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Birds eating cat food

December 19th, 2004, 01:35 PM
There are a few strays in my neighborhood that I put food out for everyday and night, I put out a couple bowls of dry food and some wet food, so this morning I put some out and within 20 minutes all the dry food was gone but the wet food was still there, so I put out some more dry food and watched at the window and all these birds came flying down and ate all the dry food there must have been at least 15 birds just pigging out some were taking one piece in their beak and flying away, I just thought this was strange for them to eat it. I guess I should go and get some bird seed for these little guys, Im not sure what kind of birds they are but they are black with white specks on them, really cute too. :love:

December 19th, 2004, 03:45 PM
Coonlover,they are starlings and they can finish whatever you put out in 2 seconds,they will eat anything :eek:
I feed my crows left-over food,peanuts,cat-food etc..and the crows know to get there before the starlings.
I also have three birdfeeders,seeds are expensive,but well worth it...I and my cats love to watch the birds :crazy:
Of course not to forget FiFi my squirrell and her many buddies,I buy peanuts in big bags for them....maybe I better get a part-time job :D
Luckily I do not see any stray cats,it was -15C here today...I also have a birdbath-heater,great for thirsty birds in the winter :thumbs up

December 19th, 2004, 06:37 PM
I have raised orphaned wild birds for years, making their food myself. (Now you can buy manufacturered prepared food for the gappers)

Soaked dry cat food is one of the ingredients in the wild bird recipe. Works great for crows, mockingbirds and birds of prey in the nesting age.

For an emergency issue such as a baby bird still in down feathers or no feathers at all, soak cat kibbles in warm water and feed them often...(making sure the butt is clean, they eat and poop much like kittens)
You can keep them going for 2 days like this until you locate a rescue to take the squawkers or make your own food and raise them for releaselater.

Cat food is good stuff, ask any dog.

( I do not condone giving cat food to a dog, but only in an emergency)