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Alonza's Christmasy Pictures

December 3rd, 2004, 08:05 PM

December 3rd, 2004, 08:56 PM
Your pooches don't look impressed with the giant stocking... :D Very cute!
It is a stocking, right? :)

December 3rd, 2004, 09:05 PM
Whenever I have them pose for pictures,I tell them to stay,so then they get this sad look.

December 3rd, 2004, 10:33 PM
Here are some pictures of our "Christmas Angel"

December 3rd, 2004, 10:39 PM
Your Dogue and your daughter are adorable! :angel:

December 3rd, 2004, 11:09 PM
Most people who know the two of them know that they are joined at the hip! :D My daughter ( according to the dog anyway) belongs to the dog ;)

I would like to get more pictures of that silly dogue by the tree but she gets wagging her tail and the ornaments go flying off the tree in all directions thank goodness for unbreakable ornaments.

Just curious, do any of you other dog owners have a dog that likes candy canes??? Angel loves them, and even unwraps them to eat them,,,,, she keeps taking them off the tree. Not sure if they can hurt her but they sure have helped with that awful DOGGY BREATH! :thumbs up

December 6th, 2004, 08:36 AM
Alonza's color is beautiful!

December 6th, 2004, 11:22 AM
Aww... LMAO. Alonza inside the Christmas stocking, that's adorable :D

December 8th, 2004, 11:51 AM
Your kids are amazing colours. You've given me enough of a "Pit Fix" until I can get home to my own. Thanks for sharing. :queen:

Off Topic: I'm loving the term "meathead" and "wiggle-butts" when it comes to Pits, Douges, and Mastiff breeds. They really do have meaty heads, and I find it funny that so many people use that term "MEATHEAD". And I guess the term "Wiggle-Butt" can apply to any dog that get to excited to just wag the tail, that the whole lower half of the body wiggles........ TOO CUTE :crazy:

December 8th, 2004, 12:33 PM
This is for Whinnie-Boo.This is from an older thread:


What Animal Do I Speak Of?

By Patty Letawsky

Their love is like no other,
their heart as pure as gold.
Yet while going on a friendly walk,
they're faced with stares of cold.
They're so very close to human,
in how they act and what they do,
Unless you've known their devoted love,
it's impossible to explain to you.
They are greatly more misunderstood,
than any other breed.
We tend to punish this loyal dog,
Instead of mankind's deeds.
They are always and forever clowns,
with a wish for center stage.
Yet while displaying this sense of humor,
most people disengage.
They, oh, so want to make new friends,
and run and jump and play.
Yet when they happily approach,
most people shy away.
Often I've seen children poke,
or hop on for a ride.
And when I felt thay might get mad,
they've only beamed with pride.
I've seen there children yank and pull,
with nary a reaction.
Yet media's not interested,
unless they've put someone in traction.
When other dog's have made the news,
this breed's name they affix.
But when this brave dog saves the day,
they call him "boxer mix".
They love to snuggle up real close,
to give lots of loves and kisses,
Yet they suffer more than any,
from unfair prejudices.
Their tails wag hard and hips twist, too,
more so than other mutts.
So those of us who know the breed,
we call them "wiggle butts".
What animal do I speak of,
Whose love is so unique?
If you've truly known one,
you know of whom I speak.
There is no creature on this Earth
who will ever make you merrier.
The animal I do speak of,
it's the American Pit Bull Terrier.

December 8th, 2004, 12:43 PM
another one to add to my Pit-Bull board at home :thumbs up
Thanks so much.