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  1. Mixed Meats
  2. Recipes ?? ---- HELP !!!!
  3. Meat Grinder Recommendations ??
  4. Cat BARF - Vitamin / Supplement Suggestions ??
  5. Raw - Someone please hold my hand!
  6. Random Raw Questions
  7. Low phosphorus diet for dog with renal failure
  8. Raw Pics and Questions(cal/phos stuff, satin balls)
  9. Wife Swap - The Raw Episode
  10. Teddy has diarrohea
  11. Jack Sprat And His Wife So Fat
  12. Organs?
  13. Freezing, thawing and refreezing: is it OK?
  14. Feline Future Instincts TC
  15. Satin ball ingredient
  16. meat type/water intake
  17. RAW FOOD Study - Please read & comment
  18. Buying supplements online
  19. my dog doesn’t seem to like the whole RAW thing!
  20. Allergies...going to the Allergist?
  21. Crap! Help!
  22. Raw feeding in Mexico?
  23. banning sale of raw in Illinois?
  24. New to raw and BARF
  25. Raw Chicken with bones?
  26. Eggs
  27. Pita!!!
  28. Major problems feeding Roxi RAW
  29. Switching cats to raw-suggestions
  30. Tommy loves raw!
  31. Update on raw feeding
  32. Whole trout?
  33. Here we go
  34. Spareribs?
  35. results?
  36. let's share...this morning what was your dogs breakfast?
  37. butcher
  38. butcher scraps
  39. New to BARF
  40. frozen
  41. Veggie Blend?
  42. Nutritional Value of Cooked Meat??
  43. Question about satin balls
  44. Whole on?
  45. Semi-Raw? (newbie)
  46. Myths Of Raw Feeding
  47. Calcium, how to tell what's enough.....
  48. New to this Forum and BARF
  49. detox process on raw diet - ever heard of this?
  50. Your Homemade Philosophy
  51. Your Homemade Philosophy
  52. Wholesale Meat Suppliers, Montreal
  53. Myka's transition to Raw
  54. Shopping for raw
  55. Calcium supplements?
  56. My cats now eat raw but...
  57. Best organ meats?
  58. mixing freeze dried food with raw food
  59. Raw Rabbit- Advice Needed!!!
  60. New to cats, NOT new to raw
  61. Raw and cancer, new kid
  62. Tips on slowing down eating?
  63. Raw turkey neck-cats
  64. Begining to consider RAW, unsure and lots of questions.
  65. Meat Grinder
  66. Raw (uncooked) eggs...ok?
  67. HD and Raw
  68. Nutritious meatballs - any suggestions?
  69. Raw feeding and illness
  70. Raw salmon OK?
  71. A few questions.
  72. Grain, Yes or No
  73. Cooking a turkey tomorrow
  74. Is this okay ?
  75. Starting RAW, running into obstacles.
  76. Pugsley puked up bone ?
  77. Chicken necks
  78. Husband dragging feet - agreed to 8 month trial :)
  79. Susie's journey to (partial)raw feeding.
  80. How To Make Home Made Dog Food
  81. What Makes Home Made Dog Foods Wholesome
  82. When There Is Healthy Home Made Dog Food Why Go For Costly/dangerous Commercial Food
  83. Why Home-made Dog Food Is Safe
  84. Introducing a friend/co-worker to RAW
  85. Wholesale Suppliers
  86. Getting Spayed - Any dieitary precausions I need to take?
  87. pretty bad diarrhea for my dogs
  88. Cheap Turkey Prices for Raw feeders in South U.S.
  89. Raw bones
  90. Someone critique this "menu" for me please !
  91. Raw Bones - What to Buy?
  92. Pre packaged raw foods
  93. Preparing Beef Meals for Cats
  94. Raw Not to Be Eaten with Dry with Grains?
  95. Dog Boarding/Kenneling
  96. When to start RAW bones
  97. BARF Diet Newbie: How much Meaty Bones do I feed?
  98. Raw question - how much?
  99. Maks is eating raw!
  100. Question about what the pre-packaged raw looks like
  101. Natural Flea and Tick Repellent
  102. Ok, we're sorta starting raw...
  103. Raw to kittens
  104. Question
  105. Constipation
  106. Charlie is constipated.
  107. Do we feed Carbo. to dogs?
  108. Won't eat organ meat? (and other questions)
  109. Anyone ever feed.....
  110. Puppy Weight
  111. Just starting raw
  112. Considering starting RAW, from pet store
  113. Nature's Variety Frozen Raw, how often do I need to add meaty bones to my dog's diet?
  114. Premade Raw Diets - Opinions...
  115. Raw Eggs
  116. Skin problems from store food?
  117. Raw and Cats - Details!
  118. Supplements For Cats
  119. Am I feeding enough home cooked dinner?
  120. I'm cooking the boys some stew
  121. Yucky Gas
  122. Chicken backs and kittens
  123. Trying to figure out the amount to feed?
  124. I'm enjoying cooking for the dogs
  125. B.A.R.F. Menus?
  126. Have anyone tried Healthy Paws Frozen pet food
  127. RAW frozen ... Natures Variety, Healthy Paws, Ultimate Diet
  128. opinions on food please!!!!
  129. Puppy's reaction to raw food- I need help
  130. Raw feeding for weight loss
  131. Raw Meaty Bones Nutritional Analysis
  132. Butcher in/near Atlanta, GA?
  133. Trying Raw!
  134. Raw Suppliers in Montreal Area
  135. pets4life prepared raw
  136. The boys enjoying their RMB's
  137. Barf for my kittens???
  138. New to Raw Food
  139. Has anyone read anything by Tom Lonsdale?
  140. puppy won't eat
  141. Raw Dehydrated
  142. New to this..
  143. Started RAW - Don't wont eat (anything)
  144. How to Find Raw Supplier?
  145. Health Conditions and Raw
  146. Cats, Raw and Questions
  147. So can cats eat the whole thing?
  148. Well I tried it!
  149. Generalized Raw Questions
  150. buying chicken (bulk) in San Fernando Valley
  151. my cat has diabetes, is there a cure for that.
  152. Transitioning to raw...
  153. Bambi legs!
  154. Where do u get the raw food?
  155. Quantity for different cats???
  156. Ground?
  157. What kind of bones for cats?
  158. How to figure quantities of raw to feed?
  159. Lack of Scientific Backing for Raw Diets
  160. anyone in edmonton, alberta feed raw?
  161. Trying to work up to full-time raw, some questions
  162. Making Patties
  163. Introducing my cat to raw meat
  164. Raw turkey - all the bones are ok?
  165. Dilema - Plastic in Ground Meat
  166. Poop color change...
  167. Did you see the BARF Episode Of Dirty Jobs?
  168. Please critique my diet so far!
  169. lamb bones?
  170. Adding new proteins?
  171. More bone questions
  172. Cat throwing up
  173. Leaving raw food out
  174. Liver/organs?
  175. Just introduced my cat to raw tonight
  176. Butcher going out of business
  177. Heating prepackaged raw/thoughts on brands
  178. Figured out how to get Gracie to eat liver!!!
  179. S/O of butcher thread
  180. Fusspot dog refuses almost EVERYTHING!!
  181. What is considered a regular bowel movement for a raw fed cat?
  182. Raw Puppy
  183. Question!
  184. Cooked diet for Mini Schnauzer prone to bladder stones?
  185. Raw Fed 11 yo female cat with elevated creatinine levels - what to do?
  186. CHEAP carcasses in MTL area
  187. Using a Manual Grinder?
  188. Nature's Variety Raw..
  189. English Bulldog with allergies
  190. I finally did it! Raw bones
  191. Starting RAW for 8 wk old pup
  192. Need new type of raw
  193. Raw/barf/prey model/dog nutrition journals, articles, academic and reputable
  194. What Should I Look for in Prepared Raw Foods???
  195. Started on BARF... Now worried.
  196. Raw meaty bones
  197. Raw Dog Food/BARF Typical Weekly Menu
  198. Prepared Raw Food - Beware, not always best
  199. Help, Wanna start with my 7wk old and 12 wk old. & Cats
  200. Small, Dry, Crumbly Poops - is this normal?
  201. First raw food order
  202. That wasnt so bad
  203. HELP! Inadvertent introduction to raw feeding
  204. Eye boogers and Raw
  205. Thinking on switching
  206. Pencil thin stools
  207. Teeth Cleaning and Newbie Question
  208. New to Raw Food, Any Advice?
  209. Changing it up?
  210. Now what?
  211. I love poo.
  212. Throwing up...?
  213. Stella & Chewy's raw dog foods
  214. Wont eat
  215. I'm thinking of switching...
  216. Evaluate my diet Please
  217. Supermarket meat vs. organic/hormone free
  218. Raw diet for a kitten
  219. Who is feeding tripe?
  220. Finally Tried Raw...
  221. New Member Here!
  222. Natural cleaners?
  223. Raw feeding - cost?
  224. Chicken Ribs
  225. chicken wings vs. chicken necks
  226. My puupy ate his first chicken drumstick
  227. RAW newbie with 2 happy dogs!
  228. Raw Fishy, yummy
  229. Raw food diet (bacteria transfer)?
  230. raw food diet for chi's
  231. Fresh Green Tripe in Montreal?
  232. Great Raw Food Supplier in Montreal Area!
  233. Thawing
  234. dry kibble and raw?
  235. Raw food for Oxalate Stone forming dog
  236. Recepies for a Newbie
  237. Bear
  238. My raw food-eating cat is psychotically hungry!
  239. Supplements for cat raw food
  240. Is it okay to give a whole raw turkey neck to a cat?
  241. Lots of animals, how do you do it?
  242. RMBs for tiny kitten?
  243. Switching to raw - Then trying other raw meats
  244. Salmon Oil concerns
  245. Organ Meat Substitute
  246. Newbie to and seriously considering RAW
  247. "Fantasy" trip to the Butcher...Your 'Top 10' items
  248. What type of fish is safe?
  249. How many meals a day of raw do you give?
  250. Jasper and Timber's first fish experience