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  1. Im so angry with myself!!
  2. Phoozles posted a video
  3. Vet Cruelty?
  4. Got Him!!!! New Puppy!! AH!
  5. The Cats' House
  6. It'a getting worse and I'm about ready to crack.
  7. Opinions on new litter box
  8. I'm going to get to be on TV for my shelter
  9. I asked for it!
  10. Crunchie and the mysterious blood...long post sorry
  11. Anyone read Dec's Whole Dog Journal?
  12. Happy (estimated) Birthday Czarina!!!
  13. Isolating a cat in the shower, good form of punishment?
  14. Thank you to the guy at Time Hortons
  15. This is soo funny.....slinky cat LMBO
  16. An Engineers Guide to Cats
  17. Fight or Flight?
  18. Dyson Animal on Sale!
  19. Ferrets as pets
  20. Shark bite
  21. Cold Weather Trouble
  22. male vs. female cat?
  23. Favourite Dog Quotes
  24. Grateful for knowledge I have on dog nutrition, freed from pet food company BS.
  25. dog fighting rings, why don't the police do something?
  26. She made it in the Callendar
  27. Have you finished shopping for your pets?
  28. Guess who officially adopted her last two foster kittens?
  29. Cat Only Boarder in GTA or Surrounding Area
  30. Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays to all of my friends here
  31. We've started the introductions.. (sort of)
  32. Baxter decided to take a walk on the pond tonight
  33. The Move
  34. Barking Mad
  35. Happy holidays everyone!
  36. Merry X-Mas
  37. Puppy Size - A Heartwarming Story
  38. Doggies 12 Days of Christmas Song
  39. dog insurance recommendations?
  40. Have you ever heard of this?
  41. dogtown
  42. Im so ashamed!
  43. Runt of the litter questions
  44. Molly hates our house
  45. BumJug..
  46. rescues and breeders.
  47. Burger king, I emailed them....
  48. Thoughts on the anti breeder philosophy
  49. Obama, please rescue
  50. Doggie Dump Time
  51. My idiot neighbor !!!
  52. January is official "Unchain a Dog" Month
  53. How to find out and shut down a puppie broker
  54. Dealing with the loss of a pet and a friend...?
  55. Check this out!!!!
  56. Pros and Cons/ problems with breeding.
  57. This is one reason why.....
  58. Keep Pets Indoors!
  59. Need thoughts - Pets in our will planning
  60. Mystery of the poop trail solved...sort of.
  61. And the unbelievably Stupid Award goes to...
  62. possible break through?
  63. Act of kindness/caring
  64. I rescued a human today
  65. Food site
  66. Rash from Bunduk?
  67. Sad News
  68. Omg! Hilarious!!
  69. For LP
  70. Bunduk trapped for 13 hours!!!!
  71. vaccuming your pets
  72. I wish I was a cat...
  73. Hey guys, I heard from Phoozles
  74. The ice on the pond isn't as thick as you would think
  75. How to tell if your cat is trying to kill you
  76. Letter from a Shelter Manager
  77. Cat people - Just curious....
  78. This question goes to anyone with 2+ pets
  79. I just LOST it at an adult!
  80. 10 peeves that dogs have about humans
  81. *sigh* He strikes again.
  82. This is just tooo..
  83. Oh thank Dawg for cesar millan!!
  84. Cats and Kids
  85. The Puppy Bowl is on today.
  86. I cant believe what I saw today at a pet store
  87. Anyone wanna trade??
  88. Happy 2 yr gotcha day Nelly !!
  89. pets ten commandments (tissues may be needed)
  90. Ugh. She really hates me.
  91. Finally! A Great Article In the Ottawa Sun about BYB's!
  92. Spay Day for Jelly!
  93. animals in newfoundland need help
  94. Thank you, thank you, thank you 14+!
  95. My new kitty nephew
  96. Happy Gotcha Day Maggie!
  97. Well, this "seizure" takes the cake!!!!
  98. Cat vs Box
  99. Weirdness at the Blockbuster.
  100. -plug on sympatico + a quiz
  101. Crazzy cat ladies.
  102. Happy Birthday Topaze!
  103. Podcast 46 - Getting your dog to poop and pee 'on command'
  104. I wonder why this guy is being given away...
  105. Are there truly evil pets?
  106. Apparently I own a....
  107. Happy Gotcha Day, Jasper
  108. I hate off leash dogs......
  109. Dancing Bird ..too cute!!!
  110. Bunduk was just *IN* the recliner lol
  111. I think I've hit a little milestone with Czari!
  112. You know your a dog lover when...
  113. Happy Gotcha Day Felix!
  114. Hey guys, I could use a little prayer for Tinka
  115. Pre-mature RIP but I need your prayers
  116. I can't believe that Vick is OK'd to be let out!
  117. Baxter is 2 years old today
  118. It's Vlad's birthday!!!
  119. Little update ...
  120. Jon & Kate plus 8 (and 2 puppies!!)
  121. OMG-have you guys seens this?
  122. On a Rainbow Bridge Mission
  123. Disposable Society
  124. Some People Shouldn't Own Pets!
  125. A scary incident today
  126. I have AWESOME news !
  127. How Not To Buy A Puppy
  128. Thought I'd post this.
  130. Diezel learned down...kinda lol
  131. Legal Action for Dog Sold
  132. Market Place
  133. Frenchy and Chloe......
  134. Da Min Pin
  135. mini schnauzer owners check in
  136. Do you accept kisses from your pet?
  137. Poor Thing
  138. Looking for a Boston terrier
  139. PLEASE HELP ! Petition to stop killing cats in Ancol, Jakarta - Indonesia
  140. Please Help- bad rescue again
  141. Update on fuzzbutts
  142. Pros and cons of neutering cats
  143. Warning! about children and pets!!
  144. I'm so glad I got her in time. Czari could have been taken away.
  145. Unscramble Game
  146. Litter box liner I just found
  147. I got to pet one of the strays today!
  148. Wierd Foods your pets like.
  149. Instructions for Making Fabric Dog Collar!
  150. Clooney Tofu???
  151. Sign of the times
  152. Dog Sex
  153. Where is that cat?
  154. Hate Mail
  155. Maks and our ongoing poop saga.
  156. Strange Kitty
  157. Dogs Rule!!! Sheep LED
  158. Sooooo excited!
  159. Skylar: A video and a pic.
  160. Raw Bones
  161. Ugh!
  162. it was so nice!!!
  163. It's all about the collar ...
  164. Eagle Nest
  165. Tips for keeping outdoor pets safe?
  166. Need ideas for my blog
  167. eiCrate
  168. Spring is sprung, the grass is riz...
  169. Question/advice from shelter pros
  170. 14+ this is question(s) for u
  171. Happy Gotcha Day Skylar!!!! (April 6)
  172. R.I.P Bishop
  173. Just a couple of random things.
  174. 15 more days of this??? OMG
  175. First time...
  176. Rant,about the love of a cat!
  177. Honda unveils dog-friendly car
  178. Finally a breakthrough!!
  179. Dead huskies found in no other - Quebec
  180. WTF! Vick show in the works!
  181. a bad day
  182. Rather cute...but what is it???
  183. I feel guilty!
  184. So angry, petrified...
  185. Obedience school near Chateauguay ?
  186. Girl with an annoying Chi
  187. First visit back to the vet
  188. Just a timely reminder....
  189. Oliver on Earth Day
  190. Sad news on the news
  191. What can I do?
  192. Charley... a great example
  193. Happy 1st Birthday Keely!!
  194. Just need to rant I guess
  195. Another case of mistaken identity
  196. Smile
  197. The army gathers
  198. Wrapped around their paws..
  199. Czari's appointment Friday
  200. WHAT is wrong with Messina???
  201. Son and fiance have a new dog
  202. What a bad few days!
  203. Kongs for Cats?
  204. My baby Bentley is 2 years old today!
  205. I think he has ADD
  206. Cats in the sun?
  207. Life with an old dog
  208. Happy Pet Mom's day!
  209. I couldn't believe this!!!
  210. stupid ads
  211. How do I disinfect?
  212. Proud of my Purebred Mutt
  213. Bunduk & the Harness
  214. As requested by Golden Girls
  215. Sigh....
  216. Seal Hunt and update for anyone who doesn't receive HS emails...
  217. If I win $40 million tonight....
  218. Dogtown....
  219. Need support pls
  220. What kind of fish is this?
  221. BaaAAaad Grooming Experince..
  222. Bunduk??
  223. Another one of those "people are idiots" or "some people shouldn't have pets" threads
  224. Do you think there is a market for this?
  225. Little update !
  226. Chico - your email
  227. I knew it was only a matter of time
  228. Siamese cats
  229. Any advice on midnight cat burglars?
  230. I swear, Some People.. UGH
  231. Need advice on website
  232. Pet insurance...experiences? I alone here?
  233. the wild kingdom. hood style
  234. A tale of homecoming
  235. A Diva DU Breakthtrough
  236. Sullys Story
  237. Happy Gotcha indoor day Czarina!
  238. I feel sorry
  239. Happy gotcha day Chloe !
  240. My Little Rant!
  241. Rant .. why don't vets know this?
  242. Poor Dog....
  243. i feel so bad!
  244. Nino will be going to a new home
  245. For Bully Breed owners...
  246. A prayer for my girl
  247. My puppy is going nuts!
  248. Jon & Kate
  249. Wanna come and meet Fiona..and her Fiona-ettes
  250. dog food