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Dog Jealous of Grandchildren

December 6th, 2004, 02:14 PM
My in-laws have an 11-year old female Yorkie. They previously lived in a fairly remote part of the US, so visits from grandchildren were rare. Consequently, the dog got used to being the "only child". They recently moved in the same town as all their grandchildren, so the dog is getting jealous of all of them. She is acting out by peeing in the kitchen when she is let in...right in front of everyone.

Does anyone have any ideas how to stop this behaviour? I would like to give them some pointers so they don't "get rid of her". :mad: I know...don't get me started...but not everyone is as patient with animals as the people on this board. I'm just trying to help them before it gets to that point.

Thanks a lot.

December 7th, 2004, 12:15 PM
It could be jealousy, but very likely it is that everyone's energy is rather excited and unfocused when the grandkids visit - the little guy is reacting to energy he is not used to being around and the stress causes him to have to pee. He might very well be trying to tell everyone he has to go but no one is paying attention.
I would keep him on the leash in the house during these visits for a few reasons. It helps him feel connected to a leader during all of the excitement. It keeps that person aware of his needs. It also provides him with some guidance and security during these insecure times. I would also make sure the children learn good dog manners when they are with this tiny fellow - so no one gets scared or hurt.
Over a period of time, as he builds his confidence, he should be able to be trusted in the house without being leashed, but it depends on how often they visit, how good the leadership in his life is, and his general overall comfort with energetic crowds in his home.