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  1. Puppies, puppies, puppies
  2. Do you love a squishface?
  3. New Canadian Champion
  4. From a dog to God
  5. Picking up after your dog
  6. Lessons From Dogs
  7. I'm so mad at my Dad
  8. multiple doggies
  9. What should/can we do?
  10. Dog OWNERS are EVIL
  11. Ebay Live Pet Auction?!
  12. New Dog!!!
  13. People SUCK!!!!!
  14. Convince me not to get another cat!
  15. Clearly in it for the money
  16. Am I Crazy?
  17. Help me with a hard decision..
  18. "I don't like THOSE types of dogs" (huh?!)
  19. Joeys cat friend
  20. local shelter
  21. My Brother in law is an IDIOT
  22. Dog attack
  23. Sister wants a dog
  24. Big League Chew!
  25. Is there anybody try Lydia Hiby (animal psychic) ?
  26. Breeders, Rescues, and Strays
  27. The good things about our pets
  28. Reasons for getting a second dog/cat
  29. Edmonton vet info & question
  30. Your Favorite Famous Dog
  31. how many here love pit bulls
  32. Please Sign Petition..senior blind deaf dog kicked to death
  33. Interesting, weird or just cool names...
  34. Have you ever heard a toy poodle howl?
  35. Another case for indoor cats
  36. Stray-feral cat in the neighbourhood
  37. The Oodlemaker!
  38. Shelters and Pet Stores
  39. Tipping the Groomer
  40. how big?
  41. My brother got his wife a puppy...
  42. The results of our flying adventures
  43. My Neighbor is a FREAK!!
  44. Totally creepy!!
  45. You want a puppy but.....
  46. Why does he do that???
  47. WARNING...THIS IS A RANT..ABOUT BackYard Breeders!
  48. Uncle Monty portrait
  49. dog says "i love you" - sooooo cuuuute!!
  50. quote of the day :-)
  51. really hate cat owners this am!!!
  52. Where does your dog "hang out"?
  53. Happy (belated) New Year
  54. The Dog Snobs
  55. Purebred, unregistered, shelter mystery or BYB
  56. Unimaginable Animal Cruelty in China
  57. Do you celebrate your pet's birthday?
  58. How can I stop her from getting a dog??
  59. Ideas for fund-raiser
  60. Names of mistaken dog breeds... hilarious!
  61. Turn the lights on?
  62. So mad at my husband!
  63. Play With Me Now!!!!
  64. mangled purebreds - doh!
  65. I Found It !!!!!!!
  66. To borrow a crate
  67. Where do you keep the dog toys?
  68. What pet ideal for college student?
  69. Good vibes for Dudley Moore please!
  70. SuperDog Show in Pickering
  71. need opinion
  72. I Can't Stand Ignorant Uncaring People...
  73. Just wondering
  74. Dogs Name pl
  75. Counter Surfing
  76. Fundraiser - Microchipping Montreal
  77. A Rant About Shelter Adoption
  78. My Peaches is one weird pup...
  79. Hello, Harvey & I Need Your Vote.. Thank You!!
  80. Help Please?! How Do I Send This To A Member That Posted A Long Time Ago ?
  81. Apparently, I'm "pushy"
  82. pets in bed
  83. "I HAVE DONE SOMETHING" - special words
  84. Anyone been to **'s pets lately?
  85. What would you do?
  86. Not another litter!!!!
  87. my cat punky
  88. Not Breeding..Am I Crazy
  89. Vets
  90. Reason to fear or not
  91. My Cat Helps Me to Manage My Pain
  92. everyone hug their dog for me pleez
  93. Pet Mosaics!!!
  94. Questions to interview new vets
  95. I am such a loser...
  96. Dog has tell kids?
  97. New addition to our home today!
  98. abandoned dog....maybe??
  99. "How to Pick a Pet" - anyone see?
  100. Is Pooping a Production?
  101. The baffling dog attack in France
  102. Anybody know where you can work with orphaned baby animals in Ontario?
  103. Cookie - free to roam at the Bridge
  104. What's so good about your breed?
  105. Help find me a name!
  106. I'm gonna kick someone's A** (rant)
  107. Pet store great danes... BOOOOooooooooo :(
  108. Then and Now.....
  109. Prin, this looks like Boo!!
  110. Getting Money back from Hartz
  111. Weird Likes...
  112. A MUST READ! Please help this cause
  113. Daisy's gotcha day
  114. new store policy?.. a mini-rant
  115. HELP- Advice needed!
  116. Have family members or friends who dont share your feelings?!
  117. OMG grrrrr
  118. My dog was not well treated by air canada cargo,need your comment
  119. Joey wants his breakfast now!!
  120. Pet Abuse Database
  121. Joey protects his siblings
  122. Owners of more than one dog - opinions wanted
  123. Protest-Montreal
  124. pounds
  125. don't complain
  126. Roommate Rant
  127. Horse hit and run in Toronto!
  128. "Stray" cat rant
  129. Yoga? Doga?
  130. outie Belly buttons
  131. From Rags to Riches...a small brag!
  132. Person brings three dogs to work and leaves them in the car for 8 hours
  133. Our new addition (with pics)
  134. Dog park Grrrrs
  135. Shame, Shame
  136. Iams Cruelty
  137. a sad ad...everyday there's another...
  138. To vaccinate or not?
  139. Talking cats
  140. Hello everyone!!!
  141. vet bill
  142. Why???????
  143. Irresponsible Pet Parents
  144. My foster kittens
  145. not dog people
  146. K, Now I"m MAD!!!!
  147. I Think I Might Be Insane!!!
  148. Free To Good Home!!!!
  149. So furious with my neighbours! Venting.
  150. Good Morning!!!!!!
  151. Puppy Mills- The Truth
  152. resuce
  153. C word...
  154. Whats wrong with people!!!
  155. Another disturbing "Looking for free puppy" ad
  156. Damn St Patrick's Day drunks
  157. Doggie Shoes
  158. Hope In The Near Future????
  159. Pit Bull Killings
  160. Suggestions Needed IMMEDIATELY
  161. Inquiring about a new Vet
  162. Problems with neighbours - its a bit long!
  163. Want to hear all opinions on Farm pets
  164. Some people shouldn't have pets
  165. Question for dog rescues
  166. illegal sale of sickly underage puppies
  167. Been gone a while
  168. Pet Product Addiction
  169. When does a muzzle and prong collar not suggest *aggressive*?
  170. The Teenage Years....
  171. agility classes
  172. Arrrrgh! Neighbors and pets!
  173. Coworker wants dog, knows nothing ...
  174. The Little Calico - A Cautionary Tale regarding Cats and Young Children
  175. another rant
  176. ranty rant rant
  177. Why Dogs Don't Live Longer Than People
  178. Where could they have come from?
  179. I want my fenced yard back
  180. I never thought I'd hear it.
  181. Things you notice about your pet that make you realize you've raised a good furbaby
  182. I need to be trained!
  183. Bald Eagle Nesting
  184. Montreal Berger Blanc - is this true??
  185. another stupid ad
  186. Wanted!
  187. Arg!!
  188. Doggie styling products for human products
  189. Suzie, and her readiness for a fight.
  190. Beagle BYB
  191. Cheeky Puppy
  192. Thomas is leading two lives!
  193. How a waiting dog dies
  194. Frustration
  195. Harley is on dogster
  196. Fatal attraction
  197. Easter and Bunnies!!
  198. dumb a** owners
  199. Chinchillas!
  200. Dogs off leashes grrr
  201. puppy is too active
  202. Scary Thing Happened
  203. Elderly Cat Weird Behavior Question
  204. careful very graffic HS
  205. Reduced fees for spaying stray cats
  206. Poll of the night! Do you only support companies that are against animal testing?
  207. why d'you name him that?
  208. Finally I get to meet
  209. A Bad Day
  210. New Food for Jezebel....
  211. What does a German Shepherd do on a hot summer day?
  212. Whyare some pet owners so freakin irresponisble
  213. Another free offer
  214. Irresponsible dog poop...
  215. The best vet EVER!!
  216. Hilarious video from a UK animal shelter
  217. What could possibly be the reason behind docking???
  218. Bad owners dont just end with dogs and cats!!
  219. Proposed Bylaw Amendment/T.O.
  220. Working dogs
  221. Excercising your dog..
  222. Whats your designer name?
  223. Dog Park article in todays rag: complainer is an idiot!
  224. Craigslist
  225. Pet Friendly Restaurants
  226. I nearly lost Cider due to a dickie dee person..
  227. Who would they sound like?
  228. Are your neighbours dogs well behaved?
  229. Just looking for some info on Horses
  230. Pet Photo Contest
  231. Thought I had heard everything- reasons for abandoning pets
  232. Where do they sleep?
  233. Told off by bird!!!!
  234. info about monkeys!
  235. Old Navy is looking for a Mascott
  236. Kitten - Male or Female?
  237. Landlord stinks - I had to rant!
  238. How to switch from dry food to wet food?
  239. Freecycle Free Pet Trade!!!
  240. Off leash dogs again
  241. FYI - Global News doing special on puppy mills in Ontario on Monday at 6
  242. Stray cat scratch
  243. vicious, bloody attack
  244. Dogs and nasty water
  245. Question for the rescues
  246. Air Canada Ban on Pets in Cabin
  247. Princess arrives on SUNDAY!!!
  248. toy for blind dog
  249. Excercise and hot weather
  250. What is old for a dog