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  1. Possums-Dog Boarding
  2. Helping someone who helps save animals.
  3. Bad Day at the Dog Park....(Rant)
  4. Little dog rant ( litterally)
  5. Will you remember love?
  6. our unfriendly neighborhood visitor....
  7. Puppy explosion
  8. A Vet Rant
  9. The "just a cat" mentality
  10. kitty liberace
  11. My good dog day at work today.
  12. YAY!! hes coming home soon!
  13. what is wrong with people?
  14. pets and toys
  15. The "walk" causing all the concern ( Graphic, but not overly disturbing)
  16. Love comes in all sizes
  17. some days I really dislike people..(rant)
  18. My dog enjoys movies
  19. Random thoughts from my day in the fields.
  20. coming home YAYYY
  21. Has anyone seen or tried these
  22. New "Baby" in the house....
  23. beanie weigh-in SHOCK!!
  24. Babies and dogs, the view from the outside...
  25. Feelings on Odin and having a baby
  26. founder on Ellen Show
  27. Why all rescues dont utilize petfinder is beyond me
  28. No off leash park for this dog.
  29. Update!!!! He may very well die!( mostly a rant)
  30. He is NOT and Ugly Rat!
  31. OMG!!a TICK!!! i am so grossed out!!!
  32. Allergies + 2 kitties + family = ??
  33. A Halti is not a muzzle !!
  34. Tomorrow's the 8th!!! (insert good vibes here)
  35. Where are your dogs ?
  36. I can happen right before your very eyes. ( very sad)
  37. What type of collar do you use?
  38. New Felony Animal Cruelty Law a Huge Victory for Animals(Hawaii)
  39. I want a petstore puppy!
  40. what to expect after spaying?
  41. Yogurt
  42. Mocha the bully
  43. Everyone, I would like to introduce you to Ellie Mae
  44. My rant re: air travel with pets
  45. to the vet...again
  46. Sisal Rope
  47. Almost killed my dog today..
  48. Corn allergy/Intolerance... how many on here alone
  49. Wild Baby Bunnies With No Mother
  50. Thank you Sablecollie
  51. kitty is fine after spaying
  52. We are shelter animals...
  53. Exotic animal sanctuaries
  54. The adventures of Molly the Magnificent
  55. Is it even LEgaL???
  56. houses and old dogs
  57. Where did you guys buy your Cuz?
  58. Letter by a rescue ( long but worth the read)
  59. My sister's kitten--need advice
  60. Poll of the night! Has your dog/cat ever....
  61. SO UPSET!!!!!!!! (yes, a rant)
  62. Well, Her Eyes are Famous at Least.
  63. I would be the 2nd one from the left
  64. Well.. a Bailey shocker!
  65. Beagles in a utility trailer
  66. I was so cheezed off
  67. First Aid Kit
  68. My Life and Times (a tale of two dogs)
  69. Rant: Reasons for giving up a cat
  70. My letter made it in newspaper!!!!
  71. My brother is SO STUPID (Rant)
  72. Sad but cute morning happenings
  73. deleting old thread?
  74. Sawdust for Brains RANT
  75. May have found my new dog!
  76. So many new members at once!! Welcome..
  77. Jack and Lucy's annual checkup
  78. Craigslist - scam
  79. the last couple of days
  80. And now it starts.....
  81. How did you find
  82. OMG! We need a MOD smiliey! Come on..
  83. Mississauga Animal Services Rant
  84. the final chapter on my "Stinker Dog"
  85. Buyers beware the internet
  86. Logan Was Such a Good Boy Today
  87. Just got offered a Boston Puppy! AH!
  88. New puppy!
  89. Yeah!! I did it!!
  90. Cooper's first growlie !
  91. Don't know whether to laugh or cry
  92. Cats!!!!!
  93. Doggie Love
  94. How To Clean A Cat!
  95. What is a Dog?
  96. Top Ten Things A Cat Thinks About...
  97. Please read if you get a few miniutes
  98. Calgary: Pet First Aid Course
  99. I'm so mad!!
  100. Dog Magazines
  101. I just got another dog!
  102. Mudpuppy - semiamphibious canine?
  103. kitten thrown away by road side
  104. Vet Faces Animal Cruelty Charges
  105. Age of dogs
  106. Big Bad Intruder!
  107. Why ?
  108. my escape artist RANT
  109. Ear infections and anaplasmosis--just a rant...
  110. Puppymill auctions
  111. Happy Father's Day
  112. bird nest rant
  113. Telling A Friend
  114. Baby Robin
  115. todays tradagy
  116. Superpet closing sale!
  117. Congratulations To Bhrr's Gwen & Dyce
  118. fire at a refuge
  119. Rabies Shots
  120. WELCOME Brier
  121. Shaking My Head
  122. So frustrating
  123. Obsessed with Feet?
  124. Schnauzer grooming...hand stripping?
  125. Evacuating with your pets (sort of a rant)
  126. Discussion could be less hairy
  127. Need a cake for my cats birthday!!
  128. So you think you want a puppy!
  129. So you think you want a puppy! (not the same thread as the original)
  130. How your dishwasher really works - Joke
  131. Good dam story
  132. finding the right adopters
  133. Chases the light...
  134. WTH is wrong with dog groomers?
  135. Where to find a used crate?
  136. Very few areas to swim for fido
  137. Tension in the family over the dog
  138. husky that get jealousy
  139. Neighbor's dogs
  140. Racoon family moved in
  141. Pet Insurance
  142. Adventures of Molly the Magnificent Part II
  143. It's high, why don't people get it!!!
  144. Seals
  145. Dog Survey
  146. thanks
  147. Stray Beauty, Amber
  148. It Happened ALREADY
  149. How life is changed
  150. Can someone talk me down! (sold my 1st pup today:sad)
  151. cat bringing gifts,
  152. Feel like I've abandoned my puppy :(
  153. Ohhh?!! I didn't picture you like that at ALL !
  154. Sister-in Law brings dog over to house
  155. Gravol ? has anyone used it before?
  156. Bad dog park experience
  157. Paco's journey to his forever home !
  158. Puppy Meets Siamese
  159. Behavorial Issues?
  160. I'm a Bad Mom
  161. Roxys brother.
  162. The Lattice is up!
  163. I don't understand how this could happen
  164. Can we love our pets too much?
  165. I was curious, has anybody else tried their pets food?
  166. :mad: I'm really sorry I read this, because I'm pissed.
  167. Are bob and momma trying to get me away from roxy!!
  168. My kitten!
  169. Will roxy ever be a lap cat?
  170. I a LIVID about a comment made about pit bulls during a discussion re the Vick case
  171. My neighbours son is an idiot
  172. Will the craziness ever end? (sorry, it's winded)
  173. down under
  174. Frenchy, I'm babysitting a GOLDEN !!!
  175. Couldn't breathe this morning!
  176. got brush
  177. Cruelty to animals
  178. Nelly is a lover , not a killer
  179. Dremmel Pro's and Con's
  180. My Champion
  181. shelters/rescues
  182. 3 kittens 2 cats
  183. Update on Paco
  184. Missing Ziglet while on vacation
  185. What am I going to do? I miss them already!
  186. We're back!
  187. Bailey's gotcha day !!!
  188. This stuff Makes Me Angry
  189. More puppy horror, I have him though
  190. down under's worry wart owner
  191. Cat Person Trying To Be A Dog Person
  192. Vet Visit, Not So Good Day
  193. Good Dog, Carl
  194. Anonymous Threat to my barking dog
  195. potential problem
  196. an upsetting phonecall
  197. List your injuries here
  198. how do i know without goting to the vet
  199. What are your opinions on PETA?
  200. Roxy pooping outside litter box!!
  201. Outdoor Cats
  202. I Cant Take This Anymore!
  203. Since we all love our pets
  204. He Destroyed the House
  205. Did I do the right thing?
  206. Tommy the tubby!!!
  207. NO! Frances!!!
  208. To new members and reminder for the others
  209. Why not make a place here where newbies can see backyardbreeding isn't welcome here
  210. down under and her "jewish mothe"r owner
  211. Annoyed with Humane Society, 'almost' found golden
  212. Furious with Vet
  213. My neighbors should not have pets!!
  214. WTF is wrong with these people who give their pets away?
  215. My newbie
  216. A difficult week
  217. Our first loose dog encounter with the puppies
  218. BRAG: Jaida's great and RANT: stupid jerk's unfixed HUMPING MACHINE
  219. What kind of a species are we?
  220. Well, I have FIVE cats now!!!
  221. Doggy Dreams
  222. A tough day
  223. The Dog and the Child
  224. Return to the Rainbow Bridge
  225. Life is a Journey
  226. A Dogs Prayer
  227. What are your feelings on this?
  228. Birthdays for the Critters!
  229. Another Addition to the Family
  230. Free Animals!!!
  231. New pup
  232. Wake up calls!
  233. Why am I up at 5am?
  234. Football players, violence, suffering and man
  235. Does this make me a good friend, or a bad one?
  236. Overwhelmed
  237. a comfy bed for me and down under
  238. I think I'm in trouble...
  239. animal rescues
  240. To fence or not (Rant)
  241. What Kind Of Dog Are You?
  242. What would you do with a feline "biter"...if you're planning on having a child???
  243. dog and languages
  244. Update for Badger re Paddington
  245. Vick has found Jesus...
  246. Is it POSSIBLE to rehabilitate a sadist?
  247. Down under and master card
  248. pet adoption contest
  249. Tommy is one year old today!
  250. My big boy!