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  1. Halo is fat!
  2. Cody's had a dramatic energy level change
  3. opinion of this food?
  4. Do dogs prefer canned,dry or people food?
  5. Halo Spot's Stew
  6. Wellness dog food
  7. What do you feed
  8. Omega 3 and 6, glucosamine, air and heat
  9. Help please - is this food a good choice
  10. TV show on tonight - Pet Food - A dogs Breakfast
  11. Hills Perscription Diet T/D question
  12. The MASSIVE dry dog food debate at my house...
  13. Change of food
  14. After dog bloat/torsion surgery- Diet Changes? All wet, no dry food
  15. Mixing Dog Food Brands
  16. Cosequin tablet is long or round ?
  17. Actrium Hollistic Cat Food and Puppy Food.
  18. Acana Dog Food
  19. moved my post :)
  20. Who puts additives in their dogs' food?
  21. Robert Abady Dog Food
  22. is this a nutritional puppy recipe - please help
  23. animal essentials calcium?
  24. Raw vs kibble
  25. Finally the Raw diet gets some publicity
  26. How much of this do feed?
  27. urgent - Raw diet supplements - advice
  28. Food allergies/Acana lamb apple/Evo red meat
  29. Allergy Update
  30. Adult dog food for Pomeranian
  31. Best Puppy Food
  32. Merrick Before Grains 100% Tripe
  33. Switched Foods
  34. Food for my new gsd pup 9 weeks old - Suggestions please
  35. Interesting article in the Metro news today
  36. Has anyone heard of this food or have comments?
  37. Horizon Dog Food???
  38. New users seeking opinions on feeding!
  39. My new puppy going out????
  40. Dogs tired of food?
  41. Nutiva vs Bali Sun Coconut oil
  42. Ingredient labels
  43. Nutro recall!!
  44. Too much fish?
  45. wysong nurture Garlic?
  46. Where to buy healthwise in Toronto?
  47. New Orijen red meat formula.
  48. searching for dogs food
  49. Food and Houstraining questions merged...
  50. Everytime vomit when eat raw bone
  51. Recommended Low Fat Foods
  52. Should I consider a change of food?
  53. Anyone heard of BG pet food???
  54. Nature's Variety Freeze-dried raw recalled
  55. New dry food
  56. Milestone reached but recently off food
  57. high fat food for skinny dogs
  58. 2-part food question...
  59. Woohoo! Switchin' to Raw
  60. Stinky breath? Farts? Vitamin E?
  61. URGENT - 1 day for a 10 Year old Cat
  62. Joint Supplementation Recommendation
  63. looking for new dog food...
  64. Which of these dog foods is best??
  65. Need to change food for pup
  66. What would be a good exchange for Hills C/D
  67. Orijen's new Red Meat food.
  68. Merrick Pet Food
  69. Dog food solutions
  70. Food Our Pets Are Dying For
  71. Hills J/D Question
  72. Debating on changing food
  73. My boss's arguments against some of your favorite advice
  74. Puppies and High Protein...
  75. WOW An experience at a pet food store!
  76. Summit Canadian Chicken for Puppy?
  77. Vegetarian dog foods
  78. Changing Dog Food
  79. Glucosamine supplement for dogs
  80. Toothless foster dog needs to eat-but what?
  81. Yogurt & Pumpkin
  82. Yet another question regarding garlic...
  83. Elk tendon
  84. Wellness core ocean
  85. Bullwinkles, good or bad?
  86. Need grain free food products for pets list
  87. Merrick's BG (Before Grain) vs. Orijen
  88. Help, info about pumpkin and stools
  89. My vet thought Science Diet over Orijen
  90. Jello and dogs
  91. Dark stools from liver content in food ?
  92. Help Make it Easier
  93. What's the best dog food?
  94. Puppy with crystals in urine - vet recommending Hills C/D
  95. new food and ♥'ing it!!
  96. ~Newbie and interested in switching to BARF~
  97. The boys got raw beef for dinner tonight
  98. Best dog food for Early Kidney Disease?
  99. New puppy, feeding raw, any suggestions?
  100. Split pea spread/hummis?
  101. Are these treats good to feed?
  102. Carbohydrate substitutes - any suggestions?
  103. Diarrhea in 5 month old puppy
  104. Decent food, reasonable price.
  105. Orijen Dog Food Poohs
  106. New FDA pet food recall list as of October 20, 2009
  107. Canidae All life stages good or bad?
  108. President's Choice Nutrition First - new formula
  109. Fillers, By-products, and Preservatives
  110. Putting weight on a puppy?
  111. Any vegetarian doggies?
  112. Happy Tails dog food- opinions
  113. Alerts & Recalls
  114. Taste of the Wild
  115. Eagle Pack - now Holistic Select
  116. Best food for border collies
  117. Opinions needed - my dog & cat diet
  118. Thoughts on Wellness Dog Food
  119. Lean Cuts by Tri-V
  120. Canada - Changes To Import Regulations
  121. Feeding my dog
  122. Pig Ears & Beef Hooves Recall
  123. Happy Hounds Dog Food
  124. How much is your dog food?
  125. now! Adult Dog Formula
  126. "Nutrigenomics" the key to good nutrition
  127. Oh dear...
  128. Dog diet: Dry vs Dry & Wet Mix
  129. PC Brand Nutrition First - Reinvented
  130. Commercial dog food low in protein
  131. So What Dogs Foods Have You Tried?
  132. Feeding dogs one meal or two per day?
  133. Cat dandruff ?
  134. Costco Has a New Grain Free Kibble
  135. New FDA Warning about Merrick Dog Treats
  136. Opinions wanted, can't decide
  137. Dog suddenly doesn't like her food
  138. Candiae All Life Stages
  139. Canned Pet Foods and BPA Lined Cans
  140. Costco's grain-free?
  141. Food Transitioning Question?
  142. need some advice
  143. Dog feeding question
  144. Nature's Variety Pet Food Recall...
  145. Need some help
  146. Food suggestions for a picky Chi Puppy
  147. Is it ok to keep switching?
  148. Is bigger better?
  149. Kong Stuffers for food sensitivities
  150. Anyone tried the Red Meat Orijen?
  151. Dog wants the Cat food
  152. Diet for dog prone to or with a history of urinary crystals or stones?
  153. Orijen meat meals -- anyone have information?
  154. Rotating between Orijen Adult and Regional Red
  155. canine plus lifetime...puppy food
  156. Pet Food recall - 18 March 2010
  157. Kibble feeders - do you use toppings?
  158. Acana Puppy Small Breed
  159. When to reduce puppy to 2 feeds a day
  160. Kamut Puffs
  161. Ever popular grain free question?
  162. Eating habit problem
  163. Taste of the Wild Dog Food
  164. Now
  165. Struvite Crystals and Medi Cal food
  166. only found a handful
  167. For those who feed Kirkland food
  168. struvite crystals- is there a nonprescription food?
  169. Solve the dog food debate with me and my friend
  170. Found this - how to rate your dry dog food
  171. Is grain good?
  172. Hills Prescription S/D
  173. Food choice based upon breed or quality?
  174. Raw dog food VS. Kibble
  175. Purina Pro Plan
  176. natura bought out
  177. Best food for lab and border collie
  178. Any food known to help with...
  179. Food for 8 week puppy
  180. Royal Canin
  181. What "human" foods can dogs eat?
  182. Joint Support Diet
  183. Best food for over weight lab
  184. Purina Dog Chow
  185. Purina One Dog Food
  186. Denta Stixs & Tartar control...
  187. Stool issues - time to switch food?
  188. Transitioning from Kibble w/ Water to Dry Kibble
  189. Annie
  190. Just Saw This, Worth Sharing
  191. Before Grain Dog Food
  192. Anyone tried Nature's Variety Instinict Grain free dry?
  193. Natural Balance Dog Food Recall
  194. 4 Health dog food
  195. New California Natural Grain Free Foods
  196. Coupons?
  197. Which food would be best?
  198. Have you seen this?
  199. Orijen food & small breed dogs?
  200. Wellness?
  201. Mixing Brands?
  202. Legacy Valuing Tradition
  203. Should I do the switch??
  204. Homemade diabetic diet
  205. Redmoon Custom Dog Food
  206. need help picking dog food
  207. How much does it cost you to feed your dog for a month?
  208. my chihauhau puppy wont eat
  209. California Natural Dog Food
  210. A little help please?
  211. Greenies
  212. Trying a new food for Goob...
  213. High Fibre Food/Anal glands
  214. Orijen and stinky poop!
  215. Actr1um Holistic Dog Food....
  216. anyone tried Halo foods?
  217. Newbie here and a little confused
  218. Acana Grasslands ingredient list change?!
  219. Purina ProPlan Selects Salmon MAJOR FORMULA CHANGE
  220. Anything wrong with any of these two?
  221. Free Pet Food
  222. MSG - is there any food that doesn't have this in it?
  223. Would like to put my foot in my mouth right now
  224. Orijen and Acana new formulas releasing soon
  225. Too much Potato
  226. Weight Gain
  227. Food for kidney troubles?
  228. Actr1um Holistic vs. Kirklands brand??
  229. Has anyone tried CANISOURCE dehydrated raw food?
  230. Taste of the Wild question
  231. abt dog food for old english sheepdog
  232. Great sites about dog food
  233. Comments please, re: feeding
  234. food for small dogs
  235. type of food
  236. Change to Orijen Formulas
  237. Dry Food Comparison
  238. Pet shop pet food cost
  239. Orijen 80.20? Raw? Confused...
  240. Kibble
  241. Microwave versus cold - RAW diet
  242. Can Anyone Suggest a High Quality LOW FAT senior dog food?
  243. Sardine vs. salmon oil
  244. Which Oil to give??
  245. Peanut Butter is a NO NO for dogs
  246. Pedigree Denta Stix
  247. Scaly skin and canned food questions
  248. Costco Kirkland
  249. Picky eater HELP!
  250. Yams- quick question!