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Pits and separation anxiety

December 20th, 2004, 02:37 PM
I have recently visited a friends house who's roomate has a pit bull pup. I suspect that the poor dog's owner is completely ignorant to the ways of animals, how to treat and care for them etc.

This dog's brother passed away 2 months ago and since has become very destructive. From what I see his owner doesn't play with him much if even at all. The dog spends most of his day in the basement rec room, which is where all of the damage happens. He also whines incessantly when he is left alone. My heart breaks for this poor dog and I just feel like kidnapping him, because it is obvious this person didn't think long and hard before they decided to become a dog owner.

Is it possible that this dog could be suffering from separation anxiety.... or a really daft owner...or both.

December 20th, 2004, 02:42 PM
My vote is definitely separation anxiety. The two pitts we had in our rescue can both be destructive when left alone for long periods of time. One of them, in fact, has a lady in her late 80's who stays with him during the day as he becomes extremely stressed when everyone leaves for work.

December 20th, 2004, 02:54 PM
My guess.....Both

Whinnie suffered from severe seperation anixety when I rescued her. She was pregnant at that time. She destroyed everything when she was alone. When she whelped her litter, we kept one of her pups becuase we thought she was a little slow and were fearful of what would happen if we did adopt her out. :confused: Needless to say the pup stopped her seperation anixety. :p Though once in a while when they have a point to make, they occasionally chew things. Welcome to owning a pitbull. I like th kidnapping suggestion though. ;) To be cooped up alone in a basement is no life for an animal. :mad: I really don't like that you personally know this animal and can say you don't think the owner pays him much attention. :sad: Kindly, if possible, recommend that he changes that situation and spends more time with the dog, gets the dog a playmate, or finds a suitable new home where this animal will be properly cared for. I'm not trying to pass judgement on him, I just have a BIG heart for PITBULLS & don't want to see another driven crazy by an irresponsible owner.

December 20th, 2004, 03:02 PM
This poor dog :(

While this dog may be doing all the same things a dog with separation anxiety would do-whine, being destructive etc. I don't really think it is true separation anxiety.

This dog is BORED! with no sitmulation from the owners, i also assume there is a lack of excersize as well? Can you offer this owner some solutions to this? Training and excersize will go a long way, as well as safe chew toys for the pup when he is alone. Or better yet, if you can adopt this dog, offer to do so, as it seems this owner has no time for him :mad:

December 21st, 2004, 10:31 AM
I agree, he's bored. Everyone tells us how good Daisy is, but if we neglect taking her out for some sort of activities, she starts getting rangy. Right now with me getting home late, and Cheryl pregnant, she hasn't been walked for a LONG time, but Cheryl still takes her in the back yard and throws snowballs or blows bubbles for her to chase. These dogs are high-energy, and they need to burn it off. If they don't, they're like little kids who get wound up and need to expell it somehow. As for the whining, they are also very sociable. If they know there is someone around, they usually want to be with them. It doesn't sound like this person got this dog for the right reasons.

December 21st, 2004, 10:41 AM
I concur bored. This dog needs excersise and human interaction just like people animals are social. I agree kidnap the poor dog.You could make some suggestions to the owner like going to the park and throwing a ball dogs like to feel useful. I think a new home would be the best since this guy seems to not have any interest in this poor dog.

December 21st, 2004, 11:02 AM
You should definately talk to this guy about the dog..this could be a case of neglect (and I'm sure it is)...not only is it animal cruelty to neglect an animal, but we all know its just downright stupid..why the hell get a dog when you can't even take care of it?

I say definately talk to him, and maybe suggest that if he doesn't have time, you would be more than happy to take the dog off his hands....offer some cash for the dog if you can...and if you can't keep the dog yourself, rehouse it properly to a good family...I definately don't want a perfectly sweet little animal going to waste because of some jerk that is being eaten alive by ignorance.

Good luck and please keep us updated :( I'd like to know what happened to the poor poochie.

December 21st, 2004, 11:30 AM
I think all the suggestions are good, with the exception of kidnapping. That should be a last resort after trying all the others.

December 21st, 2004, 11:40 AM
Get the owner a decent book that teaches him the basics of dog behaviour so he understands the animal's needs.

He should give proper attention and excercise the damn dog. Sleeping dogs don't chew.

DON'T suggest he get a second as a companion. If he doesn't understand how to care for and connect to the first then the two dogs would bond stronger together rather than with the owner ultimately making training more difficult.

No action = a problem dog.

December 21st, 2004, 02:45 PM
A neglected dog can become an aggressive dog!!

February 8th, 2005, 12:49 PM
Hi All, Its been a while since I've posted here..BUT I've done everything that you all have suggested (which I agree with) I do believe that it started out with separation anxiety when the pup's brother first died, but I'm sure the poor doggie is completely bored out of his mind not to mention a pup his age and size needs lots of excersise...

Anyways, to update, the situation has not gotten any better, I've made all kinds of subtle suggestions, but he has this complete idiot of a friend that is supposedly some great dog trainer who feeds him all kinds of crap about how to train dogs and it's all a load of ***** in my opinion.

I have suggested countless times that this person should give the dog to someone who will love him, and he seems to be warming to the idea. I do hope he does it soon because of all of the pitts I've met this one is such a gentle bear, I would hate to see such a creature turn aggressive because of his treatment... Holy irresponsible pet owners...

People should go to puppy-ownership school before being allowed to own a puppy.

If anyone knows of someone looking for a good pup who needs a little TLC to fix him up please PM me, I'm hoping that I can convince this person to give this dog to a better home.

February 8th, 2005, 12:58 PM
Thanks for the update and I hope you get that poor pup out of there. Can you give more info age color you know all the important stuff.

February 8th, 2005, 12:59 PM
Peanut, I am sorry to hear that there's been no change... that poor poor pupper. Are you close enough that you could take the dog out for walks at night? Maybe if you talk to the roomate and at least convince him to let you play with the dog, get him out of the basement, give him some stimulation and interaction.. while you work on placing him in another loving home. I feel so bad for that little guy!! Please, keep trying! He needs some love!

February 15th, 2005, 07:26 AM
mastifflover: I believe he's just over a year old, and he's white with those swooshy sort of dark brown markings. (not sure how to describe them) His ears have been clipped (ouch...) I dont know what else would be important other than, he's really a very gentle guy and you can see in his eyes that he truly longs for someone to love and play with him. I will try to find a picture of a similar dog and post it... If you have any specific questions I would be more than happy to answer what I know..or I'll find out for you.

sammiec: I live an hour away from them... and whenever I visit, I give his as much love as I possibly can... still working on getting him to agree to give the dog up.

February 15th, 2005, 08:09 AM
I'm glad to hear that you haven't given up on trying. This little guy needs you! Please keep us updated on how things are going!