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Dog isnt active and is withdrawn

December 9th, 2004, 01:23 AM
:sick: :confused: My dog has been very withdrawn and not active for the past two days. I havent noticed her eat but I have fed her lunch meat and she ate it. I noticed her drink a couple of times in the past two days but I decided to give her an eyedropper of water twice a day anyway because she was dehydrated once before and the symptoms are the same. Her stool seems fine, it is a little slimey but no blood or worms. In fact she went this morning and she has been urinating. I know her rabies shots are up to date. She hasn't vomited. She is only 6 human years old. What could this be? Is she experiencing a doggy flu or is there any way it could be more serious? We appreciate your help! If you can, please e-mail your response to -Kate and Phoebe :confused: :sick:

December 9th, 2004, 06:37 AM
FotoKate......welcome to the board

Sounds like your dog needs a visit to the vet so he/she can do some blood tests and physically check your dog out. The symptoms your pup is having are too vague to say what is wrong but they are serious enough to warrant a vet visit before it becomes life threatening. Sounds like your pup could be in pain (acting withdrawn, not eating etc...) so please don't delay any longer an eyedropper will not stop your dog from being dehydrated, all her organs can be badly damaged without proper care especially if she refuses to eat and drink on a regular basis as normal.

I know you love your dog or you would not have gone searching for help and the best help you could give her would be a quick visit to the vet.

Good luck and please let us know how your pup is doing. :thumbs up

PS.....don't mind me, I call all dogs pups even if they are 6 years