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Move Over Panic Mouse

December 11th, 2004, 01:16 PM

I have not had time to click a pict but I bought Yin Yin one of those Dollar Store mice attached to a fishing pole yesterday (It was actually located right next to the one Angie, my EA, had bought her earlier). Well, you would think this cat had gone to heaven!!

She is walking around the house carrying it. But for the pole, she'd have stashed it with her goodies in that section under the bed she thinks I don't know about and she purrs loudly when playing with it. Other than my nephew lab and his bones and my bf and his Dodge Viper convertable , I've never seen an animal so in love with a toy!!

In fact, I woke up this AM wondering how I would get to work (I called the RCMP and they did come to get me - great guys - at least it was all guys working this AM at our detachment) and I heard this noise and wondering, "It's 5 AM, why is my neighbour -who is usually pretty laid back (in fact, he is probably the less stressed out lawyer I have ever met, lol) - using his snowblower at this hour? Does he have some client in trouble?). It was YIN YIN!! She was purring, new toy curled up by her paws. Gosh!! She could do ads for this thing.

I am at the hospital now - very quiet given it's a blizzard and other than a few minor accidents - people who should have listened to the advice to stay off the road - and the usual sort of thing. If I can manage to get downtown before going home - (though the way this storm is going, Yin Yin and I may have to sleep here! She stays in the on call room and she pretty much has it to herself) I'll go to that store and get her all the ones left in case something happens to this one.

Have a great day everyone! Hope the weather is better where you are. (I did hear that it was not great in Mtl last nite - and that parts of routes 20 and 40 were closed). Here, one major highway is now closed.