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  6. which type
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  16. Solid Gold
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  21. Possible cyanuric acid in Iams dry food.
  22. Pet food slander policy clarified
  23. Food For Thought
  24. Back For Solid Gold Advice!
  25. Orijen dog food, any concerns with using for old dogs?
  26. Recommendation OF Kibble, Anyone?
  27. can someone please recommend food??
  28. Day 1 of dog food switch
  29. Go! Natural by PetCurean
  30. Great information on top foods and what is in them.
  31. Deciding on Food for my Shih Tzu Pup
  32. a question about Orijen
  33. The Latest "EXTRA" INGREDIENT....TYLENOL !!!!! OMG
  34. Can you recommend a good food for kidney problems?
  35. Using Blue Buffalo Pet Food
  36. Death Sentence For China's Drug Regulator
  37. It's happening AGAIN!!!
  38. Ol' Roy recall-salmonella contamination
  39. Orijen 6 Fishy Food
  40. Mars buys Nutro...
  41. Does your dog eat your cat's food?
  42. Does anyone feed flax oil?
  43. Hills Science Diet Light Adult Canned Dog Formula....caution!!
  44. Safer Pet Food
  45. Can we feed puppy with white bread?
  46. Yogurt?
  47. Supplements to heal pelvic fractures
  48. chicken or lamb?
  49. Has anyone heard of Sigma 7 dog food?
  50. Pup has decided to be finicky...
  51. Recommendation for grieving dog
  52. Organic Dog Treats
  53. Traces of euthanasia agents still found in pet foods.
  54. Wellness Fish and Sweet Potatoe
  55. Help!!?vet food?
  56. Occasionally feeding dog canned cat food??
  57. Pet food stores in Montreal
  58. Grain Free,ok for puppy????
  59. yam and pork
  60. Question on Eagle Pack Holistic Select Chicken and Rice Formula
  61. Paging Prin
  62. Bentley insists on eating only Baxter's food
  63. Food switch to Increase Overall Energy Levels
  64. Yet another new food for Bobby...
  65. "GO" - Wild salmon with oatmeal
  66. Origen - We have a winner!
  67. Ongoing Coraphagia problem
  68. American Bullie Dog Chew Products
  69. Centrum - Mult Vit/Minerals
  70. What do you think of this food, and what do you recommend?
  71. Best way to feed/transition puppy?
  72. I was RAVAGED
  73. Dry or moist food??
  74. Probiotics Rule!!!
  75. Great Pet Food Article
  76. What's wrong with this picture
  77. Great Dog Food Website - Rate your Dog Food
  78. natural balance recall
  79. My dog keeps farting!
  80. question about innova and felidae
  81. Timerwolf Organics Ocean Blue and frequent poops?
  82. Purina JM (Joint Mobility) diet
  83. Biofeedback and Coconut Oil recommendation
  84. New Puppy Food Recomendations
  85. Controversial Video- Not sure what to make of it?
  86. Bobby has lost weight!
  87. Has anyone tried Core Wellness
  88. Confused about premium dog food...
  89. Overweight GSD
  90. Very finicky chi pup
  91. Foods for treating struvite urine crystals
  92. "Corn" belly?
  93. Walmart Removes Bestro Chicken Jerky Strips
  94. Samples for a picky puppy?
  95. Choosing a Canidae formula
  96. Lower Quality Dog Food Ingredients and Analysis
  97. hmmm
  98. Royal Canin Urinary SO help needed
  99. dog food and cat food
  100. Switching from grain to grain-free kibble
  101. Yogurt
  102. Need a new Puppy food
  103. Natural Chew Foods/toys
  104. Canidae users please
  105. What do you think is best to feed your dog?
  106. Frozen Banana
  107. Where to find in Québec city area...
  108. Need to switch
  109. Is switching to a higher quality food always the right thing to do?
  110. Are eggs dangerous?
  111. puppy to adult?
  112. eukanuba lo residue food by prescription only
  113. Success!
  114. PetSmart/Petco
  115. suggestions for food allergies
  116. Grocery brand canned food better than none?
  117. TLC dog food
  118. Summit Dog Food
  119. Orijin, Orijin, Orijin!
  120. dog whimpering
  121. Running out of food options over here....
  122. Has anyone fed Nature's Variety?
  123. Venison treats
  124. Jerky Treats - New Threat
  125. video about dog food
  126. Food recommendations needed for a very small puppy
  127. What is menhaden fish oil?
  128. Fishy Orijen
  129. Bravo Recall
  130. Best dry dog food for a Beagle
  131. Any dog's been sick from eating cadidae?
  132. New grain free pet food
  133. Dog eats grapes?
  134. Why not use pork in pet food?
  135. Origen Fishy Food Check In
  136. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
  137. Orijen senior
  138. Garlic...toxic??????
  139. Sprocket leaving dog food in the mornings
  140. actrium holistic adult dog food
  141. NOW! Grain Free
  142. Orijen fishy food = fishy smelling dog?
  143. Am I feeding her enough?
  144. 4 to 5 CUPS?????!!!!!
  145. SolidGold - WolfCub
  146. By-Products now in Canidae????!!!
  147. NEw dog owner....!
  148. Blue Dog Food
  149. Food/Treat recommendations for low protein diets
  150. Great reality check website
  151. Any problems with Timberwolf Ocean Blue???
  152. orijen or go natural?
  153. Canidae Platinum
  154. Need help concerning a dog and cat being fed the same food
  155. How much to feed?
  156. Puppy Food
  157. Orijen Feeding Instruction plz
  158. Baking can food & looking for kibble recommendations....
  159. Orijen dog food
  160. Mix, Switch Back And Forth?
  161. What on earth to feed?
  162. How long is can food good?
  163. Thoughts on "Tast of The Wild" food?
  164. Dog with colitis
  165. need a good food for allergy?
  166. Good info from Orijen
  167. Orijen - lecithin from what source?
  168. How much does a 13 oz can of dog food = in dry food?
  169. HELP---Holy stink
  170. Global Pet Food Store in Ile Perrot (for Sarah)
  171. Help! Puppy food recommendations
  172. New Puppy! Dieherra (sp?) for 5 days now
  173. TO Ocean Blue - NEW INGREDIENTS
  174. Holy dog food!
  175. Ingredient Info Wanted
  176. Diets for IBD
  177. Rate Your Dog's Food
  178. Jesse needs a new food
  179. Kind of confused with dog foods
  180. Orijen pricing
  181. Puppy Chow?
  182. Taste of the Wild
  183. Has Anyone...
  184. fussy eating?
  185. Fruit for cats and dogs
  186. Switching Kibbles
  187. Help! So many foods to choose from!
  188. Help in picking a food for allergic dog
  189. Ingredients
  190. Beet pulp?
  191. Still confused about amount to feed puppy
  192. High Protein Dog Foods
  193. Picking at dog food
  194. Iams Smart Puppy
  195. feeding my dog
  196. Beef ... please clarify!
  197. Food suggestions
  198. Multi Menu dog food?
  199. Natural Balance Organics
  200. Cocker Spaniel NEEDS FOOD
  201. Here's a food Challenge for you!
  202. Trader Joe's Dog Food
  203. Confused!! Dry food only VS wet food!!!
  204. Innova Evo - health issues related to this food?
  205. switched to high protein food, now hair loss!
  206. Senior Diet for Dogs
  207. Wanting to make a switch - need dairy & egg free food suggestions
  208. Have you heard of Life's Abundance dog food??
  209. Show on Pet Food
  210. Need help with all these food posts
  211. Documentary on CBC re: pet food recall
  212. Go!Natural or Wellness
  213. Neuter or Not
  214. Urban Wolf
  215. CANIDAE - where is it made?
  216. How to choose Puppy food or Adult Food?
  217. Taurine in dog food
  218. Green Tripe info thread
  219. Low Fat/High Protein Kibble?
  220. Help which food is better?
  221. Protein % difference in dry and tinned foods
  222. Dog dessert
  223. Orijen Dog and Cat food
  224. Rawhide
  225. What benefits to wet food for dogs ? Also - DELI FRESH question.
  226. Great Life "Rubicon" Dog Food
  227. Rottweiler food issues
  228. Finding Weird Stuff On Evo
  229. Solid Gold formula changes - no more salmon!
  230. How much of a good thing is too much...?
  231. Is Guar gum safe for Dogs
  232. Excessive Shedding and Dander - Instinct Raw Kibble
  233. Allergy friendly food
  234. Which food would you buy - and why ?
  235. National Geographic Animal Issue(March 08)
  236. Oven-Baked Tradition
  237. Rethinking the diet after losing two dogs.
  238. Beneful
  239. Better Dry Food for a German Shorthaired Pointer?
  240. Another "what to feed" question!
  241. Arthritis Diet/ Supplements
  242. Evo Cat and Dog Food, Some Allergy Thoughts
  243. What do you feed your Boston Terrier?
  244. Reduced Fat (Reduced Protein) Dry Dog Food
  245. Chicken Soup vs Canidae
  246. Dog food analysis and reviews
  247. Roll Over Pork Tenders Recalled
  248. I Was On The Radio!
  249. He won't eat.
  250. Orijen or not?