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One more reason to hate the fiberals

December 6th, 2004, 10:43 AM
Well I have to say the fiberals made my blood boil with this totally useless BSL. Just another band aid solution for not going after the real culprits the BYB and puppy mill and irresponsible owners and the low life scum who abuse these beautiful dogs.
Now they have gone and broken another election promise. I know that probably surprises you as it did me HAHA. Well Dalton promised to raise the film tax credits for production in our great city of Toronto where we have first class crew and actors. But he said on Friday that he is not ready to live up to his promise to raise the tax credits yet. I guess he is waiting for the rest of the film people to become unemployed and all productions have gone to other provinces. We have been complemented on our vast talent pool in the city and have come along way since the industry started to flourish. If the project go to different provinces they wont come back here, we offer 11% AB. Sask. offer 35% too big a difference especially with the dollar being so much stonger we need that lure to get those productions up here. I have not worked on a film in 11 months and I have to say I normally work constantly. I have worked on a lot of the big shows that have come here like Chicago winning numerous academy awards and 2 actually went to homegrown Toronto people (set designer and sound man). We have brought hundereds of millions of $ to this city that is spent on entertainment, hotels, car rentals and outsourcing to different industries plus the amount of jobs it created in all walks of life. So when you are writing the fiberals add a PS and ask if they lied about all election promises (ie. film industry). Thanks I needed to vent

December 6th, 2004, 11:22 AM
I work in millbrook,ont and have seen a couple of movie productions done here, and I can say that people in the Ontario movie industry are top-noch. They do not come into town and take over, They work with the comunity, are extremly polite, courtious and profesional to all the town folk, even the local pit bull gets a pat on the head from them. This is a very talented group of individuals and they deserve our support, The fiberals deserve a one way ticket to unemploymet, and we must see that they get it.

December 6th, 2004, 12:21 PM
No big surprise...all talk no action.