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  1. Time to wake-up
  2. Can someone look this over for me?
  3. reward treats
  4. rabbit training
  5. What have you been bit by?
  6. Belle is home!!!! (Warning--LP surgery pics)
  7. Natural remedy for cat's hair balls ?
  8. Witnessed dog abuse today, how do I deal?
  9. Free range/ organic meat?
  10. Is there any negatives to waiting on neutering ?
  11. Puddles' quick was cut
  12. So mad I could scream
  13. Cast your vote in Munchie's honour
  14. what to do
  15. Don't know how much more I can take
  16. Sheeba the toofless puppy
  17. Unbelievable!!
  18. Is he marking? PLZ help!
  19. Dominant Golden Retreiver....HELP!
  20. Golden retriever
  21. Marine tosses puppy over cliff in Iraq
  22. Some more things I love about my pets
  23. Animal Souls
  24. Send your thoughts to the Whitehouse
  25. I'm moving! But what about Z and O???
  26. Need on plane
  27. A question to all those with allergies and asthma
  28. I've got another famouc kitty!
  29. Kitten Season
  30. To those who rescue...Thank you
  31. Laser de-barking
  32. You're going to get tired of my bragging but...
  33. I feel like I might burst!
  34. It's time to get up and pet me!
  35. Shih Tzu Love
  36. Livid!!!
  37. I am slowly going crazy.......
  38. Protest Tomorrow Seal Hunt Canada
  39. This horrible winter is now taking it's toll on the pond fish
  40. Dear Mr. and Mrs. Average Pet Owner
  41. The 1930's Wasnt Very Good To Dogs
  42. SUV's and the Ocean
  43. I'm back with a higher stress level !!
  44. Is it the time of year or what?
  45. That's it! The counter situation is getting out of hand.
  46. BAH! What a week!
  47. RANT: Designer Breeders.
  48. Covers one, but not the other - what gives?
  49. The Science of Dogs, on National Geographi
  50. Update on stress level.
  51. Disturbing Dreams about Cats
  52. Need advice on yard "potty" place
  53. leash vs harness
  54. Tick hiding in eye surrounding
  55. Love my furbabies..hate the fur!!!
  56. Happy Anniversery Ms DU
  57. Once is a "mistake"...twice is just plain DUMB!!!
  58. Quaffed
  59. Frustrations through Freecycle
  60. Oprah (puppy mills)
  61. Tlak about emotional blackmail!!!!
  62. Petfinder - Animal Planet
  63. Uragggggg Freecycle
  64. just a normal day
  65. Barnotti on "Sick Leave"
  66. I don't need your guilt trip Pet insurance person!
  67. grrrrr...
  68. Rest in Peace my Squiggs.....
  69. 2008 may see shelters having a harder time
  70. Calling on ALL Canadians To Make A Difference!
  71. the booby-traps.
  72. Is it normal..
  73. If Human Suddenly Disappeared
  74. The boys pics have been entered for the Keeshond National Catalogue photo contest
  75. Shelter dogs come with baggage
  76. Idiot of the day
  77. Horrifying online ad.....
  78. Why ME ???
  79. Dogs and Condos - tenants' rights - cats dogs and pets
  80. Are we allowed 2 or 3 dogs in Pierrefonds now?
  81. Puppy Mill Story Again
  82. kittens and male cats
  83. SPCA Montreal - 6 new board members elected yesterday
  84. Message from a Mp re: Seal Hunt
  85. Off leash in non-off-leash areas
  86. For all of us who have lost precious ones..
  87. Caesar Milan and Daddy
  88. spay and ( my baby)
  89. How do you know you've rescued?
  90. A little misunderstanding..
  91. very quick question...please
  92. Bunduk almost electrocuted himself....twice!!!
  93. Help, I really need it...
  94. Why Own A Dog?
  95. Friends
  96. Could You Get Another Dog? After this?
  97. An Engineer's Guide to Cats (LOL)
  98. Need to Find a New Name
  99. Need to rant too
  100. I can breathe again! I love you Nasonex!
  101. Cleaning up after wildlife....
  102. Great site! Charlie, Affectionette Coyote
  103. Kitty Desk Accessory
  104. Why Pitbull's have a bad reputation
  105. Poem to Mom
  106. My Landlord purposely tried to kill my dog
  107. Starving dog petition
  108. Sasha and wooden spoon
  109. Cuz owners : I now feel your pain.
  110. bad news/good news
  111. Sunday morning giggle
  112. Oh the drama.....
  113. Update from the Puppy Mill Show on Oprah Today
  114. Major Battle!
  115. Owwie :(
  116. Happy Gotch Day Ginger!!!
  117. Heart Attack ( almost)
  118. Montreal Dog-Friendly Appartments?
  119. Kitten and dog why cant they get along?
  120. Clarke is finally here
  121. My new guard dog
  122. Rest in peace Eight Belles
  123. It's Bentley's 1st Birthday today
  124. Small dogs, bad attack (rant)
  125. Look who got pet of the month!
  126. Disturbing Find @ Work.
  127. Puppy sleep?
  128. Getting some kitten frustrations out
  129. Vlad is driving me crazy!
  130. One time, my cat...
  131. Three musketeers... feline version
  132. Why do people bring rescue dogs to the park that are vicious?
  133. Found a cat - what to do about it?
  134. Dog attacked
  135. Dog Owner Snobbery
  136. ack! toxic kitties!
  137. Strange, very stange :S.
  138. Y&R fan from Waterloo!
  139. I am so Wissed Off
  140. Really strange ad
  141. I'm so angry at Vlad!
  142. Shaker neuter and heartworm??
  143. There's a new stray in town, sort of
  144. Vet visit
  145. On the show Province Wide tonight
  146. Fenced dog park in Durham ?
  147. The stray kitty showed up!
  148. Happy Gotcha Day Molly!
  149. Eagle Nest
  150. Arrrg!!
  151. A wonderful tribute to those that rescue!
  152. Mister Update
  153. Alice Update
  154. We Need Updates!! New addition Updates!
  155. The quote of the century
  156. What's this thing good for?
  157. Is that really necessary?
  158. Sad story with happy outcome
  159. Roundworms
  160. Weird!
  161. Oh Poo... Stray Dog
  162. Nail "cutter"
  163. thanks a heap rescue
  164. A message to the two with new kitties!
  165. The situation with Czarina
  166. Basil's an idiot
  167. Roaches!
  168. Fastest foster failure ever ??
  169. Broke my heart...extremely obese cat
  170. Happy Birthday HRH Missie the Poo
  171. Poor dog
  172. Early Spay or Neuter
  173. Did you say INFECTION? Molly update
  174. My new doll
  175. Horses for meat-CBC documentary
  176. New addition to the zoo.
  177. Spay/neuter video
  178. Opinions on cleaning Czarina's ears
  179. OMG what an a-hole!!!!!
  180. Please vote for Maks!
  181. Talk about epic....
  182. So sick of stupid owners
  183. What is wrong with some people?
  184. Oh Meg...........
  185. Cutest video EVER!
  186. Who is your little shadow?
  187. What is this?
  188. Barkfest 2008
  189. Sugars letter to the SPCA
  190. Chloe's check up
  191. Dog auctions
  192. Thanks to you all!
  193. Wondering how much say I have once the kittens leave
  194. Cat Licenses
  195. Update on Czarina
  196. Rant/Opinions Needed: Local Homeless guy with ANOTHER puppy...
  197. shaved dog, skin issues & a rant
  198. Chocolate truffles, but not the kind you eat.
  199. Rub A Dub Dub
  200. Less allergy issues?
  201. The vet visit and more.. (adoption!
  202. All my kittens might have a new home!
  203. A poem for cats this time
  204. dog aggression ad
  205. Off to trap some ferals
  206. Vaccuums and Kittens - Not A Good Combo
  207. Just had an argument with the vet
  208. I thought this was kinda odd...
  209. Misconceptions about Cats
  210. She took two!
  211. GD kids & firecrackers
  212. looking for...
  213. Dog quotes
  214. Torn- Tether Legislation
  215. Chloe's surgery
  216. Found Dog- what do I do?
  217. Monkey is going for a cystocentesis tomorrow - so nervous for him
  218. Irresponsible Pet Store
  219. Czarna's one month anniversary!
  220. so proud of my boy
  221. Holy smokes! Czarina got out of the kitchen!
  222. City people that move to the country
  223. How's this for a reason to give your cat away!!! It won't use the toilet to go poo!!
  224. All the babies have homes!
  225. Dropped them off
  226. L4H - we need an update please!!
  227. ospca york region
  228. Abandoned Husky Sudbury
  229. Why do people abuse???????
  230. Intolerant Animal Abuse in France!!!
  231. Say What?!?
  232. Someone wants to say HELLO
  233. strange conversation
  234. just shoot me.....
  235. Tigger Needs Some Prayers
  236. A horrible nightmare about Maks.
  237. A small update on Czarina.
  238. I Have My Horse!!!!
  239. I am your puppy
  240. Apparently Cappy is a semi-finalist... ?
  241. NEWS: Beagles found after 5 years!
  242. Suspected Ex-boyfriend damages puppies lungs, legs and impairs sight
  243. An idea for giving pills
  244. Cat with extra toes
  245. what's wrong with people ?
  246. Free sample
  247. Nothing to be proud of here....
  248. Beauty
  249. Long walk to the mailbox...
  250. My day putting up the fence