkay and my pet-store did not have it,however I saw the Worlds Best Catlitter,so I will try it.....
I have a big bag of Yesterdays News,that was a no go for my cats :mad:
Maybe HS wants it?
I am not prepared though to pay $30 for cat-litter(I think!)so how much was it???
Then again if it keeps my basement dust-free and the cats lungs clear,it's probably worth it :thumbs up

December 21st, 2004, 10:09 AM
I paid $17.99 at PetSmart for a 17 lb bag, which did almost 3 boxes. (We bought 2 though so that they had lots of digging room and that I could add more when it gets low from scooping.) The better deal is the 34 lb. bag which I've seen for about $23-28 online, I am going to see if my PaulMac's will order it in for me and how much they'll want for it. I'm also gonna be buying my food in the big bags too, gotta go bulk when you got 3 or 4!!! ;)

Oh and YinYin would be fine with this litter, it clumps NATURALLY, there is no sodium bentonite added, which is the nasty ingredient in the clay clumping types. This corn litter is made from whole kernal corn, which has a high absorbtion. From the web site:

Safe and All-Natural
World’s Best Cat Litter™ is made from whole kernel corn, making it an all-natural product that is safe for cats of all ages.
World’s Best Cat Litter is 99% dust free! It contains no clays, silica, synthetic binding or dust reducing agents.
Veterinarians and breeders have known for years that the silica dust prevalent in clay-based conventional and clumping litters may cause respiratory problems in both cats and their owners. Over time silica dust, when inhaled, can accumulate in the alveoli and the air sacs of the lungs. With World’s Best Cat Litter there is not need to worry about a cat or its owner inhaling problematic dust.There is also no concern regarding ingested litter. As all cats lick their paws, it is quite possible that litter particles can be swallowed. Ingesting World’s Best Cat Litter™ will not obstruct or coat a cat’s intestinal lining. Made from whole kernel corn, it will pass harmlessly through the cat’s digestive system.
Earth friendly and biodegradable
Organic and natural, World’s Best Cat Litter is earth friendly and biodegradable. WBCL can be used as compost and is even flushable. Dissolving instantly, it will not cause septic or plumbing problems.

And I bought the extra strength.... for the stink factor and harder clumps.
Oh and how great is it to FLUSH away the 'deposits'!!! I mean really who wants those piling up in the trash... :yuck: