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Do any of you work from home?

December 1st, 2004, 11:51 PM
I'm just wondering if anyone is a work-at-homer here... I've been thinking about it to offset the money I am spending on cats and rescuing etc. The moola I spend on the cats really does make a ding in our disposable income and seeing as I am a housewife I do have a few hours here and there that I could sit at the computer or whatever. Has anyone ever tried it? Known anyone who had an experience good or bad?

December 2nd, 2004, 06:24 AM
no i dont but would like some extra money i havent found anything yet which is ok not a con. The only other thing i have considered is sitting other children but not yet im too stressed with my own. But i too have seriously been thinking about a home based buisness or a way to make extra cash.

December 2nd, 2004, 06:39 AM
Dahmer,right now I am removing 2 layers of wall-paper(no more wall-paper in this house!!)
and later I'll be painting,but I do not get paid.. :D
Jackie,when we lived in Sweden,I used to look after 2 1-yr old girls,plus I had my own 1-yr old and two older sons and a dog...and I do not recommend it,unless you are desperate!!
There are however many people working from home on their PC,maybe an Employment-office would have something legit and suitable.

December 2nd, 2004, 06:50 AM
LOL! Um, yeah, I've been tossing the idea around for a while (like, I've been obsessed with it for 5 or so years now!).

A good place to start is Lots of links (mostly American) to good opportunities, plenty of very supportive people willing to give advice and help weed out the scams - and there are OODLES of scams out there (probably something like a 9:1 ratio of scam:legit job).

One thing to decide is do you want a work from home job or a work from home biz. Those are two very different things, and the former is way harder to find than the latter. I think it all depends on your skill set and what you're willing to accept - there are lots of telephone-type jobs that I can't take because of the kids. I've very recently decided to go for the latter while I still keep an eye open for the former.

I suggest you have a look around I do have a couple of Canadian job leads, and tips on finding these types of jobs (since I've been looking for so long myself), so feel free to pm me if you'd like more info. Good luck! :thumbs up

December 2nd, 2004, 07:18 AM
W4F is exactly right!
There is a huge difference between a work from home job and a work from home business.
If you're qualified for something in computers then I suggest you call around your town and see if they have any openings and if they're willing to network and have you work from home.
But as for the work at home biz, you normally have to pay to get started and they say it's legit because it would be YOUR business, but a lot of the time it's a scam! You shouldn't have to pay anything just to get info... you know how many times I have read "I made $10,000 my first month" pages and pages of this crap, all the while they never ever say what they did to get it? It's CRAP!