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Desperate: need dogsit Dec19-31 greater Mtl

December 2nd, 2004, 11:20 PM
Hello, I'm looking for someone (or some-several) to look after my puppy (she's four), as we are spending the holidays in Alberta and can't take the dog with us for technical reasons. She's also already travelled a lot, and I know it to be a traumatic experience. I don't want to board her in a kennel if I can avoid it, because she's a very friendly and playful dog who needs company and cuddles, and no matter how large the kennel, how clean and how comfortable, I know she'd be miserable. We don't unfortunately know anyone who can take her. She's a small, non-shedding Bichon cross (1/4 Cocker) who is undeniably adorable even to people who usually prefer large dogs. She's friendly, fixed, and rarely barks. She loves everybody, and is good with other animals and children. I would be willing to reimburse the responsible persons for their assistance. Can e-mail me at ** if you're interested. Thanks. Cathy Roy, Montreal.

**removed email address for safety