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Ad - Cat is 37 (Kidding)

December 9th, 2004, 05:34 PM
I was reading some cat rescue stories and came across this ad. The human seeking to place the kittens (and one wonders how she came to "rescue" them) put her age and not the kitties, kind of cute, lol

Breed: Abyssinian
Age: 37

We have rescued 2 kittens and now we are looking for a new home for the kittens. 1 male/ 1 female. kittens are about 8-9 weeks old. The male is black and the female is brown mixed color. we are looking to keep both kittens in 1 home as the kittens are brother and sister.
The kittens are useing the litter box and are very sweet and loving.
We can not keep the kittens as we already have 2 cats, we can not bring our self to take kittens to the pound,
If you would like the kittens please feel free to email me. The kittens are in Asheville NC.
Thank you for taking the time to read this ad

Of course then there is THIS sad ad - talk about presnting a pet in a positive way (NOT!!):

Female calico, about 3 years old, free to a good home. Great with other cats and dogs. Very loving, and sweet. Don't want to take her to the pound. She will make someone very happy!! If intrested contact Amanda.

Though this one may be worse:
Breed: Siamese

female siamese mix spayed 1yr. 3-4mth. old not good with other cats i want to get rid of her so shes free. if you want to have her email:

(I have to stop reading this - it is TOO depressing, sigh!)

louie's mum
December 10th, 2004, 07:22 PM
i want to get rid of her so shes free. if you want to have her email:

this person should NEVER be allowed to have pets OR children. gawd. :mad: