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Tip 53 – Dog sticks its head out the car window – Car travel with your dog.

Many people travel with their dogs in the car and we often see dogs with their heads sticking out the window. Although the dog does enjoy this, it is not recommended at all. Passing cars or busses can approach too closely and may hit the dog. More common though, is the potential for road debris to hit your dog in the eye. Think about it, your dog is travelling at the same speed as your car. You can easily hear it when a small pebble hits your windshield. Sometimes pebbles even crack the windshield. It’s why motorcyclists must wear a visor when they drive. Think what would happen if that pebble or glass ended up hitting your dog in the eye. It could EASILY cut and damage your dog’s eye. It could permanently blind your dog.

Keep the window open just enough to let fresh air in.

Besides the fact that the dog’s eyes can get hurt. What happens if you get into a car accident while driving with your dog in the car? A dog in a car should be in a cage or kennel, and that cage or kennel should be secured or attached with a seatbelt. There are seatbelts made especially for dogs and these are good as well. Think of your dog as a human baby when it comes to car travel. You want the ride to be fun, but more importantly you want the ride to be safe.

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