Pet Sugar Gliders

A primer on pet sugar gliders

Sugar Gliders are not well known pets but they are becoming more and more popular and suited to the advanced pet owner. They are delicate creatures of the possum family that average about 7 inches (17.8 cm) in length. Sugar …

Pets and Fads

Be aware of the responsibility that comes with pet fads

Any type of pet can become a fad – even among the most common domestic animals, breeds go in and out of fashion. In the 1980s, Dalmatian breeding and sales exploded after the release of a popular Disney movie. Currently, …

Pot Bellied Pigs

Pot bellied pigs as pets

You see a cute little piglet in a pet store. You’ve never thought of having a pig as a pet, but it’s so cute that you can almost begin to understand why someone would want to have a pot-bellied pig! …

Rabbit Communication

Different ways that rabbits communicate

Rabbits take a stand for yourself! In fact, the rabbit is not the silent, quiet creature that it is made out to be. The rabbit has indeed been voicing its feelings all along, but it just takes a well-trained person …


Rabbit information (the basics)

Rabbits are often bought as a first pet, for a child, or for someone without much time for an animal. This is because rabbits are often thought of as cute, low-maintenance pets. Although it is true that rabbits take less …

Rabbits and Hay

Your pet rabbit NEEDS to eat hay

Rabbits are attractive pets – they’re friendly, cute, and low maintenance. Rabbits are suitable for many ages, in big cities or the country, for both new pet owners and those dedicated to rabbits. However, rabbits are not the same as …

RAO in Pet Horses

RAO is a common respiratory problem in horses

One of the more common problems affecting horses is a condition known as Recurrent Airway Obstruction (RAO); it can also be referred to as heaves or COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). This is a respiratory disease that is characterized by coughing, increased rate and effort of breathing, and often, nasal discharge. Severely affected horses can also have what is known as a “heaves line” – this is a visible line on the horse’s side, between the lungs and the abdomen, caused by the increased effort of the abdominal muscles to help with breathing; the line is really the increased definition of those abdominal muscles. Other than the respiratory difficulties, horses are otherwise normal. There does not seem to be a breed or gender preference, although older horses are more commonly affected.

The Nitrogen Cycle

The nitrogen cycle and your aquarium

Nitrates, nitrites, ammonia: where do they come from, and why are they dirtying up your fish tank? Various forms of nitrogen are the by-products of food consumption and digestion in all terrestrial and aquatic animals. In a natural environment, waste …

Turtles as Pets

What you need to know BEFORE you get a pet turtle

Reptiles are quickly gaining popularity as pets throughout homes in North America. There are multiple reasons that people may want to keep reptiles as pets. They’re interesting to watch, they’re distinctive from traditional pets, their keepers may have allergies to fur, some reptiles are truly out of the ordinary, or perhaps people may think that they are less work and require less of a time commitment than their furry counterparts.

A lot of the above reasons are justifiable to want to own a reptile, but as discussed throughout this article, like any pet, reptiles, and particularly turtles, can prove to be more time-consuming and expensive than expected since they have specific requirements that are very different from those that you need to provide for your average furred companion.

Vitamin C and Guinea Pigs

Why your guinea pig needs vitamin C

What do guinea pigs and people have in common? The answer is that they are both unable to make their own vitamin C. This means that they need vitamin C supplied in their diet in the correct amount every day …

What you Need to Know Before buying a Ferret

A long in depth article about getting a ferret as a pet. Great information.

Is a ferret right for you?

The decision to add a ferret to your family must never be made on impulse. Prospective owners are encouraged to learn everything they can before deciding to purchase. To many people, ferrets make the …

Zoonosis in Exotic Pets

Basic article on diseases humans can get from exotic pets

You most likely already know that humans can catch diseases from wild animals. You’ve probably also given thought to the diseases that we can get through our interactions with pets. However, if you own, or are thinking about owning, an …