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Tip 80 – Cat and dog fur – removing cat hair – removing dog hair

If you have a dog or a cat with long or short hair then chances are that you also have a problem with pet hair or fur being transferred to your furniture and clothing. There’s not too much you can do about it especially if your pets have long hair. The trick then is how best to deal with this normal fact of life. If you are truly obsessed by pet hair and want to get rid of it altogether then pet cats and dogs are not the right choice for you, get a pet fish instead.

What can you do to reduce pet hair in the home? Bathing your pets occasionally can help reduce the amount of loose hair that flies around. Daily brushing for both cats and dogs is another great way to reduce pet hair transfer and it is something they they generally love. Regular vacuuming is also a must.

When it comes to removing pet hair from furniture and clothing, there are several choices. Lint/hair brushes are a good choice and do pick up hair efficiently. These can be purchased in any pet store however they do scatter a bit of the hair around and can make some people sneezy. Lint rollers like the ones in the picture below are also popular. They work because they stick to stray hairs on clothing and furniture. They aren’t that efficient price wise because you’re always replacing them, especially if you have longer haired pets.

One of the best methods that also happens to be the cheapest method is the masking tape method. It works in the same way as the lint roller, and just as well. Basically just buy a roll of masking tape and roll it around your whole hand with the sticky side facing the air not your skin. Then just tap your clothing or furniture with your hand. The stray hair will stick to the tape. Once the tape is full of hair, slide it off your hand and start again.

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