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Breed characteristics and traits

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  31. Toy breeds
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  36. Papillon America Eskimo Mix
  37. Birman Kitten
  38. how big will my puppy get
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  40. I am so heart broken
  41. Hypo Allegetic Breed
  42. Springer Spaniels
  43. surgically reshaping sheltie's ears??
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  45. I canít find a decent Maltese breeder in or near Toronto!!!
  46. daschunds anyone?
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  48. Mini and Toy Aussie Shepherds
  49. manx egyptian mau & ocicats
  50. Can you help me determine my dogs breed?
  51. Siamese Persian
  52. Is Dani a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling retriever mix
  53. Now that is weird. (Cat breeds listed on site.)
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  60. help
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  64. yorkshire terrier
  65. Breeding a Shih Tsu
  66. Goldendoodle
  67. keeping Staffordshire Bull Terrier&Border Collie together
  68. Oodles!!!
  69. Just want to know
  70. How do I get ahold of you!
  71. For those really interested in learning....
  72. Purebred Shiba Inus
  73. Some updated pics of Lola, my baby Saint girl..
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  75. British Bulldog v English Bulldog
  76. Any one with a Deaf Dog?
  77. What breed is this?
  78. How to teach to hold it overnite?
  79. your input appreciated
  80. What breed of dog is this?
  81. Looking for good Chihuahua/Yorkshire Terrier breeder
  82. Little Brag
  83. Anyone have a guess on our new puppies breed?
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  89. Off the Chain
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  95. what is maggie?
  96. What am I ???
  97. My Husky is shedding terribly
  98. Setters?
  99. Submissive urinating?????
  100. ****-Sue's
  101. hoe early is to early
  102. Your favorite breed?
  103. Greyhounds
  104. Shiba Inu puppy behaviour
  105. herblady - trouble mating yorkies
  106. What breed is our puppy?
  107. What breed does this puppy look like?
  108. What breed ?
  109. Doberman opinions
  110. Finally settled on a breed!
  111. Chihuahuas ears
  112. Space Cadets!!!!
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  114. peruvian hairless dog
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  116. what breed are my dogs?
  117. Food reccomendations for my mini eskimo
  118. Russian Bolonkas
  119. Anyone with boxer pitt mixes?
  120. Health Testing and Cockers
  121. boxer/pointer mix and separation anxiety
  122. nic
  123. All the Husky Owners
  124. German Shepherds
  125. What breeds are in this dog?
  126. I have a dog for y'all to figure out!!
  127. Here's the pictures - I hope
  128. confused pregnancy
  129. Designer Breeds
  130. Info For Reputable Bulldog Breeder
  131. i was looking for a chi pup a breeder e-mailed me with a NEW breed of chihuahua.
  132. olde english sheepdog owners??
  133. All of a sudden sniffer
  134. The Importance of OFA's and Cerf's.
  135. Awesome maltese breeders?
  136. anyone heard of this breed: Moscow Watchdogs
  137. Shiba inu
  138. French Bulldogs, opinions needed please
  139. Breeding a Mini Schnauzer
  140. How involved should we get?
  141. Which breed of dog should we get for our situation?
  142. lanky stage for pitbull puppies?
  143. what do you think of this?
  144. black mouth
  145. Name this mix!
  146. Weim health issue
  147. any other gsd lovers here?
  148. Can you trace a tatoo back to the breeder?
  149. New to this board!!!
  150. Golden Retriever Behaviour
  151. Showing
  152. 2nd Annual Save-A-Bull Bowl-a-thon (?)
  153. Blue cocker spaniels
  154. just for fun the guessing game!
  155. Segucio
  156. Red Tick Elizabethan Beagle
  157. Getting my dog within this week
  158. Bad Breeder, Poor Socialization
  159. Questions to ask breeder before buying a puppy?
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  162. What is Freedom?
  163. Just wanted to share my two babies - Does anyone have a yorkie or a jack?
  164. Dogo Argentino
  165. Breeding a Bitch that had a Broken Hip
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  170. Nova's status
  171. need help with hopefully pregnant dog
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  179. Howling Dobie
  180. Shih Tzu outside all day?
  181. Maremma Sheepdog
  182. What type of dog is this?
  183. Chihuahua breeding
  184. corded Havanese
  185. GWP's
  186. Pit Bull service dog kicked out of Walmart!
  187. Puppy names
  188. Boston Terrier?
  189. Terrible loss to the purbred dog world
  190. Dysplasia in dobermans?
  191. Looks like I'll be getting a puppy
  192. New Here
  193. Opinions needs - choosing the right breed
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  195. Min Pin Breeder
  196. what do you all think about dane mastiff mixs
  197. What's my daddy?
  198. Breeding Dogs
  199. Shelties not playing together anymore
  200. Irish Wolfhound? would love any info...
  201. White Mini Schnauzer Breeders in Canada?
  202. Does he have Maine Coon in him?
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  207. Soft coated wheaton Terrier
  208. 4pts for charlie
  209. Are There Any Reputable Breeders Here?
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  211. Good breeders DO NOT make piles of money
  212. Can someone clarify breed pricing for me please, I dont get it
  213. Saint Bernards?
  214. staf terrier registration
  215. Purebred miniature poodle
  216. pedigree
  217. Giant Schnauzer - Apartment?
  218. Article on Designer Breeds
  219. Does anyone here have papillons?
  220. miki
  221. Is this normal?
  222. Help identifying my dog breed
  223. EKC.... who wants to join
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  228. Finally!
  229. shiba inu
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  238. Help!
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  243. California Bill AB1634 passed
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  250. Black Lab Breeders in Southern Ontario